2006 AFTI Media Boy Poll In Memory of Max


The 2006 AFTI Media Boy Poll was a tight race, with all our favorites jockeying for positions down to the wire. Our top winner wasn't as clear cut as last year's runaway victory, but he still wins by an unquestionable margin. Farther down the list, you'll see evidence that your vote counts, as one ballot often made a big difference in the final standings.

For proof, look no farther than the 5 way tie for 10th place!


Devon Werkheiser

Devon Werkheiser

Devon Werkheiser edged into the top 10 as he becomes Nickelodeon's biggest star.


Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse earned his 6th Poll mention with a second consecutive top 10 finish.


Freddie Highmore

Freddie Highmore

Last year's favorite, Freddie Highmore, took most of the year off but still finished strong with a new movie.


Alexander Gould

Alexander Gould

Alexander Gould took his first top 10 finish with a cult-favorite cable TV series that put him in the spotlight several times.


Declan Galbraith

Declan Galbraith

And Declan Galbraith returned to the music scene with a best-selling album and a much-viewed website, to score multiple first-place votes.


Carter Jenkins

Carter Jenkins

Carter Jenkins didn't take long to re-Surface after the end of his lead role in the NBC series. We saw him guest-star in some of TV's favorite dramas, also on the big screen in a well reviewed film. Our voters rewarded Carter with his second straight finish in the top 10.


Darian Weiss

Darian Weiss

Darian Weiss consistently picks up a few votes every year, but this year he really gained strong support, taking the highest jump in rank of any top finisher. Strong appearances on major TV shows like "Without A Trace" helped Darian to a big score in the Poll.


Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson

Tying for number 7 is another star on the rise, as Josh Hutcherson rockets from #168 in 2003, to #55 last year, to our top 10 in 2006. Josh won fans with two major big-screen roles, scoring with the romantic "Little Manhattan" and the slapstick "RV."


Martin Jobert

Martin Jobert

International stars are increasing their profiles in every Poll, and this year we had our biggest winner yet from France. 11 year old Martin Jobert is the year's youngest top 10 finisher, and he worked hard all year, with 5 TV and movie productions to win les honneurs.


Conor Donovan

Conor Donovan

Conor Donovan is the biggest-polling newcomer, scoring votes with one of the year's most dramatic roles as the lead of "12 and Holding." Then he won more fans as he came back with important scenes in the star-studded hit "The Departed."


Liam Mower

Liam Mower

Liam Mower's big score deserves special notice, because he won his support from the stage, dancing and singing in the extraordinarily successful London play "Billy Elliot." In September, Liam retired as the last original member of the trio playing Billy. Bravo!


Dean Collins

Dean Collins

Dean Collins campaigned well for the AFTI Poll with a very special episode of "The War at Home." But he'll also be remembered for a starring role in Hoot" and a series of creative short YouTube films with cohort Logan Lerman.


Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman

Speaking of Logan Lerman, our 2004 Poll winner is close to establishing an AFTI Poll dynasty, with his 4th straight top ten finish. Logan showed his talent starring in "Hoot," and great potential for the future as the director of those popular YouTube shorts.


Cole Sprouse

Cole Sprouse

It's tough to choose any of our favorites, but each year many voters say choosing Sprouses is the toughest decision of all. Cole Sprouse spent some time in the Disney Channel dunk tank this summer, and now for the first time he's living The Suite Life on top of our Poll. Congratulations to our #1 winner, who picked up the most mentions of anyone this year!

Cole Sprouse First Place Award


2006 AFTI Media Boy Poll Top 10


Here's the vote count.  First you'll see this year's rank, then last year's rank, the point total, and the star.  "New" means the performer was not on last year's or 2004's ballot (although he may have been listed in previous years), and "Re-entry" either means the performer was on the ballot but received no votes last year, or was not on last year's ballot but was on 2004's ballot.

