2003 AFTI Media Boy Poll


2003 AFTI Media Boy Poll Top 10

The 2003 AFTI Media Boy Poll started on January 8, 2004, and ended on January 21, 2004, at 23:59:59 PST.  Fans around the world were invited to vote via the Internet for their favorite young male performers based on their work during the year 2003.  Eligible nominees must have been a part of a production (either in the movies, TV, music, or stage) that had first run original status in any part of 2003, and 17 years of age or younger in any part of 2003.  Voters were able to vote for their 5 favorite performers, with their #1 favorite receiving 5 points, their #2 favorite receiving 4 points, and so on.

Around 450 young performers were nominated to be 2003 AFTI Media Boy, from world-wide superstars to boys who may have only appeared in a TV commercial.

Thanks to all the many devoted fans on the Internet for making the 8th annual AFTI Media Boy Poll successful. This year 102 ballots were included in the voting.

Here's what we've all been waiting for...the results of the 2003 AFTI  Media Boy Poll!  Congratulations to all the winners, and especially these notable success stories:

Biggest jumps from last year:  David Dorfman and Stevie Brock soared 98 places from 124th place and ended up still tied at 26th!  Liam Aiken made a big leap, up 64 places to #13, and Michael Welch was not far behind, jumping from 69th to 9th place.

We salute strong debuts from Logan Lerman (more about him in a minute), Alexander Gould, the voice of "Finding Nemo;"  Ryan Malgarini from "Freaky Friday;" and Ryan Pinkston of "Spy Kids 3-D" and Punk'd.  There were big re- entries from Christopher Gerse of Days of Our Lives; and Harry Eden who starred in 3 films: "Real Men," "Pure," and "Peter Pan."

This year, the votes were very close in the middle and lower rankings of the poll.  But among the top 3 finishers, you'll see that voters made a crystal- clear choice.


Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney

He's one of only 3 stars who has earned a Top 10 spot in each year of this decade.   A talented actor, dancer, and singer, his hard work touring and meeting fans has really paid off.   Now with a new TV series, Jesse McCartney starts a new phase of his career with strong support from our voters.


Michael Welch

Michael Welch

2003 was a great comeback year for Michael Welch.   After a near-record number of guest appearances, he starred in Joan of Arcadia, one of this TV season's biggest hits.   He's come close twice, and now for the first time, Michael wins a well-deserved top 10 spot in the AFTI Media Boy Poll.


Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman

A strong top 10 showing gives Logan Lerman overnight success in the AFTI Media Boy Poll. He's the highest-voted newcomer this year after starring roles in "A Painted House" and the TV show 10-8.   We'll look forward to seeing more of Logan in "The Butterfly Effect."


Tyler Garcia Posey

Tyler Garcia Posey

A strong vote for this rising young star puts Tyler Garcia Posey in the top 10 for the first time.   That's no surprise to his weekly viewers on Doc, or those who finally saw his terrific performance in "Maid in Manhattan."   Tyler has the looks of a magazine fave, and the talent for many more years of poll success.


Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf

What a resume for a young star, as he's held the lead in a sitcom for years, and now wins starring roles in major films like "Holes" and 4 other feature movies in one year!   Plus, he sparred successfully with Jay Leno and other talk show stars.   We've noticed - Shia LaBeouf is Hollywood's next big thing.


Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz

He's the most successful teen in Hollywood, and many wondered, would Frankie Muniz top the AFTI Media Boy Poll for the second year in a row?   Not quite, but this solid score is a fine finish for Frankie's final year of eligibility.   Malcolm finishes appropriately in the Middle of the top 10.


Griffin Frazen

Griffin Frazen

We've been watching Griffin Frazen grow up nicely in his 3 seasons of Grounded for Life.   This year he hit the big time as we eagerly watched every week.   "Jimmy" got bigger plots - and bigger hair! - with each episode, and by year's end he matured into a funny, and good looking, teen.


Billy Gilman

Billy Gilman

Billy Gilman had more than his share of struggles in 2003, as his famous soprano voice changed to a tenor, and his record company walked away.   He battled back with strength and commitment to his heroic friend Mattie J.T. Stepanek.   We honor Billy's emotional triumph with "Heartsongs."


Martin Spanjers

Martin Spanjers

A year of big success and tragedy put Martin Spanjers in the spotlight.   He handled the emotions of his TV dad's death with honesty and courage, then jumped back into work for an impressive recovery.   Martin, we've been watching you for years, but we salute you this year like no other.


Jeremy Sumpter
Number 1

Jeremy Sumpter

Was there ever any doubt?   Jeremy Sumpter won the most clear-cut victory in the history of the AFTI Media Boy Poll.   All year we anticipated "Peter Pan," we enjoyed the summer DVD of "Local Boys," and then we were glued to the talk show appearances.   Any way you count it, Jeremy's massive voting support showed this was his year.   Congratulations to Jeremy Sumpter, the AFTI Media Boy champion of 2003!

