2004 AFTI Media Boy Poll

Voting has now closed.

The Poll is simple - fans are asked to vote for their favorite young male performers based on their work during the year 2004. There are some rules for voting, so please make sure you read and follow those rules so you will have a valid ballot.

Best of luck to all the nominees, and many thanks for enriching our lives in 2004. We look forward to many more wonderful performances in 2005.

The 2004 AFTI Poll Committee: Chris P., Duncan, Likem, Mediajock, Mark L., and Max.


Eligible Nominees

Spencer AchtymichukDead Like Me (recurring), Dead Zone (recurring), The Final Cut (cast)
Seth AdkinsFunky Monkey
Liam AikenLemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (star)
Naoya AkamaYa-Ya-yah (singer), TV series performer
Devon AlanUndertow (star)
Andrew James AllenMalcolm in the Middle (guest), 7th Heaven (guest)
Alvin AlvarezBrothers Garcia (star)
John Patrick AmedoriThe Butterfly Effect (star), Joan of Arcadia (guest)
Michael AngaranoThe Dust Factory (star), Less than Perfect (guest), Will and Grace (guest)
Anan AnwarSinger
Cody ArensGrandpa's Place (star), Plainsong (star), Single Santa seeks Mrs. Claus (cast)
Logan ArensLove's Enduring Promise (cast)
Jay AsforisI Dream (star)
Penn BadgeleyThe Mountain (star)
Brendon BaergYes, Dear (recurring)
Giacomo BaessatoJack (2004) (cast)
Andy BalasiaThe Guardian (guest)
Taylor BallStill Standing (star)
Jeffrey BallardA Wrinkle in Time (cast)
Alex BarringerThunderbirds (cast)
Michael BartelJudging Amy (guest), Love's Enduring Promise (cast), Arrested Development (guest)
Jeremy BeigmanRaising Waylon (star)
Drake BellDrake & Josh (star)
Jamie BellUndertow (star)
Jimmy BennettCSI (guest), Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (uncredited), The Polar Express (cast), The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things (cast), Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo (voice), Everwood (guest)
Nick BensonSummerland (star), National Treasure (cast; uncredited)
Justin BerfieldMalcolm In The Middle (star), Players (guest)
Loren BermanWithout A Trace (guest), Judging Amy (guest)
Jules BigarnetMalabar Princess (star)
Alex Black13 Going On 30 (star), Gentleman Don La Mancha (star), Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (recurring), CSI Miami (guest), HUFF (recurring)
Corbin BleuCatch that Kid (star)
Maurice BlinkenbergEn Som Hodder (cast)
Jonah BoboAround the Bend (star)
Christian BoeweThe D.A. (guest)
Taylor BogganLost (cast)
Bobby BorielloThe Tracy Morgan Show (guest)
Todd BosleyComplete Savages (guest), Quintuplets (guest), Oliver Beene (guest),
Pierre BoulangerMonsieur Ibrahim (lead)
Bow WowJohnson Family Vacation
Cameron BowenJudging Amy (guest), Oliver Beene (guest)
Cayden BoydDodgeball: A True Underdog Story (cast), Envy (cast)
Spencer BreslinRaising Helen (star), Center of the Universe (star)
Cameron BrightThe Butterfly Effect (cast), Godsend (star), Birth (star)
Stevie BrockSinger
Orlando BrownThat's So Raven (star)
Benjamin BryanAccording to Jim (guest)
Alex BuckThe Guardian (guest), Century City (guest), CSI Miami (guest)
Jake BurbageGrounded for Life (star)
Justin Burke13 Going On 30 (cast)
Max BurkholderFathers and Sons (cast), Love for Rent (cast)
Dan ByrdA Cinderella Story (star), Salem's Lot (2004) (star), Clubhouse (star), Joan of Arcadia (recurring)
Adam CagleyJunior Pilot (star), Phil of the Future (guest), That's So Raven (guest), Strong Medicine (guest)
Noel CallahanRomeo! (star), On Air Dare (guest)
Jordan CallowayUnfabulous (star)
Ridge CanipeCold Case (guest), The District (guest), Angel (guest)
