2008 AFTI Media Boy Poll

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There were 66 votes cast for any of the 856 submitted nominees during the 11 days the poll was open. From these:

From these:

From these:



Here are the Top 15 (20 due to ties at #15) actors in terms of mentions on ballots - regardless of rank on the ballot:

12Emile Berling
10Freddie Highmore
9Nathan Gamble
8Jake T. Austin
8Chase Ellison
8Cole Sprouse
7Kåre Hedebrant
7Nat Wolff
6Jimmy Bennett
6Luke Benward
5Josh Hutcherson
5Braeden Lemasters
5Joey Luthman
5Dylan Sprouse
4Cayden Boyd
4Alexander Gould
4Nathan Kress
4Logan Lerman
4Bill Milner
4Gonzalo Sánchez Salas


Average ballot score of the Top 20

Perhaps it might be interesting to see how the Top 20 fared with each of their voters on average.

PerformerAverage Score
Jimmy Bennett4.50
Johann Hillmann4.33
Cole Sprouse4.12
Bill Milner4.00
Jean Senéjoux4.00
Nat Wolff4.00
Emile Berling3.92
Cayden Boyd3.75
Kåre Hedebrant3.71
Chase Ellison3.62
Braeden Lemasters3.60
Joey Luthman3.40
Dylan Sprouse3.40
Luke Benward3.00
Nathan Kress3.00
Josh Hutcherson2.80
Logan Lerman2.75
Nathan Gamble2.67
Freddie Highmore2.60
Jake T. Austin2.50


Dropping 5th place

Dropping the 5th place vote leads to no change in the top 10, although Jimmy moves up to tie with Nat:

Emile Berling47
Cole Sprouse33
Chase Ellison28
Jimmy Bennett27
Nat Wolff27
Kåre Hedebrant26
Freddie Highmore23
Nathan Gamble21
Jake T. Austin19
Braeden Lemasters18


Dropping 4th place

Dropping 4th place flip-flops a few and Joey moves in at the expense of Jake:

Emile Berling45
Cole Sprouse29
Jimmy Bennett27
Chase Ellison26
Nat Wolff25
Kåre Hedebrant24
Freddie Highmore21
Nathan Gamble19
Braeden Lemasters16
Joey Luthman16


Most 1st place votes

If everyone just had to pick their favorite, here is how everyone would rank:

6Emile Berling
5Cole Sprouse, Nat Wolff
4Jimmy Bennett
2Jake T. Austin, Chase Ellison, Nathan Gamble, Kåre Hedebrant, Chip Hormess, Braeden Lemasters, Thomas Sangster
1Nash Aguas, Eddie Alderson, Cayden Boyd, Asa Butterfield, Bobby Coleman, Leo Bear Creek, David Dorfman, Soren Fulton, Devon Gearhart, Alexander Gould, Johann Hillmann, Zane Huett, Dominic Scott Kay, Robbie Kay, Tommy Knight, Nathan Kress, Logan Lerman, Joey Luthman, Robert Madge, Thiago Da Silva Mariz, Damian McGinty, Bill Milner, Ryutaro Morimoto, Alex Pettyfer, Tanner Richie, George Sampson, Jean Senéjoux, Joel Slater, Corey Snide, Dylan Sprouse, Matthew Werkmeister, Ryosuke Yamada


Most 2nd place votes

4Chase Ellison
3Luke Benward, Freddie Highmore


Most 3rd place votes

3Emile Berling, Nathan Gamble, Freddie Highmore


Most 4th place votes

3Jake T. Austin


Most 5th place votes

3Nathan Gamble, Freddie Highmore


Biggest jump from 2007

45146101Tanner Richie
45146101Austin Williams
2912596Will Poulter
8718093Ridge Canipe
6314683Connor Paolo
4512580Vincent Valladon
6312562Carter Jenkins
8714659Luke Ward-Wilkinson
147258Bill Milner
13518045Harry Stott


Biggest slide from 2007

13543-92Declan Galbraith
13550-85Tyler James Williams
13554-81Aaron Johnson
8724-63Zach Mills
13572-63Cameron Bright
639-54Miles Heizer
10963-46David Birgé-Cotte
6318-45Paul Butcher
6318-45Jason Dolley
459-36Slade Pearce


Tightest stickers since 2007

The performers that moved the least since last year:

660Freddie Highmore
451Nat Wolff
3332-1Mark Indelicato


Highest finish with no 1st place votes:

Freddie Highmore (6th place, 26 points, 10 mentions)

Lowest finish with a first place vote:

Note that for this statistic, only ballots with five names have been included.

Nash Aguas (45th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Bobby Coleman (45th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Soren Fulton (45th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Zane Huett (45th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Robert Madge (45th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Damian McGinty (45th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Ryutaro Morimoto (45th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Tanner Richie (45th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Corey Snide (45th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Matthew Werkmeister (45th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Ryosuke Yamada (45th place, 5 points, 1 mention)


Best New Artists

Here are the Top 11 first time entrants to the poll with overall rank:

1Emile Berling
6Kåre Hedebrant
12Joey Luthman
17Johann Hillmann
21Tommy Knight
21Gonzalo Sánchez Salas
25Leo Bear Creek
25Joel Slater
29Fabian Haldig
29Kiril Kulish
29George Sampson

* Curiosity: There were as many new entries as others, thus indicating a diverse, emerging new palate of talent.


New entries80

Poll Skew:

Percentage of total points awarded that went to the Top 10:
31.56% = less than 1/3

Percentage of actors that got just one vote:
63.13% = over 1/2


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