2004 AFTI Media Boy Poll


The 2004 AFTI Media Boy Poll started on January 6, 2005, and ended on January 19, 2005, at 23:59:59 PST.  Fans around the world were invited to vote via the Internet for their favorite young male performers based on their work during the year 2004.  Eligible nominees must have been a part of a production (either in the movies, TV, music, or stage) that had first run original status in any part of 2004, and 17 years of age or younger in any part of 2004.  Voters were able to vote for their 5 favorite performers, with their #1 favorite receiving 5 points, their #2 favorite receiving 4 points, and so on.

Around 400 young performers were nominated to be 2004 AFTI Media Boy, from world-wide superstars to boys who may have only appeared in a TV commercial.

Thanks to all the many devoted fans on the Internet for making the 9th annual AFTI Media Boy Poll successful. This year 162 ballots were included in the voting.

Here's what we've all been waiting for...the results of the 2004 AFTI  Media Boy Poll!  Congratulations to all the winners, and especially these notable success stories:

Biggest jumps from last year: Giuseppe Cristiano soared 77 places from 100th place to 23rd, closely followed by Thomas Sangster who jumped 76 places from 89th to 13th!

We salute strong debuts from Freddie Highmore (more about him in a minute), and Shane Haboucha.  There were big re-entries from Daniel Radcliffe and Cameron Bright.

This year, the votes were very close in the middle and lower rankings of the poll.  But among the top 3 finishers, you'll see that voters made a crystal- clear choice.


Erik Per Sullivan

Erik Per Sullivan

Erik continues his steady climb up the poll for his first top 10 finish. This year he made us laugh every week as the picked-on youngest brother became a piano virtuoso, then landed in special-ed on "Malcolm in the Middle." Erik finished 2004 with another big-screen role in "Christmas With the Kranks."


Cameron Bright

Cameron Bright

Cameron's star burned bright as he started 2004 with a memorable supporting role in "The Butterfly Effect." He then took the lead in two feature films: "Godsend," and the much talked-about "Birth." As the second-youngest member of our top 10, he can look forward to many more votes in the future.


Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe

After a year off between movies, Daniel proved his Harry Potter appeal was as about as strong as ever. "The Prisoner Of Azkaban" racked up another $800 million in box office around the world, and Daniel finished with his third top 10 vote from all 3 years of Harry Potter films.


Oliver Davis

Oliver Davis

Oliver, our youngest top 10 finisher, worked hard in 2004 with 2 big roles on prime-time TV. His recurring character Alex Taggert showed up in almost every episode of the top rated "ER." At the same time, he starred in the family sitcom "Rodney." We hope to see his feature film "The Almost Guys" soon.


Freddie Highmore

Freddie Highmore

Freddie took the world by storm with two feature films, starting 2004 with the family adventure "Two Brothers." But his biggest success came with a heartwarming performance in "Finding Neverland," which left critics buzzing about the possibility for a Supporting Actor nomination at the Oscars.


Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney

Jesse continues his winning streak in the AFTI Media Boy Poll, and he is now the only nominee to finish in the top 10 every year since 2000! He starred in the winning TV drama "Summerland," and his hit top 40 single "Beautiful Soul" finished 2004 with a good shot at #1 on the charts.


Jake Thomas

Jake Thomas

Jake is no stranger to the AFTI Media Boy Poll, where his starring role in "Lizzie McGuire" gave him 3 consecutive top 20 finishes. This year his dramatic appearance in "Without a Trace" was one of AFTI's most talked-about performances, which propelled Jake to his first top appearance in the top 10.


Jeremy Sumpter

Jeremy Sumpter

We already know Jeremy's a crowd pleaser. Last year his "Peter Pan" triumph pushed him to the top of our chart. This year he landed a starring role in network prime time, and even though "Clubhouse" didn't hit a ratings grand slam, Jeremy's batting average is good for the AFTI Hall of Fame.


Liam Aiken

Liam Aiken

2004 saved some of its best for last, as Liam Aiken was virtually unseen through the first 11 months of the year. But Liam's fans know he's one of the most talented and appealing young actors around. "Lemony Snicket" opened at #1, and Liam soared to his first top 10 AFTI finish, almost to the very top.


Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman

As soon as we saw Logan's scene-stealing performance in "The Butterfly Effect" last January, AFTI Media Boy Poll voters knew Logan was in the running. Then as the star of "Jack and Bobby," we enjoyed his remarkable talent and dazzling good looks every week. The world may have to wait 37 years for Bobby McCallister to win the presidency, but we've already declared him the landslide winner for 2004!

Logan Lerman First Place Award


2004 AFTI Media Boy Poll Top 10


Here's the vote count.  First you'll see this year's rank, then last year's rank, the point total, and the star.  "New" means the performer  was not on last year's or 2002's ballot (although he may have been listed in previous years), and Re-entry either means the performer was on the ballot but received no votes last year, or was not on last year's ballot but was on 2002's ballot.

