2002 AFTI Media Boy Poll

Voting has now closed.

The Poll is simple - fans are asked to vote for their favorite young male performers based on their work during the year 2002. There are some rules for voting, so please make sure you read and follow those rules so you will have a valid ballot.

Best of luck to all the nominees, and many thanks for enriching our lives in 2002. We look forward to many more wonderful performances in 2003.

The 2002 AFTI Poll Committee: Chris P., Duncan, Likem, Marcus, Mark L., and Max.


Eligible Nominees

Taylor AbrahamseDoc (recurring)
Oliver Adams7th Heaven (recurring)
Seth AdkinsThe Santa Clause 2 (cast), C.S.I.: Miami (guest star)
Hamza Moctar AguidAbouna
Liam AikenRoad to Perdition (star), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (guest star), A Rising Place
Devon AlanFirestarter II: Rekindled (star), Throttle (star), ER (guest)
Andrew James AllenCharmed (guest), Reba (guest)
Alvin AlvarezThe Brothers Garcia (star)
John Patrick AmedoriThe Guardian (guest), Law and Order (guest)
Stefan Pagels AndersenCatch That Girl (lead)
Devon AndersonThunderpants
Michael AngaranoLittle Secrets (star), Will & Grace (recurring)
Marcus Ardai-BlombergEveryone Loves Alice (cast)
Cody ArensFamily Affair (guest)
Leandro ArveloA House with A View of the Sea (lead)
Jay Asforisband: S Club Juniors
Joseph AshtonHey Arnold! (guest voice)
Nurul Islam BabluClay Bird
Penn BadgleyDo Over (star)
Brandon BakerEven Stevens (guest)
Taylor BallStill Standing (star)
Juan José BallestaEl Bola (star), Carol's Journey
Matt Ballingerband: Dream Street
Jameson BaltesCSI (guest)
Richard BanelThe Interrogation of Michael Crowe (star)
Nicholas Edwin BarbMinority Report (cast)
Gemini BarnettFamily Law (guest)
Jaren Brandt BartlettLiving With the Dead (cast), Twilight Zone (guest)
Ben BaxterLiving With the Dead (cast), Chris Isaak Show (guest)
TJ BeacomRace to Space (cast)
Matthew BeardAn Angel for May (lead)
Drake BellThe Amanda Show (star), The Nightmare Room (guest)
Jamie BellNicholas Nickleby (lead)
Broc BenedictThat '70s Show (guest)
Luke BenwardFamily Affair (star; pilot only)
Justin BerfieldMalcolm in the Middle (star), Who's Your Daddy? (star), Kim Possible (guest voice)
Alex BlackCharmed (guest), Spider-Man (cast), Desert Saints
Philipp BlankHelp I'm A Boy! (lead)
Trevor BlumasGuilt By Association (cast)
Matthew BorishHack (star)
Hristos BouyotasHard Goodbyes: My Father (star)
Lil' Bow WowLike Mike (lead)
Cameron BowenAmerican Dreams (recurring)
Jonathan BraddAn Angel for May (cast)
Nicholas BraunLaw & Order: SVU (guest)
Spencer BreslinThe Santa Clause II (star), Moms on Strike (star), Teamo Supremo (voice)
Alex BuckMr. Deeds
Brett BufordThat '70s Show (guest), Everybody Loves Raymond (guest)
Jake BurbageGrounded For Life (star)
Paul ButcherThe Santa Trap (cast)
Dan ByrdAny Day Now (recurring), CSI (guest), Touched By an Angel (guest), The Guardian (guest), Firestarter II: Rekindled (star)
Nicholas CadeRoad To Perdition (cast)
Noel CallahanJust Cause (guest)
Billy CamposFamily Law (recurring)
Gerard CanonicoThe Education of Max Bickford (guest)
Felix CantetTime Out (cast)
Aaron CarterSinger, All That (guest)
Francesco CasisaRespiro (lead)
Michael CeraI Was A Rat (cast)
