2006 AFTI Media Boy Poll In Memory of Max

Poll Stats, "What If", Fun Facts, and Trivia

Many thanks to Mediajock for all his hard work putting this very interesting information together!


Looks like another poll season has come and gone - and this one was indeed an exciting one from this side of the ballot box. With the guard changing and a lot of newer idols coming to prominence, there also came a lot of different ways many actors came out way on top. Such years as this stress the notion that there is never "just one winner" in this poll and that every vote does indeed count.

Let's do like ex-TI David Krumholtz and run the numbers (no "3" in that word...)

There were 70 votes cast for any of the 989 submitted nominees during the 11 days the poll was open. From these:

From these:

From these:



Here are the Top 15 actors in terms of mentions on ballots - regardless of rank on the ballot:

13Cole Sprouse
11Logan Lerman
10Dean Collins
9Conor Donovan
9Carter Jenkins
8Liam Mower
8Darian Weiss
7Alexander Gould
7Josh Hutcherson
7Martin Jobert
6Freddie Highmore
6Mark Indelicato
6Dylan Sprouse
6Erik Per Sullivan
6Devon Werkheiser


Average ballot score of the Top 20

Perhaps it might be interesting to see how the Top 20 (21 due to ties at #19) fared with each of their voters on average.

* Curiosity: Alessandro Morace is the first ever in poll history (as long as we have tracked this category) to get a perfect 5.

PerformerAverage Score
Alessandro Morace5.00
Cameron Bright4.00
Declan Galbraith4.00
Liam Mower4.00
Thomas Sangster3.80
Luke Benward3.75
Cole Sprouse3.62
Martin Jobert3.57
Logan Lerman3.55
Josh Hutcherson3.43
Freddie Highmore3.33
Dylan Sprouse3.33
Devon Werkheiser3.33
Dean Collins3.30
Cody Linley3.00
Darian Weiss3.00
Conor Donovan2.89
Alexander Gould2.86
Mark Indelicato2.67
Erik Per Sullivan2.67
Carter Jenkins2.56


Dropping 5th place

As is usually the case, dropping the 5th place vote leads to no change in rank:

Cole Sprouse46
Logan Lerman36
Dean Collins32
Liam Mower31
Conor Donovan25
Martin Jobert25
Josh Hutcherson24
Darian Weiss24
Carter Jenkins21
Alexander Gould20


Dropping 4th place

Dropping 4th place flip-flops a few and lets the Top 10 sing a song of Sangster:

Cole Sprouse42
Logan Lerman34
Liam Mower31
Dean Collins28
Martin Jobert23
Josh Hutcherson22
Conor Donovan21
Declan Galbraith19
Thomas Sangster19
Dylan Sprouse19


Most 1st place votes

If everyone just had to pick their favorite, here is how everyone wouldrank:

7Liam Mower
6Logan Lerman
4Cole Sprouse
3Declan Galbraith, Alessandro Morace
2Jimmy Bennett, Cayden Boyd, Dean Collins, Shane Haboucha, Martin Jobert, Janus Dissing Rathke, Nick Romeo Reimann, Devon Werkheiser
1Luke Benward, Jules-Angelo Bigarnet, Cameron Bright, Arthur Chazal, Clement Chebli, Sirachuch Chienthaworn, Ryan Cooley, Jason Dolley, Conor Donovan, Jordan Garrett, Teo Gheorghiu, Nicholas Hoult, Mark Indelicato, Carter Jenkins, Nicholas Jonas, Angus T. Jones, Titouan Laporte, Cody Linley, Dhylan Meyer, Yuto Nakajima, Thomas Sangster, Jean Senéjoux, Junior Singo, Dylan Sprouse, Jeremy Sumpter, Ryo Tomioka, Jorge Trejo, Aaron Webber, Darian Weiss, Matthew Werkmeister, Seung-ho Yu

Going to show that first place alone doesn't always seal the deal - a lot of people liking you a little can always overcome.


Most 2nd place votes

4Josh Hutcherson, Cole Sprouse
3Dean Collins, Freddie Highmore


Most 3rd place votes

4Conor Donovan
3Martin Jobert


Most 4th place votes

4Darian Weiss
3Alexander Gould, Carter Jenkins


Most 5th place votes

3Logan Lerman


Biggest jump from 2005

77265Darian Weiss
75548Josh Hutcherson
6711548Boo Boo Stewart
166347Cameron Bright
196344Luke Benward
317241Joseph McManners
6710336Dominic Janes
104131Alexander Gould
33128Dean Collins
9211523Zack Shada


Biggest slide from 2005

12216-106George Maguire
12227-95Adam Butcher
12241-81Spencer Achtymichuk
12246-76Jake Thomas
10234-68Luis Armand Garcia
6710-57Daniel Radcliffe
6718-49Tyler James Williams
10255-47Scotty Leavenworth
12285-37Alex Black
12285-37Ryan Pinkston

* Curiosity: While fellow Billy-in-dancing Liam Mower finished in the Top 10, George slid. Most likely due to his earlier exit.


Tightest stickers since 2005

The performers that moved the least since last year:

121Cole Sprouse
108-2Dylan Sprouse
253Logan Lerman
96-3Carter Jenkins
10133Devon Werkheiser


Highest finish with no 1st place votes:

Josh Hutcherson (7th place, 24 points, 7 mentions)

* Curiosity: If memory serves correctly, Josh is the first Top 10 finisher ever to get into the Top 10 without a single first place vote.

Lowest finish with a first place vote:

Note that for this statistic, only ballots with five names have been included.

Clement Chebli (53rd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Sirachuch Chienthaworn (53rd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Ryan Cooley (53rd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Jason Dolley (53rd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Teo Gheorghiu (53rd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Nicholas Jonas (53rd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Dhylan Meyer (53rd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Junior Singo (53rd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Ryo Tomioka (53rd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Jorge Trejo (53rd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Matthew Werkmeister (53rd place, 5 points, 1 mention)


Best New Artists

Here are the Top 10 first time entrants to the poll with overall rank:

5Conor Donovan
6Martin Jobert
16Mark Indelicato
19Cody Linley
19Alessandro Morace
22Jean Senéjoux
26Nick Romeo Reimann
28Janus Dissing Rathke
31Arthur Chazal
31Seung-ho Yu

* Curiosity: There were as many new entries as others, thus indicating a diverse, emerging new palate of talent.


New entries71

Poll Skew:

Percentage of total points awarded that went to the Top 10:
36.43% = over 1/3

Percentage of actors that got just one vote:
58.00% = over 1/2

Other numbers of interest:

Average age of the Top 10:
13.93 (nearly 14)

Number of people in the Top 10:

Age of the winner:

Difference in points between 1st and 3rd place:

Number of days from poll opening to results announcement:

Number of "points" in former U.S. President Woodrow Wilson's main legislative agenda:

What is {[(33 + 6 - 10) * 2 ] - 2} / 2 * 0.5 ? (need a calculator?)



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