2003 AFTI Media Boy Poll

Voting has now closed.

The Poll is simple - fans are asked to vote for their favorite young male performers based on their work during the year 2003. There are some rules for voting, so please make sure you read and follow those rules so you will have a valid ballot.

Best of luck to all the nominees, and many thanks for enriching our lives in 2003. We look forward to many more wonderful performances in 2004.

The 2003 AFTI Poll Committee: Chris P., Duncan, Likem, Mediajock, Mark L., and Max.


Eligible Nominees

Taylor AbrahamseDoc (recurring)
Felix AchilleDaddy Day Care (cast)
Spencer AchtymichukDead Like Me (guest), Dead Zone (recurring), Heart of America (cast), Stealing Christmas (cast)
Pablo AcostaEres mi héroe (star)
Oliver AdamsGeneral Hospital (cast)
Seth AdkinsWuthering Heights (cast), Touched By An Angel (guest)
Keno AgaroSmall Voices (cast)
Liam AikenGood Boy! (lead)
Naoya AkamaYa-Ya-yah (singing group)
Justin AliotoStuck on You (cast)
Andrew James AllenRun of the House (guest)
Harry AltmanSpellbound (star)
Alvin AlvarezBrothers Garcia (star)
John Patrick AmedoriStill Standing (guest)
Joshua AndersonSnobs (cast)
Joshua AngI Not Stupid (star)
Michael AngaranoManiac Magee (star), ER (guest)
Fabio AntonacciIo Non Ho Paula (I'm Not Scared) (cast)
Anan AnwarSinger
Cody ArensMalcolm in the Middle (guest)
Jay Asforisband: S Club 8
Cameron AttardSnobs (cast)
Eric AustinHack (guest)
AxelEtre et avoir (cast)
Penn BadgeleyTwilight Zone (guest)
Giacomo BaessatoDreamcatcher (cast)
Jurre BaguetScience Fiction (star)
Andy BalasiaHack (guest)
Taylor BallStill Standing (star), Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-off (star)
Jeffrey BallardAgent Cody Banks (cast)
Juan José BallestaCarol's Journey (star), Planta 4a (lead)
Gemini BarnettArizona Summer (star)
Shane BaumelDaddy Day Care (cast)
Maximilian BefortBibi Blocksberg;(star)
Drake BellAmanda Show (star), band (Drake 24/7; founder/lead vocals/guitar)
Jimmy BennettJudging Amy, Daddy Day Care
Luke BenwardConcrete Angel (music video by Martina McBride)
Justin BerfieldMalcolm In The Middle (star), Who's Your Daddy? (cast)
Stefano BiaseIo Non Ho Paula (I'm Not Scared) (cast)
Harrison BiekerBad Santa (cast)
Jase BlankfortFull Court Miracle (star)
Maurice BlinkenbergSomeone Like Hodder (cast)
Artyom BogucharskyLilja 4-ever (lead)
Tyler BoissonnaultAgent Cody Banks (cast), Air Bud Spikes Back (star)
Matthew BorishHack (star)
Bobby BorrielloGrounded For Life (guest)
Devin BostickJake 2.0 (guest)
Pierre BoulangerMonsieur Ibrahim (lead)
Bow WowRapper
Cameron BowenMystic River (cast), Seabiscuit (cast). ER (guest)
Cayden BoydMystic River (cast), Freaky Friday (cast), Exposed (cast)
Ari BoylandYou Wish! (star)
Spencer BreslinYou Wish! (star), Cat in the Hat (star)
Ted BrighamSpellbound (star)
Cameron Bright (Crigger)Godsend (star)
Stevie BrockSinger
Hans Broich-WuttkeDas Fliegende Klassenzimmer/Flying Classroom (cast)
Hayden BrombergBad Santa (cast)
