2005 AFTI Media Boy Poll Celebrating 10 Years of the Media Boy Poll

Voting has now closed.

The Poll is simple - fans are asked to vote for their favorite young male performers based on their work during the year 2005. There are some rules for voting, so please make sure you read and follow those rules so you will have a valid ballot.

Best of luck to all the nominees, and many thanks for enriching our lives in 2005. We look forward to many more wonderful performances in 2006.

The 2005 AFTI Poll Committee: Chris P., Duncan, Likem, Mediajock, Mark L., and Max.


Eligible Nominees

Jake AbelGo Figure (cast), Threshhold (guest)
Dalmar AbuzeidDegrassi: TNG (guest)
Spencer AchtymichukThe Dead Zone (recurring)
Waclaw AdamczykThe Welts (aka Pregi) (lead)
Seth AdkinsThe West Wing (guest), Bad News Bears (star)
Devon AlanBlind Justice (guest)
Eddie AldersonOne Life to Live (recurring)
Reed AlexanderWill & Grace (guest)
Hunter AllanThe Young And The Restless (recurring)
Andrew James AllenThe Unknown (cast)
Adrian AlonsoVoces Inocentes (Innocent Voices) (cast)
Allen AlvaradoFlight 29 Down (star)
John Patrick AmedoriHouse (guest), Rocky Point (star), Ghost Whisperer (guest)
Sean Flynn AmirZoey 101 (star)
Alan AnderszThe Welts (aka Pregi) (cast)
Michael AngaranoDear Wendy (lead), Sky High (lead), Lords of Dogtown (star)
Cody ArensArthur Hailey's Detective (cast)
Daiki AriokaEngine (star), J.J.Express (singer)
Patrick Aspburysinger: The Choirboys, Celebrate Oliver! (guest)
Brendon BaergYes, Dear (star)
Pax BaldwinThe Snow Queen (lead)
Taylor BallStill Standing (star)
Konrad BaumannDie Wilden Kerle II (star)
Shane BaumelPhil of the Future (guest), King of Queens (guest)
Dennis BenderskyThe Suite Life of Zachery and Cody (guest)
David BengerThe Squid and the Whale (cast)
Jimmy BennettEverwood (recurring), Hostage (star)
Nick BensonSummerland (star)
Neilen BenvegnuThe Sandlot 2 (star)
Luke BenwardBecause of Winn Dixie (cast)
Sean BerdyThe Sandlot 2 (star)
Jeremy BergmanKicking & Screaming (star)
Loren BermanSky High (cast), Zoey 101 (recurring)
Greg BernsteinBilly Elliot: The Musical (stage, cast)
Raban BielingDie Wilden Kerle II (star)
Alex BlackNed's Declassified School Survival Guide (recurring), ER (guest)
Corbin BleuFlight 29 Down (star)
Jonah BoboZathura (star), Strangers with Candy (cast), The Best Thief in the World (lead)
David BodeDer Schatz der weissen Falken (lead)
Taylor BogganSummerland (guest), Judging Amy (guest)
Philip BoldenAre We There Yet? (lead)
Levi BonillaSugar Creek Gang movies (star)
Asher BookZoey 101 (guest), Sylvan commercials, Come Away Home (cast)
Devon BostickKnights of the South Bronx (cast), Shania: A Life in Eight Albums (cast), Land of the Dead (cast)
Cameron BowenMalcolm in the Middle (guest)
Cayden BoydThe Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D (star), Cold Case (guest), Close to Home (guest), Night Stalker (guest)
Spencer BreslinCenter of the Universe (star)
Cameron BrightStargate SG-1 (recurring), Ultraviolet (star), Thank You for Smoking (star)
Ian BrinnanstoolKid Billy vs the Kidnappers (star), Veronica Mars (guest)
Hayden BrombergEverybody Hates Chris (guest), ER (guest)
Kody BrownSugar Creek Gang movies (star)
Sean BrowneDear Frankie (star)
Daryl BruntCanadian Idol 3
Benjamin BryanWithout a Trace (guest), Everybody Hates Chris (guest), Rodney (guest)
Miguel BuaHeroína (cast)
Alex BuckCSI: Miami (recurring), Beautiful Dreamer (star)
Max BurkholderFathers and Sons (cast), Love for Rent (cast), The O.C. (guest)
Adam ButcherSaint Ralph(lead)