Travis CharitanFirestarter II: Rekindled (star)
Alexis ChatrianAlias Betty (cast)
Bobby ChavezGreetings from Tucson (cast)
Dyllan ChristopherStuart Little II (cast), Life with Bonnie (guest)
Jan CinaSmradi
Daniel ClarkDegrassi: The Next Generation (star)
Robert ClarkStrange Days at Blake Holsey High (star), The Zack Files (star)
Evan Matthew CohenMalcolm in the Middle (recurring)
Sam ComeryLord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (cast)
Leagh ConwellTom and Thomas (cast)
Bruce CookThunderpants (star)
Ryan CooleyDegrassi: The Next Generation (star)
Christian CopelinLizzie McGuire (recurring), NYPD Blue (guest)
Oscar CoppSwing (star)
Scotty CoxFirestarter II: Rekindled (star)
Christian CraftJohn John in the Sky (lead)
Ian CroninLaw & Order: SVU (guest)
Jonathan CroninHorse Crazy (lead)
Joseph CrossAs the World Turns (recurring)
Rory CulkinSigns (star), Twilight Zone (guest star), Igby Goes Down (cast)
Michael D'AscenzoI Was A Rat (cast), Julie Walking Home
John Francis DaleySpin City (guest)
Ethan DampfAmerican Dreams (star), Collateral Damage (cast)
Dee Jay DanielsThe Hughleys (star)
Paul Franklin DanoToo Young To Be A Dad (star), The Sopranos (guest), The Emperor's Club (star), L.I.E. (star)
Jared DaperisThe Ponderosa (star)
Jack DeSenaAll That (star)
Justin DekezelSkate (guest)
Thomas DekkerFamily Affair (guest)
Neil DenisX-Men: Evolution (star), Living with the Dead (star), Stargate SG-1 (guest star)
Scott DentBarbershop (cast)
Alex DodukThe Impossible Elephant
Marc DonatoWhite Oleander (cast)
David DorfmanFamily Law (recurring), The Ring (star)
Patrick DornThe Bold and the Beautiful (cast)
Anil DouglasTom and Thomas (cast)
Devin Douglas DrewitzTime of the Wolf (star), Dark Angel (guest), Breaking News (guest), Jeremiah (guest), Taken (cast)
Harry EdenPure
Bobby Edner7th Heaven (guest), Birds of Prey (guest), The Division (guest), JAG (guest), Philly (guest), Judging Amy (guest), Do Over (guest)
Martin Jonny Raaen EidissenScars (lead)
Trevor EinhornFrasier (guest)
Stefan EirikssonReykjavik Guesthouse - Rent A Bike (star)
Eirik EivjenScars (lead)
Craig ElliottHer Majesty (cast)
Jake EpsteinThe Zack Files (star), Degrassi: The Next Generation (star)
Russell FaraziClay Bird
Mitchell FehrThe Impossible Elephant
Tom FeltonHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (star)
Gavin FinkThe X-Files (guest star)
Noel FisherGlory Days (guest), Skate (recurring), X-Men: Evolution (voice), I Was a Teenage Faust (star)
Noah FleissThe Laramie Project (cast), Storytelling (star)
Aaron ForsThe Brothers Garcia (guest), NYPD Blue (guest), Lizzie McGuire (guest)
Blake FosterThe Brady Bunch in the White House (star)
Andrew FoxcroftAn Angel for May (cast)
Griffin FrazenGrounded for Life (star)
Soren FultonA Ring of Endless Light (star), Crossing Jordan (guest)
Frankie J Galassoband: Dream Street
Declan GalbraithSinger
David Gallagher7th Heaven (star), Little Secrets (star)
Pablo GalánEl Bola (lead)
Mason GambleA Gentlemen's Game (lead), A Rising Place
Luis Armand GarciaGeorge Lopez (recurring)
Michael GauserHorse Crazy (lead)
J B GaynorGrounded for Life (recurring)
Christopher GearseER (guest)
Sam GeerHildegarde (lead)
Brandon Gilberstadt100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd (star)