Daniel BrooksSecondhand Lions (cast)
Guy BrownSnobs (cast)
Orlando BrownEddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off (star), Maniac Magee (star), That's So Raven (star)
Ryan BruceOnce Upon a Time in the Midlands (cast)
Leo BruckmannThis Very Moment (lead)
Jake BurbageGrounded for Life (star)
Max BurkholderDaddy Day Care (cast)
C.J. Burton (Lil' C)America's Most Talented Kid (performer)
Hunter BussemakerMoonlight (lead)
Dan ByrdThe Guardian (guest), Presidio Med (guest)
Adam CagleyAccording to Jim (guest), Carter's Wish (star)
Jack CallahanAmerica's Most Talented Kid (performer)
Noel CallahanRomeo! (star)
Connor CarmodyDaddy Day Care (cast)
Aaron CarterSinger, Family Affair (guest)
Dylan CashJudging Amy (guest)
Francesco CasisaRespiro (lead)
Michael CeraArrested Development (star), Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (cast)
Jake ChapmanDickie Roberts: Former Child Star (cast)
Dylan CharlesBad Santa (cast)
Bobby ChavezGreetings from Tucson (recurring)
Theodore ChesterPeter Pan (cast)
Gregg ChillinStar (cast)
Andrew Chowsinger
Dyllan ChristopherSeabiscuit (cast)
Daniel ClarkDegrassi: The Next Generation (star)
Kevin Alexander ClarkThe School of Rock (star)
Robert ClarkStrange Days at Blake Holsey High (star)
Spencer Treat ClarkMystic River (cast)
Nick CobblerEd (guest)
Evan Matthew CohenMalcolm in the Middle (recurring)
Leagh ConwellMy Dad's The Prime Minister (cast)
Ryan CooleyDegrassi: The Next Generation (star)
Brady CorbetThirteen (cast)
Michel CorralA Beautiful Secret (star)
Joe Coyleband (Squirrels Gone Wild; keyboards)
Giuseppe CristianoIo Non Ho Paula (I'm not scared) lead.
Jonathan CroninClubhouse Detectives in Scavenger Hunt (star)
Joseph CrossThird Watch (guest), The O'Keefes (lead)
Rory CulkinIt Runs in the Family (star), Law & Order:SVU (guest)
Evan Lee DahlDickie Roberts: Former Child Star (cast)
John Francis DaleyRegular Joe (star)
Wayne DalglishEverwood (guest), Beethoven's 5th (cast), The Guardian (guest), Bernie Mac (guest)
Ethan DampfAmerican Dreams (star)
Jared DaperisOcean Star (star)
Oliver DavisER (recurring)
Milton De La CanalKamchatka (star)
Andrés De La CruzCarol's Journey (cast)
Santiago De Los ReyesEres mi héroe (star)
Thomas DekkerBoston Public (guest)
Matías Del PozoKamchatka (lead)
Patrick DelaneyLove Actually (cast)
Brandon DePaulDickie Roberts: Former Child Star (cast), Maniac Magee (cast)
Jack DeSenaAll That (star)
Timmy DetersJudging Amy, Daddy Day Care
Mattia Di PierroIo Non Ho Paula (I'm Not Scared) (star)
Hauke DiekampDas Fliegende Klassenzimmer/Flying Classroom (cast)
Jake DinwiddieBoston Public (guest), 8 Simple Rules (guest)
Kevin DiPasqualeHack (guest)
Ivan DobronravovThe Return (lead)
Bucky DominickBad Santa (cast)
David DorfmanJoan of Arcadia (guest)
Patrick Alan DornThe Bold and the Beautiful, Over the Moon
Ryan DrescherAndromeda (guest), Stargate: SG-1 (guest), Phenomenon II (cast)
Devin Douglas DrewitzX2 (cast), Wild Card (star; pilot only)
