2001 AFTI Media Boy Poll

Welcome to the 2001 AFTI Media Boy Poll, the sixth annual Internet and Usenet Poll that recognizes boys in the media.  We invite all visitors to participate in the Poll.

Since 1996 LonoMyth's Kid Actor Spotlight has presented the annual Media Boy Poll.  In Lono's absence several members of the alt.fan.teen.idols (AFTI) newsgroup have banded together to keep the Poll alive for 2001.

Voting in the Poll started on January 6, 2002, and ends on February 3, 2002, at 9:00PM Eastern time.  After the poll closes the votes will be counted and shortly thereafter the Prize Patrol will post the results here, announce the results to the AFTI group, and deliver the good news to the lucky and deserving winner.

The Poll is simple - fans are asked to vote for their favorite young male performers based on their work during the year 2001.  There are some rules for voting, so please make sure you read and follow those rules so you will have a valid ballot.

Best of luck to all the nominees, and many thanks for enriching our lives in 2001.  We look forward to many more wonderful performances in 2002.

The 2001 AFTI Media Boy Poll Committee,
Max, Marcus, Mark L., Likem, Captain Cook, and Chris P.
(Many thanks to Mark L. for completing the nominees list, and to Likem, Marcus, and everyone else who contributed so greatly).

Nominee Eligibility

Eligible nominees are listed below.  To be an eligible nominee for the 2001 AFTI Media Boy Poll, the performer must have been:
1. a part of a production (either in the movies, TV, or music) that had first run original status in any part of 2001, and
2. 17 years of age or younger in any part of 2001.

If you know of a performer who fits the above criteria but who is not listed below, please let us know by sending an e-mail to Email address closed so we can add them to the list.  Please do not send your votes to the markl02 e-mail address.  The e-mail address for sending ballots is at the bottom of this page.