Paul ButcherZoey 101 (star), Medical Investigation (guest), Bones (guest), Reeker (cast)
Adam CagleyComplete Savages (guest), The War at Home (guest), Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (guest)
Noel CallahanRomeo! (star)
Milton De La CanalHermanas (star); Morir en San Hilario (cast)
Ridge CanipeBad News Bears (star), Walk the Line (cast)
Drew CarrCriminal Minds (guest)
Aaron Cartermusician, Supercross (cast), Popstar (lead)
Dane CarterTom Brown's Schooldays (lead)
Dylan CashGeneral Hospital (recurring)
Brendan CaskeyMickybo And Me (cast)
Michael CeraArrested Development (star)
Harrison ChadTarzan II (voice), Dora the Explorer (voice), Caroline or Change (lead)
Andrew ChalmersDarcy's Wild Life (star)
Kyle ChambersRebound
Dean Charles ChapmanBilly Elliot: The Musical (stage, cast)
Lewis ChaseOliver Twist (cast)
Tylor ChaseNed's Declassified School Survival Guide (recurring)
Jake CherryHead Cases (star), The Boondocks (guest)
Elliott ChoKicking & Screaming (star)
Dyllan ChristopherWithout a Trace (guest), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (guest)
Barney ClarkOliver Twist (lead)
Spencer Treat ClarkLoverboy (cast)
Charlie ClarkeMickybo And Me (cast)
Hunter ClarySnow Wonder (star), Transporter 2 (star), Stories from Nana K.; The Circus Is in Town (star)
Raphael ColemanNanny McPhee (lead)
Ryan ColemanAll That (star)
Dean CollinsJack and Bobby (recurring), The War at Home (star), Yours, Mine and Ours (star)
Martin CombesPapa (lead), Les Enfants (cast)
Alexander ContiCheaper by the Dozen 2 (star), The Pacifier (cast), Kojak (guest)
Leon CookeBilly Elliot: The Musical (stage, lead), Blue Peter (guest), Ready Steady Cook (guest)
Ryan CooleyDegrassi: The Next Generation, Life with Derek (guest)
Rory CopusThe Poseidon Adventure (2005) (star)
Brady CorbetMysterious Skin (star)
Brandon CraggsBad News Bears (star), Fever Pitch (cast)
Noah CrawfordMy Name Is Earl (recurring)
Rory CulkinThe Chumscrubber (cast)
Thomas CurtisThe Chumscrubber (cast)
Evan Lee DahlCriminal Minds (guest), Zoey 101 (guest)
Wayne DalglishJudging Amy (guest), Close to Home (guest)
Ethan DampfAmerican Dreams (star)
Jacob DavichThe Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D (star), Fun with Dick and Jane (cast)
Jeffrey DaviesBad News Bears (star)
Oliver DavisRodney (star), ER (recurring)
Thomas Dekker7th Heaven (recurring)
Dylan DentonAs the World Turns (recurring), Robots: The IMAX Experience (voice)
Will DentonPalindromes (cast), Robots (voice)
Timmy DetersBad News Bears (star), Kicking and Screaming (star)
James DickerSpooks (guest)
Oskar DixonHappy Birthday Peter Pan (voice)
Jason DolleyComplete Savages (star)
Marc DonatoDegrassi: TNG (guest)
David DorfmanThe Ring Two
Devin Douglas DrewitzThe Road That Binds Us (star)
Blair DunlopCharlie And The Chocolate Factory (cast)
Austin DunnThe Sandlot 2 (cast)
Casey DyerDoctor Who (guest)
Harry EdenOliver Twist (lead)
Bobby EdnerCommercials
Zac EfronSummerland (recurring), CSI: Miami (guest), The Derby Stallion (star)
Evan EllingsonComplete Savages (star). Bones (guest)
Hunter ElliottSchool of Life (cast)
Chase EllisonMysterious Skin (cast), Malcolm in the Middle (guest), Young and the Restless (recurring)
Alfred EnochHarry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (cast)
Stephan EnquistDarkness
Wyatt EntrekinWalk the Line (cast)
Josh ErikssonNumb3rs (guest)
Eugenio EspositoThe Greatest Game Ever Played (cast)
Cody EstesNumb3rs (guest)
Emmanuel EstradaBad News Bears (star)
Alex EtelMillions (lead)