Luke EberlA Painted House (cast)
Harry EdenReal Men (lead), Pure (lead), Peter Pan (cast)
Bobby EdnerSpy Kids 3D: Game Over (cast), Jungle Book 2 (voice), Haunted Lighthouse (star)
Zachery EfronThe Big Wide World of Carl Laemke (star), ER (guest)
Trevor EinhornFrasier (recurring)
Hunter ElliottGood Boy! (cast)
Sebastian ElmaloglouHome and Away (star)
Taylor EmersonOliver Beene (star)
Stephen EnquistDarkness (cast)
Jake EpsteinDegrassi: The Next Generation (star)
Ignacio ErnandesThe Island (star)
Trevor EvansReturn To Innocence (cast)
Brian FaldutoThe School of Rock (star)
Michael FaresKopps (cast)
Duel FarnesNorthfork (star) , Northfork (star)
Kevin FernandesUn été de canicule (cast)
Gavin FinkLost at Home (star), ER (guest)
Michael Chistopher FischettiElf (cast)
Noel FisherKiller Bees (star), National Lampoon's Thanksgiving Family Reunion (star), A Guy Thing (cast), Final Destination 2 (cast), Agent Cody Banks (cast)
Shaun FlemmingJeepers Creepers 2 (cast)
Dakota FloeterThe Guardian (guest)
Cesar FloresDaddy Day Care (cast)
Aaron ForsI'm With Her (recurring), The Pitts (guest), Becker (guest)
Blake FosterKids World (star)
Andrew FrancisAgent Cody Banks (cast)
Griffin FrazenGrounded for Life (star)
Nolan FunkX2 (cast)
Trevor GagnonBig Fish (cast)
Declan GalbraithSinger
Christian GalindoSmall Voices (cast)
David Gallagher7th Heaven (star)
Kyle GallnerFinding Home (cast), Red Betsy (star), Touched By an Angel (guest)
Luis Armand GarciaGeorge Lopez (star)
Zachary GardnerBig Fish (cast)
Vladimir GarinThe Return (lead)
Joey GaydosThe School of Rock (star)
J.B. GaynorGeorge Lopez (guest)
David GeclowiczScience Fiction (lead)
Craig GeldenhuysHome Alone 4 (cast)
Christopher GerseDays of Our Lives
Billy GilmanSinger
Michael GlauserClubhouse Detectives in Scavenger Hunt (star)
Itamar GlucksmannMiss Entebbe (star)
Jake GoldsbieDegrassi: The Next Generation (star)
Calvin Goldspinkband: S Club 8
Bobby GonzalezBrothers Garcia (star)
Lachlan GoochPeter Pan (cast)
Patrick GoochPeter Pan (cast)
Adam Taylor GordonEnterprise (guest), Cheaper by the Dozen (cast), Wuthering Heights (cast)
Francois GöskeDas Fliegende Klassenzimmer/Flying Classroom (cast), Bibi Blocksberg (cast)
Alexander GouldFinding Nemo (Lead, Voice), American Dreams (guest)
Noah Gray-CabeyMy Wife and Kids (star)
Khamani GriffinDaddy Day Care (star)
Canyon GroveAmerican Juniors (performer)
GuillaumeEtre et avoir (cast)
Joe GunnMy Dad's The Prime Minister (cast)
Bug HallArizona Summer (star), Footsteps (star), The King and Queen of Moonlight Bay (star)
Aaron HamillThe Man Show (recurring)
Daniel HansenThe District (guest)
Mike HansenZoom (cast)
Zachary Hansonband (Hanson; drummer/vocals)
Cole HawkinsThe School of Rock (star)
David HenrieThe Pitts (star), Monster Makers (star), The Mullets (guest), Arizona Summer (star), Judging Amy (guest)
Liam HessMy Dad's The Prime Minister (guest)
Brennan HillardAmerican Juniors (performer)
Bryce HodgsonX2 (cast), La La Wood (cast)
Tyler Hoechlin7th Heaven (cast)