Aaron CarterSinger, musician, 7th Heaven (recurring), Fat Albert (cast)
Dane CarterThe Bill (guest)
Omari CarterFeather Boy (cast)
Dylan CashThe Polar Express (cast), Fat Albert (cast)
Michael CeraArrested Development (star)
Harrison ChadDora The Explorer (Star), "Caroline, or Change" (Broadway) (Star), Carry Me Home (star)
Andrew ChalmersA Home at the End of the World, Siblings, A Very Married Christmas, Darcy's Wild Life (star), Godsend (cast)
Munro ChambersA Wrinkle in Time (cast)
Thomas ChambersA Wrinkle in Time (cast)
Jake CherryMiracle Run (star)
Dyllan ChristopherThe Bernie Mac Show (guest)
Yoann CifuentesJudging Amy (guest)
Daniel ClarkDegrassi: The Next Generation (star)
Robert ClarkStrange Days at Blake Holsey High (star)
Spencer Treat ClarkLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit (guest)
Barney ClarkThe Brief (cast)
Carlos ColínAmy, La Niña de la Mochila Azul (cast)
Ryan ColemanAll That (cast)
Dean CollinsJack and Bobby (recurring)
Leagh ConwellWondrous Oblivion (cast), My Dad's The Prime Minister (cast)
Bruce CookWondrous Oblivion (cast)
Ryan CooleyDegrassi: The Next Generation (star)
Brady CorbetThunderbirds (star), Mysterious Skin (star)
Luciano CoriglianoAmy, La Niña de la Mochila Azul (cast)
Matteo CrismaniWithout A Trace (guest)
Giuseppe CristianoI'm Not Scared (lead)
Steven CristiniDoc (guest)
Joseph CrossSmallville (guest); Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (guest)
Rory CulkinMean Creek (star)
Thomas CurtisBack When We Were Grownups
Evan Lee DahlMalcolm in the Middle (guest)
Wayne DalglishMotocross Kids (cast), Smallville (guest)
Ethan DampfAmerican Dreams (star)
Dee Jay DanielsThe Bernie Mac Show (guest)
Spencer DanielsCold Case (guest)
Oliver DavisER (recurring), Rodney (star)
Thomas DekkerCSI (guest)
Jack DeSenaAll That (star)
Alexandre DeynaLes Montana (star), Le Voyageur sans bagage (cast)
Mattia Di PierroIo Non Ho Paura (lead)
Ivan DobronravovThe Return
Jason DolleyComplete Savages (star)
Marc DonatoDoc (guest), Clubhouse (cast)
David DorfmanA Wrinkle in Time (star), Joan of Arcadia (guest)
Patrick Alan DornOliver Beene (guest), Teacher's Pet (voice)
Daniel DottererCatch that Kid (cast)
Ryan DrescherJack (2004) (cast)
Devin Douglas DrewitzBaby Geniuses 2: Return of the Super Babies (cast), Human Cargo (cast)
Casey DuboisThe Days (recurring)
Jason EarlesStill Standing (guest)
Luke EberlJudging Amy (guest), Boston Public (guest), Cold Case (guest)
Bobby EdnerVeronica Mars (guest)
Zac EfronThe Guardian (guest), Summerland (recurring), Miracle Run (star)
Trevor EinhornFrasier (recurring), Joan of Arcadia (guest)
Evan EllingsonComplete Savages (star)
Sebastian ElmaloglouHome and Away (star)
Taylor EmersonOliver Beene (star)
Alfred EnochHarry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (cast)
Stephan EnquistDarkness (star)
Jopaul EppSpider Man 2 (cast)
Weston EppSpider Man 2 (cast)
Jake EpsteinDegrassi: The Next Generation (star)
Cody EstesER (guest), Scrubs (guest), Navy NCIS (guest)
Brock Everitt-ElwickThe Lost Prince (star)
Stefano FaustiniMental Block (star)
Mitchel David FederanAll My Children (cast), 8 Simple Rules (guest), The Boy From Oz (stage, star)
Roshon FegamSpider Man 2 (cast)
Tom FeltonHarry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (cast)
Jason Fiore-OrtizSpider Man 2 (cast)
Noel FisherCold Case (guest), A Wrinkle in Time (cast), 2 1/2 Men (guest)
Raúl García ForneiroLa Mala educación / Bad Education
Spencer FoxThe Incredibles (voice)
Griffin FrazenGrounded for Life (star)
Soren FultonOliver Beene (guest), Thunderbirds (star), George Lopez (guest)
Declan GalbraithSinger
Kyle GallnerSmallville (guest)