Griffin Reilly EvansThe Sandlot 2 (cast)
Matthew FaheyClose to Home (guest)
Tamino-Turgay Zum FeldeDer Schatz der weissen Falken (lead)
Alejandro FelipeVoces Inocentes (Innocent Voices) (cast)
Tom FeltonHarry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (cast)
Tomasso FerroL'Estate di mio fratello (star)
Logan FieldsVeronica Mars (guest)
Sammy FineKicking & Screaming (star), ER (guest, Arrested Development (guest)
Josh FlitterThe Greatest Game Ever Played (cast), Phil of the Future (guest)
Griffin FrazenGrounded for Life (star)
Jordan FryCharlie And The Chocolate Factory (lead)
Matteo GadolaQuando sei nato non puoi più nasconderti (lead)
Kyle GallnerJudging Amy (guest), Veronica Mars (recurring), Jack & Bobby (recurring)
Luis Armand GarciaGeorge Lopez (star)
Luke GarmonSugar Creek Gang movies (star)
Jordan GarrettThank You for Smoking (cast), Medium (guest)
Washington GarzonCrónicas (cast)
Troy GentileBad News Bears (star)
Christopher GerseDays of Our Lives (recurring), Monk (guest)
Billy Gilmansinger/musician
Jack GleesonBatman Begins (cast)
Jake GoldsbieDegrassi: The Next Generation
Hunter GomezNational Treasure (cast), Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (guest), The Hunter Gomez show (host)
Adam Taylor GordonWeeds (recurring)
Alexander GouldWeeds (star)
Shane GrahamThe Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D (cast), The Faith of Joey Rail (star)
Rupert GrintHappy Birthday Peter Pan (voice), Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (star)
Chen GuanboBear Hug (lead)
Roni HaarakangasPelican Man (aka Pelikaanimies) (lead)
Shane HabouchaEverwood (recurring), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (guest), Justice League (voice, guest), Monk (guest), Without a Trace (guest), ER (guest)
Niall HannaMickybo And Me (cast)
K.C. HarrisBad News Bears (star)
Oskar HasslerMutter aus heiterem Himmel (lead)
Josh HaydenDeck the Halls (star), Two for the Money (cast), Fetching Cody (cast), Killer Instinct (cast)
Levi HayesOliver Twist (cast)
David HenrieHouse (guest), That's So Raven (recurring), How I Met Your Mother (star)
James HenrieGhost Whisperer (guest), Wanted (guest)
Florian HeppertDie Wilden Kerle II (cast)
Joshua HerdmanHarry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (cast)
Filip HessOliver Twist (cast)
Adam HicksThe 12 Dogs of Christmas (star)
Freddie HighmoreCharlie and the Chocolate Factory (star)
Ferdinand Falsen HiisHawaii, Oslo (star)
G. Lane HillmanClose to Home (guest)
Samuel HodgeSugar Creek Gang movies (star)
Tyler Hoechlin7th Heaven (star)
Gus HoffmanRebound (star)
Masam HoldenWithout a Trace (guest), Elizabethtown (cast), Miracle at Sage Creek (cast)
Mitch HollemanReba (star)
Leo HolmHåkan Bråkan & Josef (star)
Joel HomanYes, Dear (star)
Kanata HongoHinokio: Inter Galactic Love (lead)
Sam HonywoodNanny McPhee (lead)
Nicholas HoultThe Weather Man (star), Wah Wah (star)
Bailey HughesGods of Los Angeles (cast) David & Dee (lead)
Drew Levi HuntsmanBilly Elliot: The Musical (stage, cast)
Josh HutchersonZathura (star), Kicking and Screaming (star)
Kevin IannottaDie Wilden Kerle II (star)
Sosuke IkematsuTetsujin niju-hachigo
Robert Florentin IlieLe Domaine perdu (lead)
Ben Inmansinger: The Choirboys, Celebrate Oliver! (guest)
Jesse JamesThe Amityville Horror (2005) (star), Flyboys (star)
Dominic JanesER (recurring), Crossing Jordan (guest). Instant Dads (star)
Carter JenkinsUnfabulous (recurring), Surface (star), Bad News Bears (star), Life is Ruff (star)
Adam Gilbert JespersenOskar og Josefine