James HogarthKeen Eddie (cast)
Mitch HollemanReba (star)
Joel HomanYes, Dear (cast); The Italian Job (cast)
Bryan HomecilloSmall Voices (star), Homecoming (star)
Kanata HongouMoon Child (cast)
James HoseyThe School of Rock (star)
Nicholas HoultStar (lead), Keen Eddie (guest)
Miko HughesBoston Public (recurring)
Vinnie HunterPure (cast)
Josh HutchersonWilder Days (star), Line of Fire (guest), Miracle Dogs (star)
Chris IbenhardAmerica's Most Talented Kid (performer)
Sosuke IkematsuThe Last Samurai (cast)
ImanolClase 406, A Beautiful Secret (star)
Zachery InfanteThe School of Rock (star)
Adam Irizarryband (Squirrels Gone Wild; guitar)
Gabriel JacobsEd (guest)
Gideon JacobsHome Alone 4 (cast)
Colton JamesC.S.I. (guest), Monster Makers (cast), Judging Amy (guest)
Ryan JamesBernie Mac (guest)
Myles JeffreyCode 11-14 (star), Frozen Impact (star), Timecop 2 (cast)
Marc John JeffriesThe Tracy Morgan Show (star)
Carter JenkinsBernie Mac (guest), Without a Trace (guest), Run of the House (guest)
Adam Gilbert JespersenWallah Be (lead), Møgunger (star)
Johan (Jojo)Etre et avoir (cast)
JohannEtre et avoir (cast)
Frederik Christian JohansenSomeone Like Hodder (lead)
Aaron JohnsonShanghai Knights, Behind Closed Doors, Feather Boy
C.J. JohnsonStar Search (performer)
Michael Alan JohnsonJudging Amy (guest), Mike's Super Short Show (star)
Jamie JohnstonWild Card (star), Killer Instinct (cast)
JonathanEtre et avoir (cast)
Angus T. JonesBringing Down the House (star), George of the Jungle 2 (star), Two and a Half Men (star)
Sean JonesA Painted House (cast)
Demetrius JoyetteDoc (recurring)
JulienEtre et avoir (cast)
Neil KadakiaSpellbound (star)
Sammy KahnBeethoven's 5th (star)
Max KaschHoles (star)
Brett KellyBad Santa (star)
Chris KellyLaw & Order: Criminal Intent (guest)
Jason KellyMystic River (cast)
Oliver KindredDickie Roberts: Former Child Star (cast), Finding Nemo (voice)
Nicolas KingHollywood Arms (play)
James KirkX2 (cast), Final Destination 2 (cast)
Anders Lund KjeldsenSomeone Like Hodder (star)
Louis KlamrothThe Miracle of Bern (lead)
Gage KnoxThis Time Around (cast), Queer as Folk (guest), Veritas: The Quest (guest)
Erik KnudsenFull Court Miracle (cast)
Cameron KushMonk (guest), American Dreams (guest)
Shia LaBeoufHoles (star), Even Stevens (star), The Even Stevens Movie (star), The Battle of Shaker Heights (star), Project Greenlight (cast)
Fouad LabiedA Thousand Months (lead)
Frederick LauDas Fliegende Klassenzimmer/Flying Classroom (cast)
Andrew LawrenceOliver Beene (star)
Steven Anthony LawrenceCheaper By the Dozen (star), Cat in the Hat (cast), Even Stevens (star), The Even Stevens Movie (star), That's So Raven (cast)
Gabriel Le NormandJoséphine, profession ange gardien (guest)
Scotty Leavenworth7th Heaven (cast)
Shawn LeeI Not Stupid (lead)
Logan Lerman10-8 (guest), A Painted House (lead)
Sam LernerMalcolm in the Middle (guest)
Jeffrey LiconBrothers Garcia (star)
Lil' Romeorapper, Romeo! (star)