The List of Nominnes
Media Boy Nominee 2001 Accomplishments
A.J. (unknown) Moolah Beach
Taylor Abrahamse Inside the Osmonds, Doc
Matt Adams Big Kids
Seth Adkins commercial
Ayoub Ahmadi A Time for Drunken Horses
Liam Aiken Sweet November
Nick Albert Max Keeble's Big Move
Alvin Alvarez The Brothers Garcia
John Patrick Amedori Philly
Michael Angarano Will & Grace, Cover Me, Secret Keeper
Cody Arens Riding in Cars With Boys
Logan Arens Riding in Cars With Boys
Joseph Ashton E.R.
Fabio Atterrato UFF (singer)
Markus Attinger The Mini BEATS (bass, vocals)
Aubrey (unknown) Sail Away
George Baker Back to the Secret Garden
Brandon Baker Even Stevens
Juan Jose Ballesta El Bola
Anderson Ballesteros Our Lady of the Assassins
Matt Ballinger Dream Street
Richard Banel Prancer Returns, A Mothers Fight for Justice
Brendon Ryan Barrett Lloyd
Christoph Bauer Lovely Rita
Ryan Sommers Baum Jett Jackson: The Movie
Matthew Beard Big Meg Little Meg
Ashton Beidler Sidestepper
Jamie Bell Omnibus - The Billy Elliot Boy
Jamie Bell (2) Dark Angel (NOT the same Jamie Bell of "Billy Elliot" fame)
James Bentley The Others
Justin Berfield Malcolm in the Middle, Max Keeble's Big Move, The Nightmare Room
Sean Biggerstaff Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Jase Blankfort Snow in August
Trevor Blumas Inside the Osmonds, Jane Doe
Freddie Boath The Mummy Returns
Christian Boewe Max Keeble's Big Move
Lloyd Willie Bond Beastmaster
Devon Cole Borisoff The Man Who Wasn't There
Anthony Borrows Liam
Todd Bosley Lloyd
Cameron Bowen The Education of Max Bickford, Sugar Beats (singer)
Nicholas Braun Walter and Henry
Alex Breden Like Mother Like Son
Spencer Breslin Ozzie, Hollywood Squares, Kate Brasher
Ryan Brosius Two For One
David Brosius Two For One
Bryan (unknown) Bug Juice 3
Gino Buccola Chuck and Buck
Alex Buck ER
Cory Buck Providence
Jake Burbage Grounded for Life, Hollywood Squares
Buzz (unknown) Zoom
Dan Byrd Judging Amy, Just Ask My Children
Brett Byrd Mindframe (drummer)
Cameron Byrd Mindframe (guitarist)
Adam Cabral Wild Iris
Eric Cabral Wild Iris
Calvin (unknown) Sail Away
Alex Campbell The Famous Jett Jackson, Don't Say a Word
Billy Campos Family Law
Francis Capra Walker, Texas Ranger
Carlos (unknown) Sail Away
Aaron Carter Singer, Lizzie McGuire, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, In Concert with Samantha Mumba
Michael Cera My Louisiana Sky, Doc
Kyle Chambers Judging Amy, James Dean
Alexis Chatrian Betty Fisher and Other Stories
Daniel Clark Degrassi: The Next Generation, commercial
Robert Clark Zack Files, Sex Lies and Obsession, Prancer Returns
Clark (unknown) Moolah Beach
Serge Cockburn Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
Evan Matthew Cohen Malcolm in the Middle
Michael Comale Broadway Kids
Peter Comale Broadway Kids
José Luis Contreras UFF (singer)
Ryan Cooley Queer as Folk, Degrassi: The Next Generation, commercial
Justin Cooper All About Us
Christian Copelin Delivering Milo, Lizzie McGuire
Scotty Cox Gimme Five (singer)
Ian Cronin Law & Order: SVU
Joseph Cross As the World Turns, Coke commercial, Roostir (singer/guitarist)
Michael Cuccione 2gether
Rory Culkin Off Season
John Francis Daley Boston Public, Geena Davis Show, The Ellen Show
Daniel (unknown) Promises
Dee Jay Daniels Hughleys, Hollywood Squares
Paul Franklin Dano L.I.E.
Jared Daperis Ponderosa, Like Mother Like Son
Daniel Daperis Ponderosa, Like Mother Like Son
Marty Davis Enterprise: Broken Bow
Richard de Klerk Stargate SG-1
E.J. de la Pena Max Keeble's Big Move, The Nightmare Room
Ryan DeBoer Dark Angel
Thomas Dekker Inside the Osmonds
Neil Denis X-Men: Evolution
Ryan Dennis Serial Joe (Singer)
Jonathan Dent Like Father
Jake Dinwiddie Au Pair II, Touched by an Angel, Determination of Death
Xavier Dolan-Tadros Hidden Fortress
Marc Donato Dangerous Child
David Dorfman Ally McBeal, Family Law
Cody Dorkin Just Ask My Children
Jordon Dorrance The Deep End
Kyle J. Downes Lizzie McGuire, Boston Public
Drew (unknown) Moolah Beach
Devin Douglas Drewitz Saving Silverman, Seven Days
Matthew Dupuis Hidden Fortress