A J GillSinger, American Idol (performer)
Billy GilmanSinger
Calum GittinsThe Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (cast)
Eric Ian GoldbergThe Education of Max Bickford (star), Everwood (guest)
Jake GoldsbieDegrassi: The Next Generation (star)
Calvin Goldspinkband: S Club Juniors
Ryan GoldsteinPower Rangers (recurring)
Justin GoncalvesA Gentlemen's Game (star)
Bobby GonzalezThe Brothers Garcia (star)
Scott GoodmanMVP2 (star)
James GorterSpeak To Me of Love
Aubrey GrahamDegrassi: The Next Generation (star)
William GreenblattScreech Owls (star), I Was A Rat (cast)
Christopher Gregson The Santa Trap (cast)
Rupert GrintHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (star), Thunderpants (star)
Brett GronemanAs the World Turns (cast)
Aaron GrunfeldTwo Summers (cast)
Gullik Åge GulliksenScars (star)
Miguel Ángel GutiérrezLiving With the Dead (cast)
Jesse HaddockMy Guide to Becoming a Rock Star (guest)
Nick HagelinThe Emperor's Club (cast)
Bug HallGet a Clue (star)
Brandon HammondOur America
Jonathan HandProvidence (guest)
Taylor HandleyTouched By An Angel (guest), CSI (guest), NYPD Blue (guest), Frasier (guest)
Daniel HansenJudging Amy (guest)
Peter Jeppe HansenLittle Big Girl (star)
Zachary HansonDrummer, singer, Frank McKlusky C.I.
Matthew HarbourTwo Summers (star)
Todd HarrisonAll My Children (cast)
Samuel HausTsatsiki Friends Forever (lead)
Cole HawkinsChanging Lanes (cast)
Bryan HearneAll That (star)
Mohammed HejaziGaza Strip (star)
David HenrieProvidence (guest), Without a Trace (guest)
Micah HensonStill Standing (guest)
Joshua HerdmanThunderpants, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (cast)
Liam HessDon't Blame the Koalas (cast)
Ferdinand Falsen HiisScars (star)
Brendan HillProvidence (guest)
Joey HiottThat '70s Show (guest)
Emile HirschThe Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (star), The Emperor's Club (star)
Bryce HodgsonSkate (recurring), Jeremiah (guest), The Santa Clause II (star)
Tyler HoechlinRoad to Perdition (star)
Cory HoganTwo Summers (cast)
Bryce Hollander The Santa Trap (cast)
Mitch HollemanReba (star)
Zane HoltzJudging Amy (guest)
Joel HomanYes, Dear (star)
Houston HookerBig Fat Liar (cast)
Kanan HookerBig Fat Liar (cast)
Nicholas HoultAbout a Boy (star), Judge John Deed (guest)
Dominic HowellMan and Boy
Dayne HudsonHildegarde (lead)
Miko HughesClockstoppers
Vinnie HunterPure
Josh HutchersonER (guest)
Tyler HynesTagged: The Jonathan Wamback Story (star), Tales From The Neverending Story (dvd release 2002) (star))
Hayato IchiharaAll About Lily Chou-Chou (star)
Robert IlerThe Sopranos (star), Tadpole (cast)
Gideon JacobsLaw & Order: SVU (guest), Home Alone 4 (star)
Colton JamesWithout a Trace (guest), Still Standing (guest), ER (guest), The Santa Trap (cast)
Jesse JamesFamily Law (guest)
Ryan JamesCSI: Crime Scene Investigation (guest), The Santa Clause 2, A Month of Sundays
Myles JeffreyTouched By An Angel (guest)
Marc John JeffriesThird Watch (guest), Stuart Little 2 (cast)
Máximo JiménezEl Bola (star)
Aaron JohnsonTom and Thomas (lead)
Jack JohnsonThe Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina (voice)
Angus T JonesThe Rookie (star)
Tyler Patrick JonesMinority Report (cast), Red Dragon (star)
Demetrius JoyetteDoc (recurring)