Aman JohalBad News Bears (star)
Michael Alan JohnsonMike's Super Short Show (star)
Drake Johnston7th Heaven (recurring), Gilmore Girls (guest), Six Feet Under (guest), Flightplan (cast)
Jamie JohnstonDegrassi: The Next Generation
Nicholas Jonassinger, Jonas Brothers
Angus T. Jones2 1/2 Men (star), The Christmas Blessing (star)
Tyler Patrick JonesYours, Mine and Ours (star), Bad News Bears (star)
Matthew Michael JostenRodney (star), Chicken Little (cast)
Demetrius JoyetteDarcy's Wild Life (star), Kojak (guest), The Pacifier (cast), Mind Me Good Now (star, voice only)
Daelan Kael7th Heaven (recurring)
Sammy KahnLenny the Wonder Dog (star)
Ryunosuke KamikiThe Big Spook War (lead),"Yoshitsune" (cast)
Shiko KanaiYumeno (aka Little Wing) (lead)
Michael KanevSaint Ralph
Cody KaschDesperate Housewives (recurring), Home Front (cast), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (guest)
Bill Kaulitzband: Tokio Hotel (vocals)
Tom Kaulitzband: Tokio Hotel (guitar)
Brad KavanaghBilly Elliot: The Musical (stage, lead)
Showhei Kawaguchi1 liter of tears (guest)
Dominic Scott KayFathers and Sons (star), Loverboy (star), Meet the Santas (star)
Saso KekenovskiThe Great Water (aka Golemata Voda) (lead)
Malcolm David KelleyLost (star), Knights of the South Bronx (star), Jimmy Kimmel Live (guest)
Brett KellyThe Sandlot 2 (star)
Chris J. KellyWanted (star)
Tadhg KellyUnfabulous (star)
Skandar KeynesThe Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (star)
Owen KlineThe Squid and the Whale (star)
Matthew KnightThe Greatest Game Ever Played (cast), Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (cast), Kojak (recurring)
Gage KnoxNaturally, Sadie (recurring)
Erik KnudsenSaw II (star), The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (star)
Mikkel KonyherOskar og Josefine (lead)
Kevin KöppeDer Schatz der weissen Falken (lead)
Sam LairdThe Dead Zone (guest), We're the Government -- and You're Not (cast/production assistant)
Forrest LandisFlightplan (star), The Skeleton Key (star), LAX (guest), ER (guest), Little Athens (cast), Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (star)
Taylor LautnerThe Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D (star), Summerland (guest), Cheaper By the Dozen 2 (star), commercials
Steven Anthony LawrenceKicking & Screaming (star), Rebound (star)
Scotty Leavenworth7th Heaven (guest)
Daniel Curtis LeeNed's Declassified School Survival Guide (recurring)
Grégoire Leprince-RinguetLe Frangin d'Amérique (lead), Frappes interdites (cast)
Logan LermanJack & Bobby (star)
Ari LernerVeronica Mars (guest), 29th and Gay (cast)
Aksel LethThe Fakir (aka Fakiren fra Bilbao) (lead)
Guy LewisBatman Begins (cast), Asylum (cast)
Matthew LewisHarry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (cast)
Lil' RomeoRomeo (star)
Cody LinleyRebound (cast)
Francesco LiottiKicking & Screaming (star)
Jonathan LipnickiThe L.A. Riot Spectacular (cast)
Georg Listingband: Tokio Hotel (guitar)
Ashley LloydBilly Elliot: The Musical (stage, lead)
Max Lloyd-JonesThe Sandlot 2 (lead)
James LomasBilly Elliot: The Musical (stage, lead), Royal Variety Performance (guest), Strictly Dance Fever (guest)
Ryan LongbottomBilly Elliot: The Musical (stage, lead)
Nathan LopezAng Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (lead)
Jett LucasStar Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith (cast)
Zak LudwigThe Dead Zone (guest)
Daniel MagderLife with Derek (star), Mee-Shee: The Water Giant (star)
George MaguireBilly Elliot: The Musical (stage, lead), Royal Variety Performance (guest), Ready Steady Cook (guest)