Complete Results

This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
18166Logan Lerman
213108Liam Aiken
3196Jeremy Sumpter
41988Jake Thomas
51083Jesse McCartney
6New61Freddie Highmore
73454Oliver Davis
8Re-entry52Daniel Radcliffe
9Re-entry39Cameron Bright
101636Erik Per Sullivan
11326Billy Gilman
12225Martin Spanjers
13Re-entry24Pierre Boulanger
13Re-entry24Zac Efron
138924Thomas Sangster
163123Justin Berfield
166323Declan Galbraith
16Re-entry23Rupert Grint
16Re-entry23Cole Sprouse
203120Aaron Carter
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
214319Ryan Cooley
21Re-entry19Dylan Sprouse
2310018Giuseppe Cristiano
24Re-entry17Jamie Johnston
24Re-entry17Connor Paolo
247817Jacob Smith
24Re-entry17Devon Werkheiser
284316Luis Armand Garcia
28New16Shane Haboucha
30Re-entry15John Patrick Amedori
304015Frankie Ryan Manriquez
305115Joe Prospero
30New15Ricky Ullman
341114Scotty Leavenworth
348914Aaron Renfree
368913Anton Yelchin
37Re-entry12Drake Bell
37Re-entry12Jimmy Bennett
372612Stevie Brock
37New12Evan Ellingson
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
37New12Drake Johnston
374012Alex D. Linz
43New11Jason Dolley
431911Ryan Pinkston
45New10 Dino
45Re-entry10Jake Epstein
45New10Hunter Gomez
45Re-entry10Ryan Kelley
45610Shia LaBeouf
45Re-entry10Jimmy "Jax" Pinchak
51249Seth Adkins
51Re-entry9Jay Asforis
51269Joseph Cross
51439Ivan Dobronravov
51Re-entry9Trevor Morgan
51Re-entry9Yannick Van De Velde
51519Matt Weinberg
58118Bobby Edner
58788Sebastian Elmaloglou
58578Calvin Goldspink
This Year's RankLast Yea 's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
58Re-entry8Noah Gray-Cabey
581148Kyle Orlando Massey
5878Tyler Garcia Posey
58898Kyle Searles
651147Taylor Ball
65787Orlando Brown
6547Griffin Frazen
65New7Dhylan Meyer
65New7Christoph Emanuel Oehme
65357Khleo Thomas
65Re-entry7Darian Weiss
72246Michael Angarano
72New6Nick Benson
72New6Yoann Cifuentes
72316Rory Culkin
72Re-entry6Tom Felton
72Re-entry6Jesse James
72Re-entry6Carter Jenkins
7296Michael Welch
801005Spencer Achtymichuk
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
80Re-entry5Daniel Clark
80Re-entry5Kyle Gallner
80New5Jordan Garrett
801145Frederik Christian Johansen
80New5Dominic Scott Kay
80New5Nathaniel Lee Jr.
80305Max Morrow
80Re-entry5Devon Murray
80Re-entry5Mitchel Musso
80New5Joseph Sasson
80New5Colton Shires
80Re-entry5Daniel Siegert
80New5Max Theiriot
80New5Ben Tibber
80New5Charlie Trairattana
80New5Rollo Weeks
80New5Yagira Yuuya
98Re-entry4Andrew James Allen
98New4Alex Barringer
98Re-entry4Alex Black
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
98New4Christian Boewe
981144Spencer Treat Clark
98264David Dorfman
98574Taylor Emerson
98New4Aubrey Graham
98384 Imanol
98New4Matthew Michael Josten
98New4Daniel Curtis Lee
98New4Yaniss Lespert
98Re-entry4Marc Musso
98New4Nacho Pérez
98Re-entry4Ilroy Plowright
981004Mark Rendall
98Re-entry4Jules Sitruk
98Re-entry4Jeff Sutton
98Re-entry4Bobb'e J. Thompson
98New4Max Weinstein
98Re-entry4Blake Woodruff
98New4Jesus Zavala
120Re-entry3Cody Arens
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
120New3Logan Arens
120Re-entry3Dan Byrd
120563Michael Cera
120Re-entry3Robert Clark
120Re-entry3Wayne Dalglish
120573Thomas Dekker
120633Patrick Alan Dorn
120New3Mitchel David Federan
120163Christopher Gerse
120Re-entry3Liam Hess
120783Tyler Hoechlin
1201143Mitch Holleman
120Re-entry3Andrew Lawrence
120Re-entry3Brett Loehr
120New3Jansen Panettiere
120New3Nick Roud
120New3Sam Smith
120Re-entry3A. J. Trauth
139Re-entry2Devon Alan
139New2Jules Bigarnet
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
1391142Jake Burbage
139New2Ridge Canipe
139New2Dane Carter
139New2Harrison Chad
139Re-entry2Stephan Enquist
139Re-entry2Noel Fisher
139Re-entry2Soren Fulton
139482Mike Hansen
139482David Henrie
139New2Corey Jackson
139892Angus T. Jones
139New2Shane Kippel
139632James Kirk
139892Erik Knudsen
139162Ryan Malgarini
139New2Miguel Martínez
139New2Jean-Baptiste Maunier
139New2Jake McDorman
139New2Rodrigo Noya
139New2Evan Peters
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
139New2Cole Petersen
139Re-entry2Bobby Preston
139New2Conner Rayburn
139New2Jeremy Shada
139New2Junior Singo
1391002Rory Thost
139New2Jake Weary
168Re-entry1Cayden Boyd
168Re-entry1Max Burkholder
168New1Dean Collins
168New1Cody Estes
168New1Anthony Ghannam
168Re-entry1Adam Taylor Gordon
168New1Elliot Henderson-Boyle
168New1James Henrie
168New1Brendan Hill
168Re-entry1Josh Hutcherson
168Re-entry1Cody Kasch
168Re-entry1 Lil' Romeo
168Re-entry1Daniel Magder
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
168Re-entry1Eddy Martin
168381Matt O'Leary
168Re-entry1Jordan Orr
168New1Graham Philips
168Re-entry1Will Rothhaar
1681141Daryl Sabara
168New1Bobby Sharpe
168New1Thibault Verhaege
168New1Cole Evan Weiss
168Re-entry1Kota Yabu


Thanks again to the poll committee: Duncan, Mediajock, Chris, Likem, Max, and Mark. And a big thanks to everyone who voted.

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