Kyle Earhart Singer (appeared on Next Big Star)
Luke Eberl Planet of the Apes, Touched by an Angel
Marcos Echaniz UFF (singer)
Bobby Edner Day the World Ended, commercials, Providence, The Chronicle, Titus, Charmed, Mad TV, The Agency, Penny Promise, Alien Ant Farm "Smooth Criminal" music video (dance), The Seventh Sense (short film)
Chris Egan Home and Away
Trevor Einhorn Frasier
Jesse Eisenberg Lightning: Fire From the Sky
Sammy Elliot Lloyd
Alan Ellis, Jr. Hardball
Taylor Emerson The Retrievers
Todd Emerson Kids World
Jake Epstein The Zack Files
Eric (unknown) Zoom
Faraj (unknown) Promises
Nick Fellinger Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Third Watch
Tom Felton Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Jordan Fennell The Famous Jett Jackson, They Call Me Sirr
Gavin Fink Prancer Returns, Roswell, That's Life
Jeremy Foley Caitlin's Way
Derek Fossen ER
Blake Foster KidsWorld
Jon Foster Danny
Griffin Frazen Grounded for Life
Alex Fuller Next Generation (singer)
Jeremy Gagnon Hidden Fortress
Pablo Galán El Bola
Frankie Galasso Dream Street
Michael Galeota The Jersey, The Nightmare Room
David Gallagher 7th Heaven, Total Access 24/7, WB Top Pops, Secret Keeper
Mason Gamble Kate Brasher
Inigo Garces The Devil's Backbone
JB Gaynor Grounded for Life
Geo (unknown) Sail Away
Christopher Gerse The District
Brandon Gilberstadt 100 Deeds of Eddie McDowd, The Nightmare Room
Billy Gilman Singer, Hollywood Squares
Jonah Glasgow Dark Angel
Brent Glenen Rollercoaster
Eric Ian Goldberg Education of Max Bickford
Jake Goldsbie Leap Years, Degrassi: The Next Generation 
Alexander Gomes UFF (singer)
Bobby Gonzalez Brothers Garcia
Jean Raphael González UFF (singer)
Scott Goodman MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate
Benjamin Grace Die With Me
Gary LeRoi Gray Even Stevens
William Greenblatt Screech Owls
Theo Greenly The Jersey, A.I., Judging Amy
Rupert Grint Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Brett Groneman As the World Turns
Casey Gunther All My Children
Anthony Hammer The Saddle Club, Neighbors
Brandon Hammond Blue Hill Avenue
Daniel Hansen Bette, The Nightmare Room
Taylor Hanson Hanson (singer/keyboards)
Zachary Hanson Hanson (singer/drums)
Todd Harrison All My Children
Riley Hawk Max Keeble's Big Move, Prank Attack
Jesse Head Walker Texas Ranger, So Little Time
Bryan Hearne Hardball
Anders Hedman Mysterious Ways
Liam Hess Edges of the Lord
Patrick Higgins Lloyd
Brendan Ian Hill Max Keeble's Big Move
Emile Hirsch Wild Iris
Eric "Ty" Hodges II Even Stevens
Bryce Hodgson Night Visions, Skate
Chad Holland Next Generation (singer)
Mitch Holleman Reba, Everybody Loves Raymond, Bubble Boy
Jeremy Hopkins The Saddle Club
Marcus Hopson Max Keeble's Big Move
Ryan Hreljac Ryan's Well
Miko Hughes Roswell
Shane Hunter Family Law
Vinnie Hunter Intimacy
Alexander Hunting The Luzhin Defence
Seth Hutson Next Generation (singer)
Tyler Hynes Tales From the Neverending Story
Hayato Ichihara All About Lily Chou Chou
Robert Iler The Sopranos
Imanol Singer
Jacob (unknown) Moolah Beach
Jesse James Bailey's Mistake, Blow, Pearl Harbor
Ryan James State of Grace, Judging Amy
Myles Jeffrey Family Law
Mark John Jeffries The Practice
Christopher Johnson Gimme Five (singer)
Jack Johnson ER
Angus T. Jones See Spot Run
Bryant Jones Young and Restless, Hollywood Squares
Quinton Jones Walker Texas Ranger
Hjatti Runar Jonsson Ikingut
Michael B. Jordan Hardball
Josh (unknown) Freshman Year
Demetrius Joyette Doc
Zachery Kady All My Children
Eddie Karr Judging Amy, Grounded for Life
Billy Kay L.I.E.
David A Kaye 3000 Miles from Graceland, Dark Angel
Jonas Kenner The Mini BEATS (drummer/vocals)
Kenny (unknown) Zoom
Maximillian Kesmodel Max Keeble's Big Move
Sam Kessel Tillsammens (Together)
Nicolas King A Thousand Clowns (Broadway)
Nicholas King Max Keeble's Big Move
James Kirk Dark Angel
Ryan Kirkpatrick Inside the Osmonds
Jeremy James Kissner A.I.
Rawy Mattar Kmeir UFF (singer)
Erik Knudsen The Guardian, Doc, Blackout, The Familiar Stranger
Jonathan Koensgen Snow in August
Matt Koruba Kate Brasher
Kyle (unknown) Moolah Beach