Cody LinleyCheaper By the Dozen (cast), When Zachary Beaver Came to Town (star)
Alex D. LinzFull Court Miracle (star)
Jonathan LipnickiTouched By an Angel (guest), When Zachary Beaver Came to Town (star)
Little Jay Jaystand up comedian; Coming to the Stage (recurring)
Brett LoehrAmerican Dreams (guest), Identity (cast), ER (guest)
Félix LópezEres mi héroe (star)
Jermaine LopezX2 (cast)
Mehdi LotfiAli and Danny (lead)
Manuel LozanoEres mi héroe (lead)
Joshua LucasSnobs (cast)
Mason LuceroThe Guardian (guest)
Shane LyonsAll That (star)
George MacKayPeter Pan (cast)
Daniel MagonBroken Wings (star)
Austin MajorsNYPD Blue (guest)
Ryan MalgariniFreaky Friday (star), Gilmore Girls (guest)
Jiro ManioMagnifico (lead)
Frankie Ryan ManriquezLife With Bonnie (star)
Cameron ManwaringClubhouse Detectives in Scavenger Hunt (star)
Sean MarquetteFull Court Miracle (star), Without a Trace (guest)
Joseph MarreseDoc (guest), Threshold (star)
Andrew MartinReturn To Innocence (star)
Eddy MartinThe Maldonado Miracle, Without a Trace (guest)
Angelo MassagliThe School of Rock (cast)
Kyle Orlando MasseyThat's So Raven
DeJon MatthewsEd (guest)
Brandon MauroTouched By an Angel (guest)
Kalomba MboyiHop (lead)
Tim McCallumMonster Makers (star)
Jesse McCartneySinger
Reiley McClendonGentle Ben II (star), Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off (star), Everwood (guest), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (guest)
Julito McCullumHack (guest)
Ben McGawleyReal Men (cast)
Dylan McLaughlinThe Guardian (guest)
Alec MedlockMalcolm in the Middle (guest), Judging Amy (guest), The United States of Leland )cast), The Long Ride Home (cast)
A.J. MelendezAmerican Juniors (performer)
Alfonso MenaEres mi héroe (cast)
Drew MikuskaScary Movie 3 (star)
Leigh G. MillerFlyin' Ryan (star)
B.J. MitchellLike Family (cast)
Max MorrowVeritas: The Quest
Evan Mossband (The Moss Brothers; drummer)
Reuben Mossband (The Moss Brothers; guitar/vocals/songwriter)
Frankie MunizMalcolm In The Middle (star), Agent Cody Banks (star), Stuck on You (cameo), Punk'd (guest), Clifford the Big Red Dog (guest), Pet Star (guest), SpongeBob SquarePants (guest voice), The Fairly OddParents Movie (voice)
Brett MurphyHope & Faith (guest)
Martin MüselerWolfsburg (star)
Marc MussoSecondhand Lions (cast)
Mitchel MussoSecondhand Lions (cast)
Jayden MussonSnobs (cast)
Evan NagaoAmerica's Most Talented Kid (performer)
Sasha NeulingerWhen Zachary Beaver Came To Town (star)
Luke NewberryMy Dad's The Prime Minister (cast)
Harry NewellPeter Pan (cast)
Nikola NikicBare Ground (star)
Reece NoiReal Men (cast)
Matt O'LearySpy Kids 3D: Game Over (cast)
OlivierEtre et avoir (cast)
Jordan OrrJudging Amy (guest), Gilmore Girls (guest)
Haley Joel OsmentSecondhand Lions (lead)
Adi OtmanMiss Entebbe (star)
Joel PalmerDreamcatcher (cast)
Connor PaoloMystic River (cast)
Asa PearlmanDoc (guest)
Joey Pearsonsinger; Star Search (performer)
Josh PeckAmanda Show (star), The Guardian (guest)
Chris Petersband (Squirrels Gone Wild; drummer)