Ryan MalgariniGo Figure (star)
Daniel MancheThe Resurrection Apprentice (star), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (guest)
Bernard ManningThe Mighty Celt (cast)
Frankie Ryan ManriquezThat's So Raven (recurring), Life on a Stick (star)
Sean MarquetteNYPD Blue (guest)
Andrés MárquezVoces Inocentes (Innocent Voices) (cast)
Vincent MartellaEverybody Hates Chris (star), Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (cast), Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (recurring)
Eddy MartinRebound (star)
Jonathan MasonLassie (star)
Christopher MasseyZoey 101
Kyle Orlando MasseyThat's So Raven (star), Life is Ruff (star)
Ariel MatelunaMachuca
Connor MatheusYours, Mine and Ours (cast), Chicken Little (voice), Lovewrecked (cast)
Jesse McCartneySummerland (lead), The Suite Life of Zack & Cody (guest), singer/musician, commercials
Reiley McClendonLAW & Order: SVU (guest), Buffalo Dreams (star), Zoey 101 (guest), Just Legal (guest)
Jack McElhoneDear Frankie (star)
Logan McElroyRebound (star)
Hayden McFarlandWithout a Trace (guest), CSI: NY (guest)
Lewis Owen McGibbonMillions (lead)
Fraser McGregorI Do, They Don't (star),
Tyrone McKennaThe Mighty Celt (lead)
Dallas McKinneyKicking & Screaming (cast)
Dylan McLaughlinKicking & Screaming (star), Supercross (cast)
Joseph McMannerssinger, Celebrate Oliver! (star)
John Joseph McNeillMickybo And Me (lead)
Alec MedlockDrake & Josh (recurring)
A.J. MelendezSinger
Jonas MeukensBand: X!NK
Niels MeukensBand: X!NK
Alexander MichaeletosDuma (lead)
Andrew MichaelsonCold Case (guest), The Celestine Prophecy (cast)
Harry MichellTom Brown's Schooldays (lead)
Keith William MillerSchool of Life (cast)
Zachary MillsCold Case (guest), Ghost Whisperer (guest)
Hugh MitchellTom Brown's Schooldays (cast)
Cameron MonaghanMalcolm in the Middle (recurring), Threshold (guest), Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (guest)
William MoseleyThe Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (star)
Liam MowerBilly Elliot: The Musical (stage, lead), Royal Variety Performance (guest), BBC Children In Need (guest)
Brett MurphyFever Pitch (2005) (cast), Hope & Faith (guest), Saturday Night Live (guest)
Devon MurrayHarry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (cast)
Mitchel MussoLife is Ruff (star), Stacked (recurring)
Wil MyerThe Birthday (star), Bad News Bears (star), Without a Trace (guest), Summerland (guest), Carnivale (guest)
Marcell NagyFateless (aka Sorstalanság) (lead)
Yuto NakajimaEngine(cast), singer
Wright NgubaneDuma (cast)
Jannis NiewöhnerDer Schatz der weissen Falken (star)
Jeffrey NoahKicking & Screaming (cast)
Logan O'BrienSerenity (cast)
John-Joe O'ConnorBilly Elliot: The Musical (stage, cast)
Jimi OchsenknechtDie Wilden Kerle II (aka The Wild Bunch 2) (star)
Wilson OchsenknechtDie Wilden Kerle II (star)
Jasper OldenhofErik of het klein insectenboek (lead)
Jay St. OngeSugar Creek Gang movies (star)
Chris OvertonOliver Twist (cast)
Carlos PadillaVoces Inocentes (Innocent Voices) (star)
Johannes PaljakkaFor the Living & the Dead (aka Eläville ja kuolleille) (lead)
Brecken PalmerYours, Mine and Ours (star), Desperate Housewives (guest)
Bridger PalmerYours, Mine and Ours (star), Desperate Housewives (guest)
Ty PanitzYours, Mine and Ours (star)
Connor PaoloAlexander (cast)
Park Jin-binAn-nyang, hyeong-a (aka Hello, Goodbye Little Brother) (lead)
Steven Christopher ParkerRebound (star)
Hunter ParrishSummerland (guest), Weeds (star), Premonition (cast), Steal Me (cast)