Curtis GarciaEulogy (star)
Keith GarciaEulogy (star)
Luis Armand GarciaGeorge Lopez (star)
Vladimir GarinThe Return
Jordan GarrettLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit(guest), Six Feet Under (guest), Junior Pilot
J.B. GaynorGeorge Lopez (guest)
Christopher GerseMalcolm in the Middle (guest), Days of Our Lives (recurring), The Bernie Mac Show (guest)
Anthony GhannamOliver Beene (guest)
Billy Gilmansinger
Jake GoldsbieDegrassi: The Next Generation (star)
Calvin GoldspinkI Dream (star)
Hunter GomezAccording to Jim (guest), National Treasure (cast)
Diego GonzálezAlegrijes y Rebujos (star)
Bobby GonzalezBrothers Garcia (star)
Adam Taylor GordonCellular (cast), Medical Investigation (guest)
Alexander GouldOliver Beene (guest)
Aubrey GrahamDegrassi: The Next Generation (star)
Joey GrayMalcolm in the Middle (guest)
Noah Gray-CabeyMy Wife and Kids (star), CSI: Miami (guest)
Johnny GriffinMental Block (star)
Rupert GrintHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (star)
Joe GunnMy Dad's The Prime Minister (cast)
Shane HabouchaLaw & Order: SVU (guest), Judging Amy (guest), Bernie Mac (guest), That's So Raven (guest), Everwood (guest), Oliver Beene (guest), "Making the Video" Stacy's Mom
Mike HansenZoom (star)
Mick HazenPlainsong (star)
Elliot Henderson-BoyleKing Arthur (cast), A Line in the Sand (cast), Life Begins (star)
David HenrieMethod and Red (star), The Hollywood Mom's Mystery (cast), The D.A. (guest), That's So Raven (guest), Jack and Bobby (guest), NCIS (guest)
James Henrie7th Heaven (recurring), Malcolm in the Middle (guest), LAX (guest)
Kyle HerbertThunderbirds (cast)
Joshua HerdmanHarry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (cast)
Antonio HernándezAlegrijes y Rebujos (cast)
Liam HessCasualty (recurring), My Dad's the Prime Minister (cast)
Freddie HighmoreTwo Brothers (star), Five Children and It (star), Finding Neverland (star)
Brendan Hill7th Heaven (guest)
Aaron HimelsteinJoan of Arcadia (recurring), House (guest), North Shore (guest)
Bryce HodgsonA Wrinkle in Time (cast)
Tyler Hoechlin7th Heaven (star)
Ryan HolladayMusician
Todd HollandMotocross Kids (cast)
Mitch HollemanReba (star)
Joel HomanYes, Dear (star)
Nicholas HoultKeen Eddie (guest)
Tyler HudsonLaw and Order: SVU (guest)
Jesse HutchThe Butterfly Effect (cast)
Josh HutchersonMotocross Kids (star), The Polar Express (star)
Ian HylandSpanglish (cast)
ImanolVelo de Novia (recurring), Código F.A.M.A. (guest--as himself)
Dustin IngramUnfabulous (recurring)
Corey JacksonJudging Amy (guest)
Jesse JamesThe Butterfly Effect (cast)
Ryan James3719 Broadleaf Road (cast)
Marc John JeffriesThe Tracy Morgan Show (star), Spider Man 2 (cast)
Carter JenkinsThree Body Problem (star), Unfabulous (star), Everwood (guest), Oliver Beene (guest), Bernie Mac (guest), Scrubs (guest)
Frederik Christian JohansenEn Som Hodder (lead)
Marcus JohnsPunisher (star)
Aaron JohnsonFeather Boy (cast)
Michael Alan JohnsonMike's Super Short Show (star)
Drake Johnston7th Heaven (guest), Jimmy Kimmel Live (guest), ER (guest)
Jamie JohnstonWild Card (star)
Angus T. Jones2 1/2 Men (star)
Tyler Patrick JonesSilver Lake, Summerland (recurring), Disney Commercials
Aaron JosephI, Robot (cast), Jack (cast)
Matthew Michael JostenRodney (star), The Drew Carey Show (recurring)
Demetrius JoyetteDoc (recurring)
Daelan KaelThe Guardian (guest), commercials
Jake KaeseThe Butterfly Effect (cast)
Sammy KahnOliver Beene (guest)
Michael KanevI Downloaded a Ghost (star), Odyssey 5 (guest), Samantha: An American Girl Holiday (cast)
Cody KaschDesperate Housewives (star)