Sammy KahnThe District (guest), Hidden Hills (cast)
Nicolas KalschTime Out (star)
Yorgos KarayannisHard Goodbyes: My Father (lead)
Eddie KarrGrounded for Life (guest), The Invisible Horse (star -- stage play)
Cody KaschBoston Public (guest), NYPD Blue (guest)
Dylan KaschER (guest)
Billy KayL.I.E. (star), Halloween: Resurrection (cast), Guiding Light (cast)
David A KayeVideo Voyeur: The Susan Wilson Story, Living With the Dead
Ryan KelleySmallville (recurring), Stolen Summer (cast)
Sam KesselTsatsiki Friends Forever (star)
Alex KewAbout A Boy (cast)
Tae-Jin KimThe Little Monk (lead)
Blake KingFrailty (cast)
Shane KippelDegrassi: The Next Generation (star)
James KirkLiving with the Dead (star), Due East (cast), Taken (star), Bang Bang, You're Dead (cast)
Tomás KloudaSmradi
Erik KnudsenThe Guardian (recurring), Doc (guest)
Matt KorubaBuffy the Vampire Slayer (guest), Without a Trace (guest)
David KrossHelp I'm A Boy! (cast)
Shia LaBeoufEven Stevens (star), Tru Confessions (star)
Adam LambergLizzie McGuire (star)
Jody LathamWhen I Was 12
James LaubMessage in a Cell Phone (lead)
Andrew LawrenceThe Guardian (guest), The Zeta Project (guest voice)
Devon LawrenceThird Watch (guest)
Steven Anthony LawrenceEven Stevens (star), Frasier (guest)
Scotty Leavenworth7th Heaven (guest), Philly (star), The Drew Carey Show (guest)
Ezra-Valentin LenzVäter
Matthew LewisHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (star)
Jeffrey LiconBrothers Garcia (star), All That (guest)
Kasper LindstromTsatsiki Friends Forever (cast)
Cody LinleyBeyond the Prairie 2
Alex D LinzProvidence (recurring), Race to Space (star)
Jonathan LipnickiStuart Little 2 (star), Like Mike (star)
Eric LloydSanta Clause II (star)
Brett LoehrEverwood (recurring)
Daniel LoganStar Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (cast)
Tyler LongThe Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (star)
Manuel LozanoNo Pain No Gain (star)
Mason Lucero Blood Work
Shane LyonsAll That (star), Law & Order: SVU (guest)
John Paul MacleodTaliesin Jones (lead)
Daniel MagderMoms on Strike, Guilt by Association
Jonathan MalenScreech Owls (star)
Tyler Cole MalingerProvidence (guest), King of Queens (guest)
Eli MarienthalThe Country Bears (star), poetry performances
Julien MarionSpeak To Me of Love
Austin MarquesAmerican Family (star)
Chris MarquetteStrong Medicine (recurring), Boston Public (guest), commercials
Sean MarquetteTitus (guest), Hidden Hills (cast)
Miles MarsicoMalcolm in the Middle (guest), Judging Amy (guest)
Juan Carlos MartinEl Bola (cast)
Jordy MastersonMalcolm in the Middle (guest)
Brandon MauroCSI (guest)
Jesse McCartneyband: Dream Street, commercials
Reiley McClendonGentle Ben (star)
Fraser McGregorScreech Owls (star)
Cody McMainsEverwood (recurring), Not Another Teen Movie (cast)
Aaron MeeksSoul Food (star)
Nabil MehtaA Passage to Ottawa
Harry MellingHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (star)
Robbi MerrillMessage in a Cell Phone (lead)
Jake MinerBig Fat Liar (cast)
Hugh MitchellHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (star)
Stevie MitchellMentors (lead)
Alberto MondiniMy Mother's Smile (star)
Trevor MorganThe Rookie (star), A Rumor of Angels (star)
Patrick MorrisonHer Majesty (star)