Philip Peters-ArnoldsDas Fliegende Klassenzimmer/Flying Classroom (cast)
Jimmy "Jax" PinchakFamily Affair (star), CSI (guest)
Ryan PinkstonSpy Kids 3D: Game Over (cast), Punk'd (recurring), Bad Santa (cast)
Max PirkisMaster and Commander: The Far Side of the World (star)
Ross PirrelliSnobs (lead)
Jesse PlemonsJudging Amy (guest), The Lyon's Den (guest), When Zachary Beaver Came To Town (cast)
Ilroy PlowrightLouis Page - Le soleil en face (cast)
Noah PoletiekHoles (cast)
Freddie PopplewellPeter Pan (cast)
Tyler Garcia PoseyDoc (star), Maid in Manhattan (cast)
Bobby PrestonCarnivàle, Dragnet (2003), The Hunted
Augustus PrewSpooks (guest)
Joe ProsperoMy Dad's The Prime Minister (lead)
Filippo PucilloRespiro (cast)
Jacob RadfordBig Fish (cast)
Joseph RagusaReturn To Innocence (star)
Mohamed RahfiullaAugust Sun (star)
Efren Antonio RamierezER (guest)
Liam RangerPicking Up and Dropping Off (cast), Stargate SG-1 (guest)
Mark RendallGhost Cat (star), Open House (cast), Touching Wild Horses (lead)
Aaron Renfreeband: S Club 8
Daniel RetuertaCarols' Journey (cast)
Ilan Reubenband (Freak of Nature; drummer)
Tanner James RichEd (guest)
Kane RitchotteMonk (recurring), Yes Dear (guest)
Damani RobertsAll About the Andersons (star)
Daniel Lee Robertson IIISounder
Nick RobinsonAli and Danny (lead)
Joseph RoblesMagnifico (cast)
Pierro RodriguezSmall Voices (star)
Lewis RoseKeen Eddie (guest)
Samuel RosekSnobs (cast)
Grant RosenmeyerOliver Beene (star)
Jack RovelloEd (guest)
Mikey Rumoreband (Squirrels Gone Wild; bass)
Santino Rumoreband (Squirrels Gone Wild; guitar/sax)
Luke RutledgeKeen Eddie (cast)
Daryl SabaraSpy Kids 3D: Game Over (lead), The O'Keefes (guest), Friends (guest), Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls (guest)
Evan SabaraSpy Kids 3D: Game Over (cast), Judging Amy (guest)
Jack Salvatore, Jr.Judging Amy (guest)
Ryne SanbornEverwood (guest)
Thomas SangsterLove Actually (cast), Hitler: The Rise of Evil (cast)
Luisber SantiagoCarol's Journey (cast)
Pablo SantosGreetings From Tucson (star) Boston Public (guest)
Joey SaraviaBad Santa (cast), Scrubs (guest)
Kevin SchmidtCheaper by the Dozen (star), The Pitts (guest), The Mullets (guest), JAG (guest)
Damon SchoefflerFlyin' Ryan (star)
Paul SchofieldElf (cast)
Quinten SchramPietje Bell (lead), Pietje Bell II (lead)
Kyle SearlesDawson's Creek (guest) Malcolm in the Middle (guest)
Michael SeaterStrange Days at Blake Holsey High (star), On Thin Ice (star)
Jamil ShawHead of State (cast)
Ryan ShecklerGrind (cast)
Andrew ShimOnce Upon a Time in the Midlands (cast)
Emmett ShoemakerGrounded for Life (guest)
Daniel SiegertStar Search (Germany)(winner)
Trent SierraSnobs (cast)
Rupert SimonianPeter Pan (cast)
Akeen A. SmithElf (cast)
Douglas SmithOut There (star), Cold Case (guest)
Jacob SmithMiracles (recurring), Cheaper by the Dozen (cast)
Martin Spanjers8 Simple Rules (star), All About the Andersons (guest)
Mikhael SpeidelGood Boy! (cast)
Cole SprouseJust 4 Kicks (star), Friends (recurring)