Dominic Scott KayFathers and Sons (cast), Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus (star), Home for Christmas (cast), Love's Enduring Promise (cast), Oliver Beene (guest)
Ryan KelleyMean Creek (star), The Dust Factory (star)
Chris KellyMedical Investigation (guest 2 episodes)
Tadhg KellyUnfabulous (star)
Shane KippelDegrassi: The Next Generation (star)
James KirkSmallville (guest), Dead Like Me (guest), Naughty or Nice (star), Eve's Christmas (cast)
Anders Lund KjeldsenEn Som Hodder (lead)
Louis KlamrothDas Wunder von Bern
Erik KnudsenBlue Murder (guest), Mental Block (star)
Christopher KovaleskiThe Forgotten (star)
Cameron KushOliver Beene (guest)
Shia LaBeoufI, Robot (star)
Andrew LawrenceOliver Beene (star), Going To the Mat (star)
Scotty Leavenworth7th Heaven (star)
Daniel Curtis LeeNed's Declassified School Survival Guide (star)
Justin LeeArrested Development (recurring)
Nathaniel Lee Jr.Tiger Cruise (star), Judging Amy (guest)
Logan LermanThe Butterfly Effect (star), Jack and Bobby (star)
Sam LernerOliver Beene (guest), Envy (star)
Yaniss LespertClose to Leo (lead)
Matthew LewisHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (cast)
Thomas LewisMiracle Run (star)
Alex LiberatoreDoc (guest)
Jeffrey LiconBrothers Garcia (star), Joan of Arcadia (recurring)
Lil' Romeorapper, Romeo! (star)
Alex D. LinzJack & Bobby (guest)
Brett LoehrCracking Up (star)
Shane LyonsAll That (star)
Daniel MagderDeadly Encounter (star)
Ryan MalgariniMalcolm in the Middle (guest)
Frankie Ryan ManriquezLife with Bonnie (star), That's So Raven (recurring)
Eli MarienthalConfessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (star)
Sean MarquetteThe Guardian (guest), 13 Going On 30 (cast), Still Standing (guest), Surviving Christmas (cast)
Kyal MarshNeighbours (star)
Miguel MartínezAlegrijes y Rebujos (star)
Eddy MartinSpanglish (cast)
Daniel MasseyThe Kids Who Saved Summer (star)
Kyle Orlando MasseyThat's So Raven (star)
Connor MatheusThe Polar Express (cast), Envy (star)
Kohei MatsumotoJohnny's Jr. (Singer, TV performer)
Jean-Baptiste MaunierLes Choristes (lead)
Zach MaurerThe Days (star), It's All Relative (guest), Without a Trace (guest)
Brandon MauroMalcolm in the Middle (guest)
Danny McCarthyMalcolm in the Middle (recurring)
Jesse McCartneysinger, Summerland (star), What I Like About You (guest), Ella Enchanted TV Preview (host)
Reiley McClendonFly Boys (star), The Nickel Children (star), Zoey 101 (guest)
Jake McDormanThe Quints (star)
Hayden McFarlandThe Polar Express (star), Torque (cast)
Alec MedlockCold Case (guest)
Harry MellingHarry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (cast)
Linus MerwinCatch That Kid (cast)
Dhylan MeyerEverwood (guest)
Yves Michel-BenecheNational Treasure (cast)
Harry MichellFeather Boy (cast)
B.J. MitchellLike Family (star)
Cameron MonaghanMalcolm in the Middle (recurring)
Trevor MorganMean Creek (star)
Jacob MoriartyA Christmas Carol: The Musical (cast)
Max MorrowGoose! (star)
Luke MuirheadDoc (guest)
Graham MurdochThe Help (star)
Devon MurrayHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (cast)
Marc MussoCSI (guest)
Mitchel MussoOliver Beene (guest)
Luke NewberryMy Dad's The Prime Minister (cast)
A.J. NoelMalcolm in the Middle (guest)
Rodrigo NoyaValentin
John O'HaraLost
Matt O'LearyThe Alamo (cast)
Christoph Emanuel OehmeMeine schönsten Jahre (star)
Jasper OldenhofErik of het klein insectenboek (star)
Jordan OrrStill Standing (guest), Bernie Mac (guest), She Spies (guest), Arrested Development (guest), Malcolm in the Middle (guest), Enterprise (guest), That '70s Show (guest), A Boyfriend for Christmas (cast), Home on the Range (voice)
