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2002 AFTI Media Boy Poll Top 10

The 2002 AFTI Media Boy Poll started on January 8, 2003, and ended on January 14, 2003, at 23:59:59 PST.† Fans around the world were invited to vote via the Internet for their favorite young male performers based on their work during the year 2002.† Eligible nominees must have been a part of a production (either in the movies, TV, music, or stage) that had first run original status in any part of 2002, and 17 years of age or younger in any part of 2002.† Voters were able to vote for their 5 favorite performers, with their #1 favorite receiving 5 points, their #2 favorite receiving 4 points, and so on.

Around 400 young performers were nominated to be 2002 AFTI Media Boy, from world-wide superstars to boys who may have only appeared in a TV commercial.† Nearly half of the boys received some type of recognition by the voters in the 2002 AFTI Media Boy Poll.

Thanks to all the many devoted fans on the Internet for making the 7th annual AFTI Media Boy Poll successful. This year 248 ballots were included in the voting.

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Here's what we've all been waiting for...the results of the 2002 AFTI Media Boy Poll! Congratulations to all the winners, and especially these notable success stories:

Biggest jump from last year: Jeremy Sumpter soared from 90th place to 9th! Rory Culkin was not too far behind, jumping from 90th to 15th place.

Highest debut performance: British actor Nicholas Hoult leapt into the charts at number 18, after international success in "About A Boy." Just behind him was French actor Jules Sitruk, who starred in the French top 10 box office winner "Monsieur Batignolle."

Last year we saw a high concentration of votes in the top 10. This year, things were more spread out, with a much higher percentage of votes going to the middle levels. Perhaps this means there's a powerful new generation of stars about to break out, but for 2002, the biggest votes went to the biggest names.

Here's the vote count. First you'll see last year's rank, then this year's rank, the star, and his point total. "New" means the performer was not on last year's ballot (although he may have been listed in previous years), "0" in last year's column means the performer was on the ballot but received no votes.

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David Gallagher

A big congratulations to David Gallagher, who is the only young performer to finish in the top 10 every year of the AFTI Media Boy Poll. We've watched him grow up on "7th Heaven" and continue to support David every year with our votes. Way to go, DG!

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Jeremy Sumpter

This year's biggest jump from last year went to Jeremy Sumpter, who rode the success of "Frailty" from 90th place in 2001 all the way to number 9 in 2002. Now in New Zealand filming "Peter Pan," we'll look forward to another big year for Jeremy in 2003.

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Rupert Grint

The "Harry Potter" series turned into the most successful movies starring young performers for 2002, or just about any other year. So it's no surprise that the stars were well loved here - including Rupert Grint.

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Haley Joel Osment

Our only tie in the top 10 goes to two all-time afti favorites who made their names in previous years.


Kevin Zegers

It's a tribute to their long-lasting star power that Kevin Zegers and Haley Joel Osment capture so many vote points, despite a lower profile with their 2002 qualifying performances. Fans from around the world helped Kevin and Haley continue their strong showing in the afti top 10.

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Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney started the year with a high profile, singing with Dream Street and having just finished up his long, successful run on "All My Children." Then he was all over TV with a memorable commercial. Music and TV fans combined to put Jesse into the top 5.

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Aaron Carter

We saw busy Aaron Carter profiled on "48 Hours," guest starring on other shows, performing live concerts coast-to-coast, and selling hundreds of thousands of copies of his new CD. Aaron's party continues as he repeats his #4 finish in the 2002 poll.

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Daniel Radcliffe

Last year: number one movie, talk show personality, everyone was talking about Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter. This year: more of the same success as Daniel - and Harry - successfully maneuvered into the teen years. And another year at #3 for the AFTI poll.

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Billy Gilman

After a whirlwind year in 2001 of tours and CD's, Billy Gilman surprised everyone by taking things a bit easier this year. But his talent and star power keeps him close to the top of our poll. Votes from many countries helped give Billy a better finish than 2001.

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frankie muniz

He's the key part of the most talked about TV series featuring young stars in recent history. And this year, his film career moved to a new level, as he starred in a madcap comedy that made a hefty profit at the box office. Two years ago he debuted at #3 in the poll, last year he dipped to #7, and this year he makes a forceful comeback all the way to the top. Our number one performer? Congratulations, Frankie Muniz!