Shia LaBeouf Even Stevens, Hounded, The Nightmare Room
Julian Lage Jazz guitarist
Adam Lamberg Lizzie McGuire, Max Keeble's Big Move
Jordi Landeta Serafin
Paul Robert Langdon Rocket Power, Star Trek: Voyager, The Mummy: The Animated Series, Lizzie McGuire
Christopher Larkin The Flamingo Rising
Philip Lawall The Mini BEATS (guitar/vocals)
Andrew Lawrence Recess: School's Out, Tucker, School's In, Jumping Ship
Nathan Lawrence Tucker
Steven Anthony Lawrence Even Stevens, ER, Frasier, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Bubble Boy
Chris Lazar Dark Angel
Scotty Leavenworth Philly, Citizen Baines, Life As A House, The Majestic
Dhani Lennevald A*Teens (singer)
Logan Lerman Riding in Cars With Boys
Jeffrey Licon The Brothers Garcia, The Nightmare Room
Lil' Bow Wow Singer, Moesha, The Steve Harvey Show, Carmen: A Hip Hopera, commercials
Lil' Romeo Singer, Hollywood Squares, Max Keeble's Big Move
Cody Linley Walker Texas Ranger
Alex D. Linz Max Keeble's Big Move, Providence, Hollywood Squares, The Jennie Project, Race to Space
Eric Lloyd E.R.
Jake Lloyd Race to Space, Die with Me
Adam Loeffler The Wedding Planner
Logan (unknown) Bug Juice 3
Henrik Lundstrom Tillsammens (Together)
Mahmoud (unknown) Promises
Jonathan Malen Prancer Returns, Screech Owls
Ross Malinger Touched by an Angel
Eli Marienthal American Pie 2, Tucker, The Zeta Project
Christopher Marquette Pasadena, Strong Medicine, Judging Amy, The Mummy: The Animated Series, Lloyd in Space, commercials
Craig Marriott When Good Ghouls Go Bad
Miles Marsico The Jersey, Lloyd in Space, Recess
Andrew Martin Return to Innocence
Angelo Massagli Third Watch
Bryan Matsuura Max Keeble's Big Move
Jesse McCartney All My Children, Dream Street (singer), Sugar Beats (singer)
Reiley McClendon Pearl Harbor
Dillon McEwin A.I.
Fraser McGregor Screech Owls
Scott Mchugh Bully
Lewis McKenzie There's Only One Jimmy Grimble
Brian McLaughlin Family Law
Cody McMains Not Another Teen Movie, Prank Attack
Fred Medill FredTV
Aaron Meeks Soul Food
Glenn Meldrum The Saddle Club, Neighbors
Ian Meltzer The Hughleys
Ryan Merriman Touched By an Angel, Dangerous Child, Luck of the Irish
Tamas Meszaros Abandoned
Jonah Meyerson The Royal Tenenbaums
Justin Mitchell The Famous Jett Jackson
Moishe (unknown) Promises
Alvaro Monje Sexy Beast
Trevor Morgan Jurassic Park 3, The Glass House, Hollywood Squares, I'll Remember April
Andy Morrow Philly, Max Keeble's Big Move
Max Morrow Sister Mary Explains It All
Evan Moss Singer (The Moss Brothers)
Reuben Moss Singer (The Moss Brothers)
Tahj Mowry Hounded, The Poof Point
Frankie Muniz Malcolm in the Middle, Andy Dick Show, The Simpsons (voice), Dr. Dolittle 2 (voice), MTV Celebrity Undercover, The Fairly Oddparents, Snowed In: Celebrity Say What? Karaoke
Lachlan Murdoch Cheaters, Dodson's Journey
Hans Tittus Nakinge Ikingut
Cody Newton The Last Brickmaker in America, Going to California
Logan O'Brien Malcolm in the Middle, Primetime Glick, General Hospital
Trever O'Brien Motocrossed
Matthew O'Leary Domestic Disturbance
Emil Odepark Before the Storm
Nathaniel Olderman Chuck and Buck
Richard Taylor Olson I'll Remember April
Haley Joel Osment A.I., Edges of the Lord, I'll Remember April
Jonathan Osser Max Keeble's Big Move
Joel Palmer Valentine
John Parker Bully
Amit Paul A*Teens (singer)
Marcus T. Paulk Moesha
William Pavey Night Visions
Joey Pearson Singer
Marc Pearson Bully
Greyson Erik Pendry ER, Judging Amy
Joe Pichler Beethoven's 4th, When Good Ghouls Go Bad
Jesse Plemons The Guardian
Alexander Pollack Cats and Dogs
Tyler Garcia Posey Doc
Gregg Prentice Goodbye Charlie Bright
Joe Prospero Intimacy, My Uncle Silas
Michael Purvis Kids World
Robert Bingham Putney Dawson's Creek
Shawn Pyfrom Max Keeble's Big Move, Reba
Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, The Tailor of Panama
Liam Ranger UC: Undercover, Level 9, The Chronicle, The Rhino Brothers
Greg Raposo Dream Street (singer)
Tim Redwine C.S.I
Timothy Reifsnyder Hearts in Atlantis, Law & Order
Mark Rendall Tales From the Neverending Story
Ilan Reuben Freak of Nature (drummer)