Drew OsbornePiggy Banks (cast), Undercover Kids (cast), Stop That Cycle (cast)
Nacho PérezLa Mala educación / Bad Education
Evan PaleyStill Standing (guest)
Jansen PanettiereTiger Cruise (star)
Connor PaoloOne Life to Live (recurring), Alexander (cast)
Hunter ParrishSleepover (star)
Josh PeckDrake & Josh (star), Mean Creek (star), The Guardian (guest)
Carlos PenaER (guest)
Alex PereaAmy, La Niña de la Mochila Azul (cast)
Evan PetersSleepover (star), The Days (star), Phil of the Future (recurring)
Cole PetersenSummerland (cast, pilot movie)
James PhelpsHarry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (cast)
Oliver PhelpsHarry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (cast)
Graham PhilipsJudging Amy (guest)
Kade Philips12 Days of Christmas Eve (cast)
Jimmy "Jax" PinchakThe Polar Express (star)
Ryan PinkstonSwitched! (guest), Quintuplets (star), Soul Plane (star)
Ilroy PlowrightPar accident (cast)
Janieck Van De PolderPluk van de petteflet (lead)
Alexander PollockA Wrinkle in Time (cast)
Tyler Garcia PoseyDoc (star)
Bobby PrestonMotocross Kids (star), ER (guest)
Joe ProsperoMy Dad's The Prime Minister (lead), Finding Neverland (cast)
Shawn PyfromCentury City (guest), Still Standing (guest), Desperate Housewives (recurring)
Ekow QuarteyHarry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (cast)
Daniel RadcliffeHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (star)
Liam RangerWhite Chicks (cast), Rugged Rich and the Ona Ona (cast), Alienated! (recurring)
Conner RayburnAccording to Jim (recurring)
Mark RendallThe Winning Season (star), Childstar (star, Canadian filmfests releases), A Different Loyalty (cast)
Aaron RenfreeI Dream (star)
Zachery RichmondSalem's Lot (2004) (cast)
Chef RioLife with Bonnie (guest)
Kane RitchotteJudging Amy (guest), Monk (recurring), Catch That Kid (cast)
Damani RobertsAll About the Andersons (star)
Zachery RogersSpider Man 2 (cast)
Grant RosenmeyerOliver Beene (star)
Will RothhaarListen Up! (star), CSI (guest)
Mitchell David RothpanMental Block (star)
Nick RoudFinding Neverland (cast)
Daryl SabaraPolar Express (star), Century City (guest), America's Most Talented Kids (judge)
Evan SabaraThe Polar Express (cast), Raising Helen (cast), Murder Without Conviction (cast), Home on the Range (voice)
Rick SahotaHarry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (cast)
Jack Salvatore, Jr.That 70's Show (guest), 13 Going On 30 (star), Still Standing (guest)
Daniel SamonasEphraim (star)
Jake SandvigCracking Up (star)
Thomas SangsterFeather Boy (lead)
Pablo SantosParty Animalz (lead)
Joseph SassonAmy, La Niña de la Mochila Azul (star)
Jeffrey ScaperrottaLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit (guest)
Kendall SchmidtCSI Miami (guest)
Kenneth Schmidt7th Heaven (guest)
Kevin SchmidtThe Guardian (guest), The Butterfly Effect (cast), Oliver Beene (guest), Catch That Kid (cast), Clubhouse (recurring)
Quinten SchramPietje Bell II: De jacht op de tsarenkroon (lead)
Jesse SchwartzLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit (guest)
Kyle Searles7th Heaven (recurring), George Lopez (guest)
Michael SeaterBlack Hole High (aka Strange Days at Blake Holsey High) (star)
Jeremy ShadaMiracle Run (star), ER (guest)
Thomas SharkeyWhoopi (guest)
Bobby SharpeThe Kids Who Saved Summer (cast)
Ryan ShecklerGrind, Tony Hawk's Secret Skatepark Tour (cast), Tony Hawk's Under Ground 2 (video game, voice)
Colton ShiresCSI: Miami (guest)
Emmett ShoemakerGrounded for Life (guest)
Daniel Siegert
Junior SingoBeat the Drum (star), The Wooden Camera (star)
Jules SitrukVipère au poing (lead)
Douglas SmithJoan of Arcadia (guest), CSI: Miami (guest), The Guardian (guest), Everwood (guest), Sleepover
