2004 AFTI Media Boy Poll

Poll Stats, "What If", Fun Facts, and Trivia

Many thanks to Mediajock for all his hard work putting this very interesting information together!


The annual Media Boy Poll has always been a special time for us - a time to reflect on a year of many memorable faces and performances. I have always found this occasion to mean so much more then just who came in #1, but also to be a celebration of great young talent.

So, to give us a more in-depth look at who came in where and who the many, many standouts were - here is a numerical rundown of our poll results from many angles.

There were 162 votes cast for any of the 404 submitted nominees during the 14 days the poll was open. From these:

From these:

From these:

CURIOSITY: 4 of the Top 10 (Logan, Liam, Jake, Cameron) were all born in January - the month that the poll takes place. What a birthday gift they are getting!



Here are the Top 24 actors in terms of mentions on ballots - regardless of rank on the ballot:

46Logan Lerman
32Liam Aiken
30Jeremy Sumpter
26Jesse McCartney
26Jake Thomas
21Oliver Davis
20Daniel Radcliffe
17Freddie Highmore
14Cameron Bright
11Martin Spanjers
11Erik Per Sullivan
10Rupert Grint
9Cole Sprouse
8Justin Berfield
7John Patrick Amedori
7Zac Efron
7Evan Ellingson
7Declan Galbraith
7Billy Gilman
7Shane Haboucha
7Connor Paolo
7Thomas Sangster
7Dylan Sprouse
7Devon Werkheiser


Average ballot score of the Top 20

Perhaps it might be interesting to see how the Top 20 fared with each of their voters on average.

CURIOSITY: Note Pierre's 4.0 average: in 2002 another French actor, Jules Sitruk, also managed a 4.0 on their AFTI grade card. Tres bien les garcons!

PerformerAverage Score
Pierre Boulanger4.00
Aaron Carter4.00
Billy Gilman3.71
Logan Lerman3.61
Freddie Highmore3.59
Zac Efron3.43
Thomas Sangster3.43
Jake Thomas3.38
Liam Aiken3.38
Declan Galbraith3.29
Erik Per Sullivan3.27
Jeremy Sumpter3.20
Jesse McCartney3.19
Justin Berfield2.88
Cameron Bright2.79
Daniel Radcliffe2.60
Oliver Davis2.57
Cole Sprouse2.56
Rupert Grint2.30
Martin Spanjers2.27


Dropping 5th place

Logan Lerman163
Liam Aiken108
Jeremy Sumpter93
Jake Thomas85
Jesse McCartney78
Freddie Highmore61
Oliver Davis48
Daniel Radcliffe46
Erik Per Sullivan36
Cameron Bright34


Dropping 4th place

Logan Lerman153
Liam Aiken90
Jeremy Sumpter77
Jake Thomas77
Jesse McCartney74
Freddie Highmore55
Oliver Davis42
Daniel Radcliffe40
Cameron Bright32
Erik Per Sullivan26


Most 1st place votes

If everyone just had to pick their favorite, here is how everyone would rank:

17Logan Lerman
12Jesse McCartney
10Jeremy Sumpter
7Oliver Davis, Jake Thomas
6John Patrick Amedori
5Liam Aiken, Freddie Highmore, Jamie Johnston
4Pierre Boulanger, Declan Galbraith, Drake Johnston, Aaron Renfree
3Ryan Cooley, Zac Efron, Billy Gilman, Erik Per Sullivan
2Justin Berfield, Aaron Carter, Harrison Chad, Yoann Cifuentes, Dino, Jason Dolley, Hunter Gomez, Frankie Ryan Manriquez, Jimmy "Jax" Pinchak, Daniel Radcliffe, Thomas Sangster, Kyle Searles, Dylan Sprouse
1Spencer Achtymichuk, Seth Adkins, Michael Angarano, Cameron Bright, Daniel Clark, Giuseppe Cristiano, Joseph Cross, Ivan Dobronravov, Evan Ellingson, Kyle Gallner, Luis Armand Garcia, Anthony Ghannam, Noah Gray-Cabey, Elliot Henderson-Boyle, Frederik Christian Johansen, Dominic Scott Kay, Scotty Leavenworth, Nathaniel Lee Jr., Alex D. Linz, Daniel Magder, Dhylan Meyer, Trevor Morgan, Mitchel Musso, Connor Paolo, Tyler Garcia Posey, Joseph Sasson, Colton Shires, Daniel Siegert, Cole Sprouse, Khleo Thomas, Ben Tibber, Cole Evan Weiss, Anton Yelchin, Yagira Yuuya