Robert Ri'chard One on One, Feast of All Saints, Who's Your Daddy?
Caio Romei Tainah, An Amazon Adventure
Grant Rosenmeyer The Royal Tenenbaums
Will Rothhaar Hearts in Atlantis, On Golden Pond, Family Law, ER, A Midsummer Night's Dream (stage)
Daryl Sabara Spy Kids
Sam Saletta 7th Heaven
Thomas Sangster The Miracle of the Cards
Paul Robert Santiago Touched by an Angel
Andi Schaupp The Mini BEATS (guitar/vocals)
Ryan Scheckler MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate
Sam Schwarz Bank of America commercials
Michael Seater The Zack Files
Arthur Setbon Betty Fisher and Other Stories
Greg Sheffield Intimacy
Shlomo (unknown) Promises
Emmett Shoemaker Citizen Baines, Malcolm in the Middle
Michael Shulman Recess: School's Out, Law & Order
Brian Sites 7th Heaven, The Ellen Show
Jantje Smit Singer
Gregory Smith Kate Brasher, Just Ask My Children, American Outlaws, Touched by an Angel
Jacob Smith Third Watch, Becker, Once and Again
Daniel Smorgan Bank of America commercials
Carl Snell The Dish
Clayton Snyder Lizzie McGuire
Martin Spanjers Hughleys, Max Keeble's Big Move
Cole Sprouse I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Hollywood Squares, The Nightmare Room
Dylan Sprouse I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Hollywood Squares, The Nightmare Room
Brian Christopher Stark The Ellen Show, Speedway Junky
Adi Stein Project Greenlight
Jesse Stock Grounded for Life
Christopher-Robin Street The Dish
Artiom Strelnikov Last Resort
Jeremy Suarez The Bernie Mac Show
Giuseppe Sulfaro Malena
Erik Per Sullivan Malcolm in the Middle, Hollywood Squares, Joe Dirt
Kyle Sullivan Malcolm in the Middle, Max Keeble's Big Move
Jeremy Sumpter Raising Dad
Jonathan R. Talbot Mysterious Ways
Peter Tambakis Snow in August
Hayden Tank Six Feet Under
Christopher Tavani As the World Turns
Travis Tedford State of Grace
Anton Tennet Kids World
Scott Terra Sons of Mistletoe, Motocrossed
Jake Thomas Lizzie McGuire, A.I.
Jesse Lee Thomas Chuck and Buck
Miles Thompson Sponk
Gabriel Thomson Enemy at the Gates, My Family
Fernando Tielve The Devil's Backbone
Jonathan Timmins The Prince and the Pauper
Robert Timmins The Prince and the Pauper
Mickey Toft Providence
Marcus Toji Max Keeble's Big Move
Yuki Tokuhiro I'll Remember April
Shawn Toovey Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: The Heart Within
Louie Torrellas Sponk
A.J. Trauth Even Stevens
Craig Lamar Traylor Malcolm in the Middle
Chris Trousdale Dream Street
Holden Truelove Singer/Guitarist
Chad Tucker As the World Turns
Ross Turner Joe Somebody
Junio Valverde The Devil's Backbone
Andrew Van Hise Die With Me, Two for One
Matthew Vennell Like Mother Like Son
Robert D. Vito Port Charles
Jordan Blake Warkol Judging Amy, X-Files
Austin Waters Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Rollo Weeks Attila
Matt Weinberg Touched By an Angel
Mike Weinberg 7th Heaven, commercial, Life as a House
Michael Welch Ballad of Lucy Whipple, Judging Amy, Touched By an Angel, Invisible Man, X-Files, Malcolm in the Middle, The District, Delivering Milo, House of Mouse
Connor Widdows Mile Zero, Freddy Got Fingered
Tyler Wilkinson The Wilkinsons (singer)
Rhys Williams 'Twas the Night
Caleb Wilson Chuck and Buck
Chad Wilson Lloyd
Ryan Wilson Just Ask My Children, ER
Tanner Withrow Next Generation (singer)
Austin Wolff Malcolm in the Middle, Family Law
Calum Worthy Night Visions
Tom Wright Zenon: The Zequel
Adam Wylie Kate Brasher, Ed, commercial
Xavier (unknown) Moolah Beach
Nikhil Yadav Maya
Yarko (unknown) Promises
Jordan Yates Next Generation (singer)
Anton Yelchin Hearts in Atlantis, Delivering Milo, Along Came a Spider
Lee Thompson Young The Famous Jett Jackson, Jett Jackson: The Movie
Zach (unknown) Sail Away
Kevin Zegers Sex Lies and Obsession
Jeremy Zelig As the World Turns
Joey Zimmerman Becker, That 70's Show, Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge, commercial
Axel Zuber Tillsammens (Together)
Josh Zuckerman Judging Amy, The Nightmare Room, Twas the Night, Jack and Jill, The Ellen Show, The West Wing, Bette


