2009 AFTI Media Boy Poll


2009 was a big year for new talent, as our Top Ten saw 3 totally new faces and 1 re-entry who didn't receive votes in 2008. And the trend continues through the poll, as over half the names in the top 30 weren't seen in last year's votes. The winner is a popular choice, with the most points racked up since Freddie Highmore's runaway victory in 2005!


Alexander Gould

Alexander Gould

Alexander's character got a little edgier in "Weeds" this year, and our voters strongly approved. In his 6th poll appearance out of 7 years, Alexander returns for the 3rd time in the Top Ten.


Chase Ellison

Chase Ellison

We didn't see very much of Chase in 2009, but our voters clearly liked the DVD premiere of "Towelhead." And it wouldn't be surprising to see Chase voters lined up as these ballots are counted for the premiere of "Tooth Fairy."


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin's singing career has skyrocketed from his early YouTube videos to a #1 single, screaming fans, and TV appearances. It's the kind of teen-idol excitement that we love to see and vote for.



Cole Sprouse

The astonishing career of Cole Sprouse continues with his 4th finish in the poll's top ranks - on the 12th anniversary of his first appearance in the poll! It's still very much a Suite Life for this Top Ten teen.


Victor Carles

Victor Carles

France has produced several international heroes, and Victor Carles is this year's biggest European star. Victor was part of a winning cast in his first film, "Le Petit Nicolas." At 11, he's the youngest actor in the Top Ten.



Nash Aguas

Nash Aguas has had a large contingent of fans in the Philippines since he won the Star Circle Kid Quest in 2004 at age 6. Now he's a 5 year veteran of a weekly TV show and the star of 10 movies on IMDb.


Kodi Smit-McPhee

Kodi Smit-McPhee

Kodi had one of the most dramatic film roles of the year in "The Road," as a boy wandering a ruined Earth with his father, struggling to survive. Next he'll be starring in the remake of "Let the Right One In."


Nathan Gamble

Nathan Gamble

Nathan is equally at home as a TV drama guest star, a sitcom regular, and a major motion picture character. In 2009 he did all of the above and continues a 4 year climb in the poll. From 102 to 24 to 8, this is his best rank yet.


Max Records

Max Records

It's great to see a new star burst into the top 3 in the poll, and this year Max achieved greatness with personality and talent. As the star of "Where the Wild Things Are," he captured the spirit of boyhood adventure.


Braeden Lemasters

Braeden Lemasters

Braeden's years of guest-star success on TV series have earned him a big fan base and 4 consecutive years climbing the poll. Now a regular in "Men of a Certain Age," Braeden hits the Top Ten for the second time.


Jimmy Bennett

Jimmy Bennett

Jimmy is another long- time favorite in the poll. At age 13, he's already an 8 year showbiz veteran, with major roles in "Star Trek," "Orphan," and "Shorts" just in the past year. This is his 4th Top Ten finish. Congratulations to our voters' 2009 favorite!

Jimmy Bennett First Place Award


2009 AFTI Media Boy Poll Top 10


Here's the vote count.  First you'll see this year's rank, then last year's rank, the point total, and the star.  "New" means the performer was not on last year's or 2007's ballot (although he may have been listed in previous years), and "Re-entry" either means the performer was on the ballot but received no votes last year, or was not on last year's ballot but was on 2007's ballot.

Complete Results

This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
1558Jimmy Bennett
21052Braeden Lemasters
3New48Max Records
4841Nathan Gamble
5Re-entry31Kodi Smit-McPhee
64530Nash Aguas
7New29Victor Carles
8225Cole Sprouse
9New24Justin Bieber
10323Chase Ellison
102523Alexander Gould
123321Martin Jobert
136320Chandler Canterbury
14916Jake T. Austin
141416Bill Milner
16Re-entry14Yuri Chinen
16Re-entry14Nick Romeo Reimann
186312Basty Alcances
18New12Jacob Hays
182012Logan Lerman
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
181212Dylan Sprouse
22Re-entry11Colin Ford
22New11Leonard Proxauf
22New11Uriah Shelton
25219Devon Gearhart
25New9Leo Howard
25New9Taylor Lautner
28338Mark Indelicato
28New8Tom Russell
30New7Leo Bear Creek
30New7Liam James
30New7Yuval Shevach
30New7Bridger Zadina
34296Fabian Halbig
34New6Henry Horn
34166Josh Hutcherson
34256Dominic Scott Kay
34New6Kasey Mottet Klein
34Re-entry6Matthew Knight
34New6Chris Massoglia / Kelly
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
34636Tanner Pflueger
34876Troye Sivan
43455Moises Arias
43385Preston Bailey
43New5Igi Boy Flores
431095Trevor Gagnon
43New5Filip Garbacz
43New5Maxime Godart
43New5Alban Hansen
43635Miles Heizer
43215Tommy Knight
43New5Antoine L'Écuyer
43New5Toni Leppe
431095Ryan Malgarini
43Re-entry5Rebel Rodriguez
43New5Nicolas Schinseck
43New5Atticus Shaffer
43New5Charles Vaillant
43455Austin Williams
60New4Benjamin Averty
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
60154Cayden Boyd
60874Ridge Canipe
60New4Jake Cherry
60454Bobby Coleman
60New4Spencer Daniels
60New4Alex Ferris
60Re-entry4Keir Gilchrist
60New4Gattlin Griffith
60New4Estoril Hansen
6064Freddie Highmore
60634Nick Jonas
60New4Sungha Jung
60New4Austin Macdonald
60New4Dylan Minnette
60New4Shintaro Morimoto
60New4Samy Seghir
60Re-entry4Kenta Suga
60874Luke Ward-Wilkinson
79Re-entry3Sterling Beaumon
79New3Jonathan Beck
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
79New3Guillermo Campra
791353Tyger Drew-Honey
79New3Rafael Haider
79633Mick Hazen
79Re-entry3Angus T. Jones
79183Nathan Kress
79New3Quinn Lord
79123Joey Wagner Luthman
791093Jiro Manio
79453Damian McGinty
79New3Pavel Melenchuk
79Re-entry3William Miller
79New3Jacob Ottensten
791353Tyler James Williams
79Re-entry3Layton Williams
79New3Ryan Wynott
97382Eddie Alderson
971352Cameron Bright
97New2Zach Callison
97632Jason Dolley
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
97632Skyler Gisondo
97New2Jonathan Morgan Heit
97New2Gwion Jones
97New2Ryunosuke Kamiki
97872Zack Lockett
97Re-entry2Daryl Sabara
97New2Zachary Williams
108Re-entry1Allen Alvarado
108New1Dylan Everett
108New1Robert Gerdisch
108New1Daichi Harashima
108New1Matous Kratina
108381Léo Legrand
108Re-entry1Alexander Ludwig
108New1Mitchel Musso
108451Slade Pearce
108Re-entry1Jimmy "Jax" Pinchak
108New1Nick Price
108291George Sampson
108New1Kendall Ryan Sanders
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
108871Zack Shada
108Re-entry1Manuel Steitz
108Re-entry1Darian Weiss


Thanks to everyone who voted, and to those who participated in this year's AFTI Media Boy Poll Committee: Duncan, Chris, Mark, Mediajock, and Zabladowski.

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