Max MorrowMonk (recurring), The Christmas Shoes (star), The Brady Bunch in the White House (star), Ararat (cast)
Ahidjo Mahamat MoussaAbouna
Tahj MowryKim Possible (voice)
Omero MumbaThe Time Machine (star)
Frankie MunizMalcolm in the Middle (star), Big Fat Liar (star), Deuces Wild (star), All That (guest), Titus (guest), Mad TV (guest), Lizzie McGuire (guest), Fairly Oddparents (guest voice), The Nightmare Room (guest)
Camden MunsonIn the Bedroom (star)
Lachlan MurdochCheats (star), Sins of the Father (cast)
Devon MurrayHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (cast)
Omar MuñozLiving With the Dead (cast)
Amari MylesOdyssey 5 (recurring)
Trunh NguyenGreen Dragon (lead)
Logan O'BrienThe Guardian (guest), That Was Then (guest)
Trever O'BrienTouched By An Angel (guest)
Matt O'LearyFrailty (star), Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (star)
Kevin Johnson OlsonStuart Little 2
Jack OsbourneThe Osbournes (star), Dawson's Creek (guest)
Haley Joel OsmentThe Country Bears (star)
Jonathan OsserStorytelling (star)
Joel PalmerLiving With the Dead (cast)
Connor PaoloLaw & Order: SVU (guest)
Marcus T PaulkThe Hughleys (guest)
Joey PearsonSinger
Ethan PeckThat '70s Show (guest)
Josh PeckThe Amanda Show (star)
Ariel PetsonkBäst i Sverige!
James PhelpsHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (cast)
Oliver PhelpsHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (cast)
C J PicerniBig Fat Liar (cast)
Joe PichlerChildren on Their Birthdays (star)
Jimmy PinchakFamily Affair (star)
Jesse PlemonsLike Mike (star), Children on Their Birthdays (star)
Alex PollockAmerican Dreams (recurring)
Tyler Garcia PoseyDoc (star), Maid in Manhattan (star), Collateral Damage (cast), Without a Trace (guest)
Bobby PrestonFamily Law (guest)
Augustus PrewAbout a Boy (cast), 24 Seven (star)
Connor PriceFancy Dancing
Jacob PriceThe Guardian (guest)
Filippo PucilloRespiro (star)
Shawn PyfromMalcolm in the Middle (guest), Reba (guest), State of Grace (guest)
Jeremy Michael RacauckusFamily Affair (guest)
Daniel RadcliffeHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (star)
Edward RandellHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (star)
Greg Raposoband: Dream Street
Mads RavnCatch That Girl (lead)
Lukás RejsekSmradi
Mark RendallThe Scream Team (star), The Interrogation of Michael Crowe (star), The Impossible Elephant, Touching Wild Horses
Aaron Renfreeband: S Club Juniors
Jake RichardsonThe Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (star), Boston Public (guest), NYPD Blue (guest)
Kane RitchotteMonk (star; pilot only)
Chad RittenbergThe District (guest)
Julius RitterLike Mike (cast)
Colin RobertsFlower & Garnet
Lil' RomeoSinger, Raising Dad (guest), Nick Cannon (guest)
Will RothhaarJudging Amy (guest), The Guardian (guest)
Vincent RottiersLes Diables (lead)
Rafael Martinez RuizEl Bola (cast)
Jesse James RutherfordEnterprise (guest)
Daryl SabaraSpy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (star), John Doe (guest)
Ryne Sanborn2002 Winter Olympics Child of Light
Andrew SandlerMinority Report (cast)
Thomas SangsterBobbie's Girl (star), Stig of the Dump
Pablo SantosGreetings From Tucson (star), Law & Order: SVU (guest), Jeremiah (guest)
Keaton SavageGrounded for Life (recurring)