Dylan PattonThat's So Raven (guest)
James PaxtonThe Greatest Game Ever Played (cast)
Slade PearceCrossing Jordan (guest), Yours, Mine, and Ours(cast)
Evan PetersInvasion (star)
Cole PetersenCrossing Jordan (guest), Commander in Chief (guest)
Michele PettiniRome (cast)
Alex PettyferTom Brown's Schooldays (lead)
Joey PhillipsBilly Elliot: The Musical (stage, lead)
Jimmy "Jax" PinchakHostage (cast), Over There (star)
Rob PinkstonNed's Declassified School Survival Guide (recurring)
Ryan PinkstonQuintuplets (star)
Max PirkisRome (star)
Elvis PolanskiOliver Twist (cast)
Alexander PollockSchool of Life (cast)
CJ Porter-Thawsinger: The Choirboys, Celebrate Oliver! (guest)
Tyler Garcia PoseySue Thomas F.B.Eye (guest), Doc (star)
Brendan PriceThe Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (cast)
Connor PriceCinderella Man (cast)
Nick PriceBecause of Winn-Dixie (star)
Ryan PriceThe Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (cast)
Luiggi PullaCrónicas (cast)
Matías QuerMachuca
Daniel RadcliffeHarry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (star)
Maxime RaoustFaites comme chez vous (cast)
Brandon RatcliffMe and You and Everyone We Know (star)
K'Sun RayFielder's Choice (star)
Mark RendallChildstar (lead),"Revelations" (cast), Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story (lead)
Garth RenecleDuma (cast)
Tanner RichieNip/Tuck (recurring), Threshold (guest), Living with Fran (guest), Gilmore Girls (guest), Numb3rs (guest)
Andrew RobbSchool of Life (star), Edgemont (recurring)
Racer RodriguezThe Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D (star, co-writer)
Nicholas Roget-KingYours, Mine and Ours (star)
Evan RoseThe Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (cast), A History of Violence (cast)
Grant RosenmeyerMonk (guest), Curb Your Enthusiasm (guest),
Benjamin Lønne RøslerHawaii, oslo (star)
Alessandro RuggieroKicking & Screaming (star)
Daryl SabaraHouse (guest)
Jack Salvatore, Jr.My Name Is... (cast), Zoey 101 (recurring)
Daniel SamonasEverybody Hates Chris (guest), Hitters Anonymous (cast), La Migra (cast), Little Men (star), Thanks to Gravity (cast)
Yuma Sanada1 liter of tears (cast)
Thomas SangsterNanny McPhee (lead)
Deniz SarsilmazDie Wilden Kerle II (aka The Wild Bunch 2) (Star)
Shane SaundersKid Billy vs the Kidnappers (star),
Jeffrey ScaperrottaLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit (recurring), Spy (cast), Guiding Light (recurring)
Kenneth SchmidtWithout a Trace (guest)
Kevin SchmidtClubhouse (star), Monk (guest), Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (star)
Gustav Schorband: Tokio Hotel (drums)
Jake ScottThe Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (cast)
Spencer ScottThe Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D (cast), The Wendell Baker Story (cast)
Michael SeaterLife with Derek (star), The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (star), Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life (cast)
Jeremy ShadaNo Rules (cast)
Zack ShadaJane Doe: The Wrong Face (star), Jane Doe: Til Death Do Us Part (star), Jane Doe: Now You See It, Now You Don't (star), Jane Doe: Vanishing Act (star), Justice League (guest)
Connor SharpThe Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (cast)
Bobby SharpeBlood Deep (cast), Bee Season (cast), Zoey 101 (guest)
Ryan ShecklerAmerican Wasteland (cast), Dishdogz (cast), Cribs (featured host)
Colton ShiresCriminal Minds (guest)
Michael SilvermanThe Best Thief in the World (lead)
Eugene SimonMy Family and Other Animals (star)