Dylan SprouseJust 4 Kicks (star)
Will StabileYes, Dear (guest)
Mattie J.T. StepanekAuthor, Poet, Songwriter
Charlie StewartLife With Bonnie (star)
Patrick StognerCSI (guest), Everwood (guest)
Grayson StoneBig Fish (cast)
Erik Per SullivanMalcolm in the Middle (star), Finding Nemo (voice)
Jeremy SullivanReturn To Innocence (cast)
Kyle SullivanAll That (star), Malcolm in the Middle (recurring), Switched! (guest)
Jeremy SumpterPeter Pan (star), Local Boys (star)
Jeff SuttonKiller Instinct (star)
Miles SzantoSnobs (cast)
Tang YunTogether (star)
Wietse TangheScience Fiction (star)
Hayden TankFreaky Friday (cast), CSI Miami (guest), Gilmore Girls (guest)
Daniel TayElf (star), American Splendor (cast)
Anton TennetKids World (star)
Scott TerraDickie Roberts: Former Child Star (star), Daredevil (star)
Jake ThomasLizzie McGuire (star), National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2 (star)
Khleo ThomasHoles (star)
Bobb'e J. ThompsonThe Tracy Morgan Show (star)
Reece ThompsonDreamcatcher (cast), National Lampoon's Thanksgiving Family Reunion (cast), Tru Calling (guest)
Gabriel ThomsonMy Family (cast)
Rory Thost10-8 (guest), JAG (guest)
Luke TittensorReal Men (cast)
Mickey ToftThe Guardian (guest)
Evan Toscoband (Justincase; drummer)
A. J. TrauthEven Stevens (star), The Even Stevens Movie (star), You Wish! (star)
Craig Lamar TraylorMalcolm in the Middle (recurring)
Robert TsaiThe School of Rock (star)
William TurnerThe District (guest)
Yannick Van De VeldeKees de jongen (lead)
Jos Van Den DonkDe Schippers van de Kameleon
Koen Van Den DonkDe Schippers van de Kameleon
Max Van VilleBad Santa (cast)
Darrell VanterpoolBig Fish (cast)
William WadhamLove Actually (cast)
Eliot Otis Brown WaltersOnce Upon a Time in the Midlands (cast)
Tom WanseyKeen Eddie (cast)
Ryan WardHack (guest)
Jordan Blake WarkolTouched By an Angel (guest)
Matthew WatersSnobs (cast), Peter Pan (cast)
Aaron WedgeworthAmerica's Most Talented Kid (performer), American Juniors (performer)
Matt WeinbergThe O'Keefes (star), Haunted Lighthouse (star), Who's Your Daddy? (cast)
Michael WeinbergHome Alone 4 (lead), Line of Fire (recurring)
Andy WeissFlyin' Ryan (lead)
Darian WeissReturn To Innocence (cast)
Michael WelchJoan of Arcadia (star), Stargate SG-1 (guest)
Devon WerkheiserNed's Declassified School Survival Guide (star)
Scott WhartonReal Men (cast)
Connor WiddowsX2 (cast), Agent Cody Banks (cast), La La Wood (cast)
Aaron WilleySnobs (cast)
Crawford WilsonJudging Amy (guest)
Ryan WilsonCold Creek Manor (cast)
Blake WoodruffCheaper by the Dozen (cast)
Calum WorthyNational Lampoon's Thanksgiving Family Reunion (star), Out of Order (cast)
Kota YabuYa-Ya-yah (singing group)
Eliah YachinMiss Entebbe (cast)
Anton YelchinThe Practice (guest), Without a Trace (guest)
Arthur YoungDaddy Day Care (cast)
Mark L. YoungStill Standing (guest), Rogues (cast)
Sergiusz ZymelkaWhere Eskimos Live (lead)

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