Evan SmithLife As We Know It (guest), Miracle (cast)
Jacob SmithWithout a Trace (guest), Troy (cast)
Sam SmithWondrous Oblivion (lead)
Martin Spanjers8 Simple Rules (star)
Alejandro SpeitzerAmy, La Niña de la Mochila Azul (cast)
Carlos SpeitzerAmy, La Niña de la Mochila Azul (star)
Luke SpillFinding Neverland (cast)
Cole SprouseThe Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things (star)
Dylan SprouseThe Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things (star)
Nick SterlingGuitarist
Charlie StewartLife with Bonnie (star), My Wife and Kids (guest)
Patrick StognerStuck in the Suburbs (star)
Erik Per SullivanMalcolm In The Middle (star), Christmas with the Kranks (star), Knock First (guest)
Kyle SullivanMalcolm In The Middle (recurring), All That (star)
Jeremy SumpterClubhouse (star)
Jeff SuttonCategory 6: Day of Destruction (cast)
Sawyer SweetenEveryone Loves Raymond
Sullivan SweetenEveryone Loves Raymond
Hayden TankCSI: Miami (guest)
Christopher TavaniAs The World Turns (recurring)
Max TheiriotCatch that Kid (star)
Jake ThomasLizzie McGuire (star), Without A Trace (guest), Soccer Dog: European Cup (star), DinoCroc (cast)
Khleo ThomasGoing to the Mat (star), Badassssesss! (star), Walking Tall (star)
Matthew ThomasThe Lost Prince (star)
Bobb'e J. ThompsonThe Tracy Morgan Show (star), Snow (star), America's Most Talented Kids (judge)
Reece ThompsonStargate Atlantis (recurring)
Gabriel ThomsonMy Family (cast)
Rory ThostPhil of the Future (recurring), 8 Simple Rules (guest), A Cinderella Story
Ben TibberI Am David (star)
Clem TibberI Am David (cast)
Jonathan TimminsWimbledon (cast)
Mickey ToftNYPD Blue (guest)
Luis Fernando TorresAmy, La Niña de la Mochila Azul (cast)
Charlie TrairattanaFan Chan/My Girl (lead)
A. J. TrauthHappy Endings (cast), Oliver Beene (guest)
Craig Lamar TraylorMalcolm in the Middle (recurring)
Joseph TremainA Christmas Carol: The Musical (cast)
Ricky UllmanPixel Perfect (star), Phil of the Future (star)
Yannick Van De VeldeIn Oranje (lead)
Grant VaughtLove, Clyde (cast), The Dark Agent and the Passing of the Torch Chapter 7 (cast), MadTV (guest)
Thibault VerhaegeLove Me If You Dare (star)
Ryan WardTo Life! (cast)
Jascha WashingtonThe Bernie Mac Show (guest)
Jamie WaylettHarry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (cast)
Jake WearyLaw and Order: SVU (guest)
Bronson WebbHarry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (cast)
Rollo WeeksThe Lost Prince (star)
Matt WeinbergThe Lion King 1½ (voice)
Max WeinsteinJudging Amy (guest), The District (guest), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (guest)
Cole Evan WeissUniversal Studios Commercials
Darian WeissAdopting Change (cast), Frog-g-g! (cast)
Michael WelchJoan of Arcadia (star), The United States of Leland (star)
Devon WerkheiserNed's Declassified School Survival Guide (star), On Air Dare (guest)
Nick WhitakerBenji: Off the Leash! (star)
Connor WiddowsAgent Cody Banks 2: Destination London (star)
Daniel WilliamsThe Lost Prince (star)
Josh WilmottA Christmas Carol: The Musical (cast)
Crawford WilsonJudging Amy (guest)
Ryan WilsonThe Guardian (guest)
Blake WoodruffThe Young and the Restless (cast), Blind Horizon (uncredited)
Calum WorthyScooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (cast), Stargate: Atlantis (guest), The Days (guest)
Kota YabuYa-Ya-yah (Singer, TV performer)
Anton YelchinJack (2004) (star), Huff (star), Curb Your Enthusiasm (guest), NYPD Blue (guest)
Yagira YuuyaNobody Knows (star)
Jesus ZavalaAlegrijes y Rebujos (star)

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