Axel SkogbergHåkan Bråkan & Josef (lead)
Evan SmithLife As We Know It (cast)
Harry SmithTom Brown's Schooldays (cast)
Jacob SmithCheaper by the Dozen 2 (star)
Martin Spanjers8 Simple Rules (star)
Jason SpevackI Do, They Don't (star), Crazy for Christmas (star), Fever Pitch (2005) (star), The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico (cast), 1-800-Missing (guest), This Is Wonderland (guest)
Cole SprouseThe Suite Life of Zack and Cody (star)
Dylan SprouseThe Suite Life of Zack and Cody (star)
Jack StanleyThe Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (cast)
Boo Boo Stewart"Dante's Cove" (2005) (mini) TV Series (cast) Pit Fighter (2005) (cast) Uncle P (2005) (cast)
Charlie StewartThe Suite Life of Zack and Cody (guest)
Kenta SugaAlways3 (cast)
Erik Per SullivanMalcolm in the Middle (star)
Kyle SullivanAll That (star), The War at Home (star)
Jeremy SumpterCyber Seduction: His Secret Life (lead), Clubhouse (lead)
Kyle SwannNed's Declassified School Survival Guide (recurring)
Ryo TanakaShonen to hoshi to jitensha (lead)
Hayden TankMedical Investigation (guest)
Jeffrey TedmoriBad News Bears (star)
Max ThieriotThe Pacifier (star)
Jake ThomasCenter of the Universe (guest)
Neal ThomasMutter aus heiterem Himmel (lead)
Miles ThompsonMe and You and Everyone We Know (star)
Ben TibberI Am David (lead)
Clem TibberI Am David (cast), Chromophobia (cast)
Lucas TillWalk the Line (cast), The Other Side (cast)
Elliott TittensorShameless (star)
Jorge Angel TorielloVoces Inocentes (Innocent Voices) (cast)
James TownsendHappy Birthday Peter Pan (cast)
Joseph TremainDoctor Who (guest), Oliver Twist (cast)
Joep TruijenLepel (lead)
Spencer TuskowskiNew Partridge Family (star)
William UllrichBeyond the Sea (lead), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (guest)
Matthew UnderwoodZoey 101 (star)
Bisse UngerHåkan Bråkan & Josef (star)
Albert ValentineDoctor Who (guest)
Philip ValkiersBand: X!NK
Thomas ValkiersBand: X!NK
Jacob VelcoffSugar Creek Gang movies (star)
Davide VeroneseL'Estate di mio fratello (lead)
Andrew VoYours, Mine and Ours (star)
Erik WalkerKicking & Screaming (cast)
Jamie WaylettHarry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (cast)
Max Jansen WeinsteinWithout a Trace (guest), Blind Justice (guest), Ghost Whisperer (guest)
Cole Evan WeissSandlot 2 (star), Rebound (cast), Close to Home (guest)
Darian WeissMiracle at Sage Creek (star)
Michael WelchJoan of Arcadia (star), Without a Trace (guest), Cold Case (guest)
Devon WerkheiserNed's Declassified School Survival Guide (star)
Leon Wessel-MasannekDie Wilden Kerle II (star)
Bradley Jordan WhiteBilly Elliot: The Musical (stage, cast)
Philip WiegratzCharlie And The Chocolate Factory (lead)
Oren WilliamsRebound (star)
Tyler James WilliamsEverybody Hates Chris (star), Two for the Money (cast)
James WillsonThe Dead Zone (guest), The Sandlot 2 (star)
Daniel WilmsDie Wilden Kerle II (cast)
Crawford WilsonJack and Bobby (recurring), Zoey 101 (recurring)
Christian WimmerDer Schatz der weissen Falken (star)
Zachary WinardNight Stalker (guest)
Blake WoodruffBack to You and Me (star), Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (star)
Niall WrightMickybo And Me (lead)
Hugh WyldBilly Elliot: The Musical (stage, cast)
Kota YabuYa-ya-yah (tv)
Sasha YakinParnikovy effekt (lead)
Travis YatesBilly Elliot: The Musical (stage, lead)
Anton YelchinHuff
Yagira YuuyaDare mo shiranai (lead) (aka Nobody Knows), Hoshi ni natta shonen (lead)

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