Frankie Muniz Award

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Complete Results

This Year's RankLast Year's RankPerformerNumber of Points
17Frankie Muniz161
25Billy Gilman 154
33Daniel Radcliffe 148
44Aaron Carter 126
52Jesse McCartney 119
66Kevin Zegers 108
61Haley Joel Osment 108
812Rupert Grint 101
990Jeremy Sumpter 93
109David Gallagher 90
118Justin Berfield 89
1210Chris Trousdale 80
1323Scott Terra 75
1334Bobby Edner 75
1590Rory Culkin 73
1644Matt O'Leary 72
1734Griffin Frazen 67
1818Jake Thomas 60
18newNicholas Hoult 60
20newJules Sitruk 56
This Year's RankLast Year's RankPerformerNumber of Points
210Martin Spanjers 54
2173Max Morrow 54
230Gavin Fink 45
2414Alex D Linz 42
2428Tom Felton 42
2448Ryan Cooley 42
2744Scotty Leavenworth 40
27newOliver Adams 40
2941Paul Franklin Dano 39
30newTyler Hoechlin 35
3133Erik Per Sullivan 33
32newPablo Santos 32
3341Adam Lamberg 29
3329Shia LaBeouf 29
3579Cole Sprouse 27
36newDeclan Galbraith 26
37newRyan Kelley 25
380Mark Rendall 22
38newCalvin Goldspink 22
40163Mike Weinberg 21
4064Dylan Sprouse 21
This Year's RankLast Year's RankPerformerNumber of Points
4213Frankie J Galasso 18
4220Jamie Bell 18
4414Greg Raposo 17
440Emile Hirsch 17
4652Andrew James Trauth 16
4611Trevor Morgan 16
4698Bug Hall 16
4616Michael Angarano 16
50194Tyler Garcia Posey 15
51105Seth Adkins 14
5232Andrew Lawrence 12
5290Jake Epstein 12
5227Lil' Bow Wow 12
55163Holden Truelove 11
55newJack DeSena 11
5564Joseph Cross 11
55105Juan Josť Ballesta 11
59newSoren Fulton 10
6040Anton Yelchin 9
60newJosh Wise 9
6064Jacob Smith 9
This Year's RankLast Year's RankPerformerNumber of Points
63newVincent Rottiers 8
63newPenn Badgley 8
6561Matt Weinberg 7
650Emmett Shoemaker 7
6554Will Rothhaar 7
6517Matt Ballinger 7
6958Michael Welch 6
6964Joey Pearson 6
690James Kirk 6
6990Eddie Karr 6
69newAaron Johnson 6
6964Mason Gamble 6
6952Jared Daperis 6
69163Daniel Clark 6
77newAugustus Prew 5
7779Logan O'Brien 5
7779Tahj Mowry 5
77163Hayato Ichihara 5
7748Tyler Hynes 5
77newNoel Fisher 5
77105Liam Aiken 5
This Year's RankLast Year's RankPerformerNumber of Points
8444Gabriel Thomson 4
84newJeff Sutton 4
84126Clayton Snyder 4
84newDylan Smith 4
84newRyan Sheckler 4
84newTrunh Nguyen 4
84126Cody McMains 4
84newJohn Paul Macleod 4
8479Eric Lloyd 4
84newJonathan Lipnicki 4
8464Erik Knudsen 4
8416Myles Jeffrey 4
8464William Greenblatt 4
84newEthan Dampf 4
84newChristian Craft 4
84newAlex Black 4
840Richard Banel 4
This Year's RankLast Year's RankPerformerNumber of Points
101newAndrew Sandler 3
101newRyne Sanborn 3
1010Jack Johnson 3
10173Zachary Hanson 3
101newCalum Gittins 3
101144Scotty Cox 3
101newEvan Matthew Cohen 3
108194Josh Zuckerman 2
108194Craig Lamar Traylor 2
108newThomas Sangster 2
10834Lil' Romeo 2
108newOliver Phelps 2
108newDevon Murray 2
108newMatthew Lewis 2
108newDevon Lawrence 2
108newShane Kippel 2
1080 Imanol 2
108105Bryce Hodgson 2
1080J B Gaynor 2
108163Noah Fleiss 2
10834Robert Clark 2
108163Jake Burbage 2
108newDrake Bell 2
This Year's RankLast Year's RankPerformerNumber of Points
12441Lee Thompson Young 1
124105Calum Worthy 1
12479Peter Tambakis 1
124newMicah Schow 1
124newKeaton Savage 1
124newJimmy Pinchak 1
124newJames Phelps 1
124newJack Osbourne 1
12425Eli Marienthal 1
124163Jonathan Malen 1
124126Steven Anthony Lawrence 1
124194Billy Kay 1
124newSammy Kahn 1
124163Liam Hess 1
124newJoshua Herdman 1
1240Brandon Gilberstadt 1
124newMax Felder 1
124163Devin Douglas Drewitz 1
1240David Dorfman 1
12498Thomas Dekker 1
124newOscar Copp 1
124newBruce Cook 1
124newBarry Cavanagh 1
124newStevie Brock 1
124newTaylor Ball 1
124newStefan Pagels Andersen1

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Thanks again to the poll committee: Duncan, Mediajock, Chris, Likem, Max, and Mark. And a big thanks to everyone who voted.

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