Most 2nd place votes

15Logan Lerman
13Liam Aiken
6Cameron Bright, Jake Thomas
4Freddie Highmore, Jesse McCartney, Jeremy Sumpter
3Oliver Davis, Daniel Radcliffe


Most 3rd place votes

6Logan Lerman, Daniel Radcliffe, Jake Thomas
5Liam Aiken, Rupert Grint, Freddie Highmore, Jeremy Sumpter
3Justin Berfield, Jesse McCartney, Thomas Sangster, Jacob Smith, Martin Spanjers


Most 4th place votes

9Liam Aiken
8Jeremy Sumpter
5Logan Lerman, Martin Spanjers, Erik Per Sullivan
4Jake Thomas
3Oliver Davis, Freddie Highmore, Daniel Radcliffe, Cole Sprouse


Most 5th placevotes

6Oliver Davis, Daniel Radcliffe
5Cameron Bright, Jesse McCartney
3Stevie Brock, Evan Ellingson, Shane Haboucha, Logan Lerman, Connor Paolo, Jeremy Sumpter, Jake Thomas, Yannick Van De Velde, Devon Werkheiser


Biggest jump from 2003

2310077Giuseppe Cristiano
138976Thomas Sangster
5811456Kyle Orlando Massey
348955Aaron Renfree
247854Jacob Smith
368953Anton Yelchin
6511449Taylor Ball
166347Declan Galbraith
8011434Frederik Christian Johansen
588931Kyle Searles

CURIOSITY: Last year Anton, one of this year's biggest jumpers, was one of last year's biggest sliders. Call him the Comeback Kid!


Biggest slide from 2003

16838-130Matt O'Leary
13916-123Ryan Malgarini
12016-104Christopher Gerse
13948-91Mike Hansen
13948-91David Henrie
13963-76James Kirk
9826-72David Dorfman
12056-64Michael Cera
729-63Michael Welch
12057-63Thomas Dekker


Tightest stickers since 2003

The performers that moved the least since last year:

51510Matt Weinberg
5857-1Calvin Goldspink
31-2Jeremy Sumpter
981002Mark Rendall


Highest finish with no 1st place votes:

Martin Spanjers (12nd place, 25 points, 11 mentions)

Lowest finish with a first place vote:

Note that for this statistic, only ballots with five names have been included.

Spencer Achtymichuk (80th, 5 points, 1 mention)
Daniel Clark (80th, 5 points, 1 mention)
Kyle Gallner (80th, 5 points, 1 mention)
Frederik Christian Johansen (80th, 5 points, 1 mention)
Dominic Scott Kay (80th, 5 points, 1 mention)
Nathaniel Lee Jr. (80th, 5 points, 1 mention)
Mitchel Musso (80th, 5 points, 1 mention)
Joseph Sasson (80th, 5 points, 1 mention)
Colton Shires (80th, 5 points, 1 mention)
Daniel Siegert (80th, 5 points, 1 mention)
Yagira Yuuya (80th, 5 points, 1 mention)


Best New Artists

Here are the Top 10 first time entrants to the poll with overall rank:

6Freddie Highmore
28Shane Haboucha
30Ricky Ullman
37Evan Ellingson
37Drake Johnston
43Jason Dolley
45Hunter Gomez
65Dhylan Meyer
65Christoph Emanuel Oehme

CURIOSITY: Ricky Ullman makes his debut on the poll the last year he is eligible. Better late than never.


New entries62

Poll Skew:

Percentage of total points awarded that went to the Top 10:
39.93% = over 1/3

Percentage ofactors that got just one vote:
47.89% = over 1/3

Quite obvious this year's results are VERY skewed to the top. Thus indicating some very clear and decisive winners.

Other numbers:

Average age of the Top 10 finishers: 14.1

Number of days in the poll eligibility year: 366

Number of times I had wished Frankie was still eligible: 1.990000E+99

Celebrating a great year of extraordinary young actors: Priceless



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