Kendall SchmidtFrasier (guest)
Kevin SchmidtTaken (cast), The District (guest)
Micah SchowLittle Secrets
Michael SeaterStrange Days at Blake Holsey High (star), The Zack Files (star), I Was A Rat (cast)
Nick SeidenstickerHelp I'm A Boy! (lead)
Arthur SetbonAlias Betty (cast)
Ryan ShecklerMVP2 (star), Slam City Jam (performance)
Emmett ShoemakerFirestarter II: Rekindled (star), MD's (guest)
Jules SitrukMonsieur Batignole
Daniel E SmithJohn Q (star)
Dylan SmithOne Hour Photo (star), Gilmore Girls (guest)
Jacob SmithPush, Nevada (recurring), Once and Again (guest), Family Law (guest), Hansel & Gretel (star), Tadpole (cast), Dragonfly (cast)
Ryan SmithJulie Walking Home
Clayton SnyderLizzie McGuire (recurring)
Anastasios SoulisEveryone Loves Alice (star)
Joe SowerbuttsInspector Lynley Mysteries
Martin Spanjers8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter (star), The Santa Clause II (star)
Cole Sprouse8 Crazy Nights (voice)
Dylan Sprouse8 Crazy Nights (voice)
Adi SteinStolen Summer (star)
Charlie StewartLife with Bonnie (star)
Eirik StigarScars (lead)
Franz Paul StillerHelp I'm A Boy! (cast)
Jeremy SuarezThe Bernie Mac Show (star)
Michal SuchanekMentors (guest)
Erik Per SullivanMalcolm in the Middle (star), King of Queens (guest), Unfaithful (star), Wendigo (star)
Kyle SullivanAll That (star), Malcolm in the Middle (recurring)
Jeremy SumpterFrailty (star), Just a Dream (star)
Jeff SuttonThe Nature of Nicholas (lead)
Peter TambakisIgby Goes Down (cast)
Hayden TankGeorge Lopez (guest)
Christopher TavaniAs the World Turns (cast)
Travis Tedford8 Crazy Nights (voice)
Anton TennetHer Majesty (cast)
Scott TerraEight Legged Freaks (star), Providence (guest), Firefly (guest)
Jake ThomasLizzie McGuire (star)
Reece ThompsonLiving With the Dead (star), Jeremiah (guest)
Gabriel ThomsonMy Family
Paul TieslerLaw & Order: Criminal Intent (guest)
Jonathan TimminsInspector Lynley Mysteries
Chris TippettHer Majesty (cast)
Andrew James TrauthEven Stevens (star), The Nightmare Room (guest)
Craig Lamar TraylorMalcolm in the Middle (recurring)
Jonah TrenouthThunderpants
Tim TroegerHelp I'm A Boy! (star)
Chris Trousdaleband: Dream Street
Holden TrueloveGuitarist, singer
David TurnbullThe Nature of Nicholas (lead)
Taj TylerLizzie McGuire (guest)
Bisse UngerEveryone Loves Alice (star)
Alex VirziER (guest)
Mitchell VirziER (guest)
Sean VirziER (guest)
Akil WalkerChanging Lanes (cast)
Matt WeinbergER (guest), Spooky House
Mike Weinberg7th Heaven (recurring), Stolen Summer (star), Home Alone 4 (star)
Michael WelchBirds of Prey (guest), CSI (guest)
Nick WhitakerMessage in a Cell Phone (lead)
Connor WiddowsTaken (cast), Living with the Dead (cast), Damaged Care (cast)
Daniel WilliamsThunderpants
Josh WiseDo Over (star)
Calum WorthyI Was A Rat (lead)
Adam WylieJudging Amy (guest), Ed (guest), stage plays
Anton YelchinThe Practice (guest), Taken (cast)
Eun-kyung YimThe Way Home (star)
Lee Thompson YoungThe Famous Jett Jackson (star), The Guardian (guest)
Seung-ho YuThe Way Home (lead)
Kevin ZegersAir Bud 4 (cast)
Joey ZimmermanThat '70s Show (guest), commercial
Josh ZuckermanNYPD Blue (guest), I Was a Teenage Faust (star)
Sergiusz ZymelkaWhere Eskimos Live (lead)

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