Jeremy Sumpter First Place Award


Here's the vote count.  First you'll see last year's rank, then this year's rank, the star, and his point total.  "New" means the performer  was not on last year's ballot (although he may have been listed in  previous years), and Re- entry means the performer was on the ballot but received no votes last year.

Complete Results

This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
1 9173Jeremy Sumpter
2 2169Martin Spanjers
3 255Billy Gilman
4 1751Griffin Frazen
5 139Frankie Muniz
6 3337Shia LaBeouf
7 5034Tyler Garcia Posey
8 New30Logan Lerman
9 6929Michael Welch
10 528Jesse McCartney
11 1326Bobby Edner
11 2726Scotty Leavenworth
13 624Haley Joel Osment
13 7724Liam Aiken
13 New24Alexander Gould
16 New23Ryan Malgarini
16 3123Erik Per Sullivan
16 Re-entry23Christopher Gerse
19 1822Jake Thomas
19 New22Ryan Pinkston
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
19 1322Scott Terra
22 Re-entry21Harry Eden
22 New21Max Pirkis
24 4620Michael Angarano
24 5120Seth Adkins
26 5519Joseph Cross
26 12419Stevie Brock
26 New19Kevin Alexander Clark
26 12419David Dorfman
30 2118Max Morrow
31 416Aaron Carter
31 1116Justin Berfield
31 1516Rory Culkin
34 New15Oliver Davis
35 8414Ethan Dampf
35 New14Mattie J.T. Stepanek
35 New14Khleo Thomas
38 1613Matt O'Leary
38 10813Imanol
40 2412Alex D. Linz
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
40 New12Frankie Ryan Manriquez
42 New11Canyon Grove
43 2410Ryan Cooley
43 Re-entry10Luis Armand Garcia
43 6510Emmett Shoemaker
43 New10Ross Pirrelli
43 New10Ivan Dobronravov
48 1249Devin Douglas Drewitz
48 Re-entry9David Henrie
48 New9Mike Hansen
51 New8Joe Prospero
51 658Matt Weinberg
51 New8A.J. Melendez
51 278Oliver Adams
51 Re-entry8Joel Homan
56 Re-entry7Michael Cera
57 106David Gallagher
57 386Calvin Goldspink
57 New6Taylor Emerson
57 1246Thomas Dekker
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
57 236Gavin Fink
57 526 Bow Wow
63 365Declan Galbraith
63 695James Kirk
63 185Nicholas Hoult
63 845Ryan Sheckler
63 New5Ryan Wilson
63 Re-entry5Blake Foster
63 1015Zachary Hanson
63 New5Grant Rosenmeyer
63 New5Naoya Akama
63 New5Tang Yun
63 New5Patrick Alan Dorn
63 New5RyanD rescher
63 New5Sosuke Ikematsu
63 New5Duel Farnes
63 Re-entry5Manuel Lozano
78 604Jacob Smith
78 324Pablo Santos
78 Re-entry4Charlie Stewart
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
78 New4Orlando Brown
78 304Tyler Hoechlin
78 New4C.J. Johnson
78 Re-entry4Francesco Casisa
78 New4Sebastian Elmaloglou
78 Re-entry4Ryan James
78 694Jared Daperis
78 New4 Little Jay Jay
89 Re-entry3Aaron Renfree
89 Re-entry3Reiley McClendon
89 Re-entry3Angus T. Jones
89 New3Kyle Searles
89 Re-entry3Alvin Alvarez
89 843Myles Jeffrey
89 603Anton Yelchin
89 1083Thomas Sangster
89 843Erik Knudsen
89 Re-entry3Luke Benward
89 New3Cameron Kush
100 Re-entry2Connor Widdows
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
100 1082J.B. Gaynor
100 New2Rory Thost
100 New2Alec Medlock
100 Re-entry2Dyllan Christopher
100 New2Spencer Achtymichuk
100 402Michael Weinberg
100 New2Luke Eberl
100 382Mark Rendall
100 New2Giuseppe Cristiano
100 New2Timmy Deters
100 552Juan José Ballesta
100 New2Artyom Bogucharsky
100 New2C.J.Burton (Lil' C)
114 1241Taylor Ball
114 Re-entry1Mitch Holleman
114 New1Kyle Orlando Massey
114 Re-entry1Matthew Borish
114 Re-entry1Daryl Sabara
114 New1Joey Gaydos
114 1081Jake Burbage
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
114 New1Spencer Treat Clark
114 691Aaron Johnson
114 New1Mattia Di Pierro
114 New1Frederik Christian Johansen


Thanks again to the poll committee: Duncan, Mediajock, Chris, Likem, Max, and Mark. And a big thanks to everyone who voted.

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