How to Vote:

These rules are important if you want your vote to count.  Please make sure you read and follow the rules so your vote will be meaningful.  Thank you.

NOTE: Voting will end on February 3, 2002, 9:00pm Eastern time.

1. Fans should submit 5 performers' names from the above list of nominees, to the e-mail address listed below.  Voters are encouraged to vote for the performers who they feel made the most significant impact in the media in 2001 by way of outstanding performances, significant contributions, and other brilliant and memorable achievements.  Please feel free to vote for whomever you choose, but note that the Media Boy Poll is not a popularity or "beauty contest", but is rather a Poll to help determine the "Media Boy" who is most deserving of this honor based on his talents and accomplishments, as voted by you, the fans.

2. When voting, list your top five choices from the performers listed above, making note of your #1 choice, #2 choice, and so on.  Please make your choices obvious as to your #1 choice, #2 choice, all the way to your #5 choice.  You may not vote for the same star more than once, such ballots will be discarded and the star will receive no points.

3. You have an option of including up to 5 "honorable mention" names on your ballot after your 5 official votes.  These honorable mentions are not votes, and will not count in the final score, but we will compile a list of the honorable mentions for the interest of the group.  Ballots with more than 5 official choices and 5 honorable mentions will be sent back untabulated for prioritization.

Your choices will receive points as follows:
your #1 choice will be assigned 5 points,
your #2 choice will be assigned 4 points,
your #3 choice will be assigned 3 points,
your #4 choice will be assigned 2 points,
and your #5 choice will be assigned 1 point.
Your optional "honorable mention" performers, up to 5, will receive no points.

Sample Ballot:
#1, Frankie Berfield, 5 points
#2, Billy Carter, 4 points
#3, Jesse Gilman, 3 points
#4, Kevin Clark, 2 points
#5, Aaron Muniz, 1 point.
Honorable Mention: Bobby Einhorn, Gavin Foley, Miko Hynes, Scotty Lamberg.

Fewer than 5 names will be weighted less - the number of names you submit will be the point value of your #1 vote and it will count down from there. 

Sample Ballot with fewer than 5 names:
#1, Frankie Berfield, 3 points
#2, Billy Carter, 2 points
#3, Jesse Gilman, 1 point

4. Votes with performers' names deemed ineligible will be sent back once to be modified.

5. Everyone may vote ONLY ONCEPlease be fair and vote only one time.  We WILL be taking extreme measures to detect anyone attempting to "stuff the ballot-box".  If an individual is believed to be voting more than once, ALL VOTES FROM THAT USER WILL BE DISCARDED.

Tie-Breaking Criteria:

In the event that two or more performers are tied for 1st place because they accumulated the same number of points at poll's end, the tie will be broken based on the following:
1. The performer with the most overall votes (not including honorable mentions) will be declared the winner.
2. If the performers are still tied after applying tie-breaker 1 above, the performer who accumulated the most 1st place votes will be declared the winner.
3. If the performers are still tied after applying tie-breakers 1&2 above, a tie for 1st place will be declared.
4. A tie for any other position in the poll other than 1st place will remain a tie; no tie-breaking criteria will be applied.

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