Complete Results

This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
1247Cole Sprouse
2539Logan Lerman
33133Dean Collins
41232Liam Mower
5New26Conor Donovan
6New25Martin Jobert
75524Josh Hutcherson
77224Darian Weiss
9623Carter Jenkins
10Re-entry20Declan Galbraith
104120Alexander Gould
10120Freddie Highmore
10820Dylan Sprouse
101320Devon Werkheiser
152519Thomas Sangster
166316Cameron Bright
16New16Mark Indelicato
16916Erik Per Sullivan
196315Luke Benward
19New15Cody Linley
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
19New15Alessandro Morace
22714Jimmy Bennett
221314Cayden Boyd
22314Shane Haboucha
22New14Jean Senéjoux
26New13Nick Romeo Reimann
271712Jeremy Sumpter
28Re-entry10Jules-Angelo Bigarnet
282310Chase Ellison
28New10Janus Dissing Rathke
31Re-entry9Liam Aiken
31New9Arthur Chazal
31Re-entry9Nicholas Hoult
31729Joseph McManners
31New9Seung-ho Yu
36Re-entry8Corbin Bleu
36New8Tom Cully
36558Rupert Grint
36418Yuto Nakajima
40347Jordan Garrett
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
40New7Michael Horncastle
40557Dylan Patton
40New7Aaron Webber
44316Michael Cera
44186Leon Cooke
44556Rory Culkin
44New6Lil' Chris Hardman
44366Angus T. Jones
44276Connor Paolo
44486Max Pirkis
44Re-entry6Jules Sitruk
44New6Kenta Suga
53New5Clement Chebli
53New5Sirachuch Chienthaworn
53365Ryan Cooley
53Re-entry5Jason Dolley
53New5Teo Gheorghiu
53Re-entry5Noah Gray-Cabey
53New5Nicholas Jonas
53New5Devin Keaton
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
53Re-entry5Dhylan Meyer
53Re-entry5Drew Osborne
53Re-entry5Junior Singo
53New5Ryo Tomioka
53New5Jorge Trejo
53New5Matthew Werkmeister
67New4Colin Bates
67New4Randall Bentley
67New4Jean-Luc Bilodeau
67New4Ryan Corr
67Re-entry4Wayne Dalglish
67New4Thomas Doucet
67New4Zac Fox
67New4Quentin Grosset
67New4Sandro Iannotta
671034Dominic Janes
67484Bill Kaulitz
67Re-entry4Erik Knudsen
67New4Dong-ho Lee
67New4Nathan Lopez
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
67New4Zach Mills
67634Alex Pettyfer
67Re-entry4Ilroy Plowright
67104Daniel Radcliffe
671154Boo Boo Stewart
67Re-entry4Charlie Trairat
67New4Vincent Valladon
67Re-entry4Matt Weinberg
67New4Maximilian Werner
67184Tyler James Williams
67854Travis Yates
92New3Tiago Felizardo
92853Josh Flitter
92New3Skyler Gisondo
92New3George MacKay
921033Vincent Martella
92723Kyle Massey
92New3Connor Price
921153Zack Shada
92New3Ilya Van Malderghem
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
92New3Ludwig Zimmeck
102New2Allen Alvarado
102New2Christian Byers
102Re-entry2Noel Callahan
102Re-entry2Ridge Canipe
102New2Diego Catano
102New2Pierre Derenne
102New2Nathan Gamble
102342Luis Armand Garcia
102New2Troy Gentile
102852Malcolm David Kelley
102New2Titouan Laporte
102552Scotty Leavenworth
102New2Braeden Lemasters
102New2 Marcel
102New2Dmitry Martynov
102New2Marcel Nievelstein
102New2Callum Payne
102852K'Sun Ray
102Re-entry2Kane Ritchotte
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
102New2Elliott Tittensor
122411Spencer Achtymichuk
122New1 Adriano
122New1Bobby Bentham
122851Alex Black
122271Adam Butcher
122New1Jesse Camacho
122New1Miles Chandler
122New1Tylor Chase
122Re-entry1Jake Cherry
122New1Bobby Coleman
122New1Ed Day
1221151Bobby Edner
122Re-entry1Billy Gilman
122Re-entry1Hunter Gomez
122New1Andrew Hoeft
122New1Raphaël Katz
122161George Maguire
122New1Shaun Malone
122Re-entry1Jean-Baptiste Maunier
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
122851Ryan Pinkston
122New1Broa Ako Rasol
122New1Joseph Sanders-Wilde
122New1Maurice Teichert
122461Jake Thomas
122Re-entry1Reece Thompson
122New1Remy Thorne
122Re-entry1Connor Widdows
122New1Zachary Winard
122New1Ryosuke Yamada


Thanks to everyone who voted, and to those who participated in this year's AFTI Media Boy Poll Committee: Duncan, Chris, Mark, Mediajock, and Zabladowski.

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