2007 AFTI Media Boy Poll

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Well, what can one say - with over 2/3 of this year's finishers in the poll being "new" artists", one can conclude that the AFTI guard has definitely changed. Normally our Top 10 is comprised of stars on tentpole US TV series and boxoffice smashes. But with a seeming shortage of that, our voters are looking to the globe in search of true young talent.

This year's race was also very "loosely contested" - with no single or select group of TI's or their projects generating the level of buzz that past winners are accustomed to, this is the one year where the phrase "it's anyone's game" has never held more true. The Top 10 had the fewest percentage of toral point distribution this year since that stat has been kept for the poll (only 1/4 of total points awarded went to the top 10 - usually it's between 1/3 and 1/2), and the "next" 10 is not far off at all pointwise - yes, our Top 10 was ever changing.

And, once again, this year more and more of our Top 10 had fewer and fewer 1st place votes, proving thet you don't always have to be like the best to finish bog but just capture the hearts of many if albeit for a moment.

With such a new establishment in the Media Boy world, it lets us marvel about what this new year may bring!

There were 100 votes cast for any of the 962 submitted nominees during the 11 days the poll was open. From these:

From these:

From these:



Here are the Top 15 (18 due to ties at #15) actors in terms of mentions on ballots - regardless of rank on the ballot:

15Alexander Gould
14Max Baldry
13Sean Keenan
11Alessandro Morace
11Nat Wolff
10Freddie Highmore
9Slade Pearce
8Jimmy Bennett
8Alex Etel
8Miles Heizer
8Josh Hutcherson
8Cole Sprouse
7Chase Ellison
7Nicholas Hoult
6Jackson Bond
6Yuri Chinen
6Nathan Gamble
6K'Sun Ray


Average ballot score of the Top 20

Perhaps it might be interesting to see how the Top 20 (21 due to ties at #18) fared with each of their voters on average.

PerformerAverage Score
Nash Aguas5.00
Logan Lerman4.20
Alessandro Morace4.09
Paul Butcher4.00
Jason Dolley4.00
Yuri Chinen3.83
Jimmy Bennett3.62
Josh Hutcherson3.62
Sean Keenan3.62
Miles Heizer3.50
Cole Sprouse3.38
Jackson Bond3.33
Nat Wolff3.27
Alex Etel3.25
Jake T. Austin3.20
Mackintosh Muggleton3.20
Max Baldry3.14
Chase Ellison3.14
Slade Pearce3.11
Freddie Highmore3.00
Alexander Gould2.53


Dropping 5th place

Dropping the 5th place vote leads to Jimmy climbing a place, while Freddie and Miles each drop a place:

Sean Keenan46
Alessandro Morace45
Max Baldry43
Alexander Gould34
Nat Wolff34
Jimmy Bennett29
Freddie Highmore28
Josh Hutcherson28
Slade Pearce28
Miles Heizer27


Dropping 4th place

Dropping 4th place has the top 10 shuffling around:

Alessandro Morace43
Sean Keenan42
Max Baldry37
Nat Wolff30
Alexander Gould28
Josh Hutcherson26
Jimmy Bennett25
Miles Heizer25
Freddie Highmore24
Slade Pearce24


Most 1st place votes

If everyone just had to pick their favorite, here is how everyone would rank:

7Alessandro Morace
4Nash Aguas, Sean Keenan
3Jimmy Bennett, Jason Dolley, Chase Ellison, Josh Hutcherson, Logan Lerman, Nat Wolff
2Jake T. Austin, Max Baldry, Jackson Bond, Cayden Boyd, Paul Butcher, Yuri Chinen, Miles Heizer, Freddie Highmore, Chip Hormess, Mark Indelicato, Mackintosh Muggleton, Gabe Nevins, Thomas Sangster, Corey Snide, Cole Sprouse
1Spencer Achtymichuk, Josh Blaylock, Leagh Conwell, Tom Cully, Ben Davies, Alex Etel, Declan Galbraith, Jordan Garrett, Devon Gearhart, Keir Gilchrist, Nathaniel Gleed, Dominic Scott Kay, Rhys Kosakowski, Nathan Kress, Léo Legrand, Braeden Lemasters, Cody Linley, Frankie Ryan Manriquez, Vincent Martella, Spencer Martin, Zach Mills, Bill Milner, Aidan Mitchell, Jimmy "Jax" Pinchak, Jorik Prins, Daniel Radcliffe, K'Sun Ray, Nick Romeo Reimann, Daryl Sabara, Kane Sheckler, Mikkel Bratt Silset, Severin Sonntag, Malcolm Stumpf, Clem Tibber, Elliott Tittensor, Raefn Webber, Matthew Werkmeister

Going to show that first place alone doesn't always seal the deal - a lot of people liking you a little can always overcome.


Most 2nd place votes

4Alexander Gould, Sean Keenan
3Max Baldry, Alex Etel, Miles Heizer, Slade Pearce, Nat Wolff


Most 3rd place votes

5Max Baldry
4Alexander Gould, Slade Pearce
3Alessandro Morace, Graham Phillips


Most 4th place votes

5Nicholas Hoult
3Max Baldry, Nathan Gamble, Alexander Gould, Dominic Scott Kay


Most 5th place votes

4Alexander Gould
3K'Sun Ray


Biggest jump from 2006

2210280K'Sun Ray
4312279Bobby Coleman
4312279Ryosuke Yamada
2410278Nathan Gamble
3610266Braeden Lemasters
349258Connor Price
7212250Spencer Achtymichuk
5410248Luis Armand Garcia
5410248Elliott Tittensor
246743Zach Mills


Biggest slide from 2006

18036-144Corbin Bleu
18044-136Kenta Suga
18053-127Teo Gheorghiu
1259-116Carter Jenkins
14644-102Connor Paolo
993-96Dean Collins
12531-94Liam Aiken
14667-79Charlie Trairat
180102-78Ridge Canipe
9931-68Seung-ho Yu


Tightest stickers since 2006

The performers that moved the least since last year:

770Josh Hutcherson
5453-1Noah Gray-Cabey
2422-2Cayden Boyd


Highest finish with no 1st place votes:

Alexander Gould (4th place, 38 points, 15 mentions)

Lowest finish with a first place vote:

Note that for this statistic, only ballots with five names have been included.

Spencer Achtymichuk (72nd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Josh Blaylock (72nd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Leagh Conwell (72nd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Ben Davies (72nd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Jordan Garrett (72nd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Rhys Kosakowski (72nd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Frankie Ryan Manriquez (72nd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Vincent Martella (72nd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Bill Milner (72nd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Jorik Prins (72nd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Kane Sheckler (72nd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Mikkel Bratt Silset (72nd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Severin Sonntag (72nd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Raefn Webber (72nd place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Matthew Werkmeister (72nd place, 5 points, 1 mention)


Best New Artists

Here are the Top 10 first time entrants to the poll with overall rank:

1Sean Keenan
3Max Baldry
5Nat Wolff
9Miles Heizer
9Slade Pearce
13Yuri Chinen
16Nash Aguas
16Jackson Bond
18Jake T. Austin
18Mackintosh Muggleton

* Curiosity: There were twice as many new entries as others, thus indicating a diverse, emerging new palate of talent.


New entries137

Poll Skew:

Percentage of total points awarded that went to the Top 10:
24.45% = less than 1/3

Percentage of actors that got just one vote:
56.07% = over 1/2


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