2009 AFTI Media Boy Poll

Voting has now closed.

The Poll is simple - fans are asked to vote for their favorite young male performers based on their work during the year 2009. There are some rules for voting, so please make sure you read and follow those rules so you will have a valid ballot.

Best of luck to all the nominees, and many thanks for enriching our lives in 2009. We look forward to many more wonderful performances in 2010.

The 2009 AFTI Poll Committee: Chris P., Duncan, Likem, Mediajock, Mark L, and Zabladowski.


If you have any queries, the Committee can be contacted at
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Eligible Nominees

Last Update to List of Nominees: Tuesday 19th January 2010 19:45:33 PST

Brunno AbrahãoForça-Tarefa (guest)
Talon G AckermanFather in Israel (lead)
Julien AdamUn cargo pour l'Afrique (lead)
Nash AguasKamoteng Kahoy (lead), BFF (star), Land Down Under (star), Goin' Bulilit (cast), Dahil May Isang Ikaw (guest), May Bukas Pa (guest)
Alan AisenbergThe Naked Brothers Band (guest)
Devon AlanCSI (guest)
Basty AlcancesTutok (star), Dalaw (star), Hellphone (star), Goin' Bulilit (cast)
Eddie AldersonOne Life To Live (cast), Law & Order (guest)
Tristan AldonBraquo (recurring)
Nicholas AlexanderI Love You Phillip Morris (star)
Reed AlexanderAce Ventura: Pet Detective Jr. (star), iCarly (recurring)
Dylan AlfordTommy and the Cool Mule (cast)
Jermain AllenSkellig (cast)
Mykola AllenBeing Human (guest), Land Girls (star), The Bill (guest)
Adrian AlonsoLos simuladores (guest)
Allen Alvarado10 Things I Hate About You (guest), Cryptic (star)
David AlvarezBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage)
Pascal AndresLiebe macht sexy (cast)
Lewis AndrewsBilly Elliot The Musical (cast, stage)
Cameron AnsellYou Might as Well Live (cast), Sticks and Stones (star), Life with Derek (guest)
Moises AriasLittle League World Series (interviewer), Dadnapped (star), Hannah Montana: The Movie (star), Hannah Montana (star), Phineas and Ferb (guest voice), Astro Boy (star voice), The Perfect Game (lead), Wizards of Waverly Place (recurring)
Michael William ArnoldThe Middle (guest), Opposite Day (cast), Al's Brain in 3D (cast)
Pablo ArnolettiPaisito (lead)
João ArraisLiberdade 21 (recurring), Conta-me Como Foi (guest)
Nicholas ArtTaking Chance (star)
Andrew AstorHow I Met Your Mother (guest), The Hangover (cast), Opposite Day (cast), Santa Buddies (star)
Jake T. AustinHotels For Dogs (lead), The Wizards of Waverly Place (lead), Two and a Half Men (guest), The Suite Life on Deck (guest), Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie (lead), The Perfect Game (lead)
Benjamin AvertyLe petit Nicolas (cast)
Patrick BaehrUnser Charly (guest)
Brennan BaileyMy Sister's Keeper (star), Children of the Corn (cast), The Mentalist (guest), Cougar Town (guest)
Jarrod BaileyChasing a Dream (star), Lincoln Heights (guest)
Preston BaileyDexter (recurring), Children of the Corn (lead), It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: It's a Very Sunny Christmas (star)
Pax BaldwinParadise Cafe (star), Kingdom (guest), Doctors (guest)
Anton BalekdjianCelle que j'aime (lead)
Brennan BarkerTommy and the Cool Mule (cast)
Grant BarkerTommy and the Cool Mule (lead)
Jonathan BarringtonLibera (vocalist)
Thomas BatuelloThe Naked Brothers Band (star)
Shane BaumelCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (cast voice)
Luke BeachDoctors (guest)
Jake BealeThe Ron James Show (guest)
Leo Bear CreekComing Soon (drummer)
Scott BeaudinDegrassi: The Next Generation (recurring), Sticks and Stones (star), Victoria Day (star)
Sterling BeaumonLost (recurring), The Cleaner (guest), Gary Unmarried (guest), Astro Boy (cast voice)
Jeremy BecerraBollywood Beats (cast)
Jonathan BeckDarüber hinaus (lead), Summertime Blues (lead)
Marc BeffaLa fonte des neiges (lead)
John BellA Shine of Rainbows (lead)
Jimmy BellingerAn American Affair (star)
Anton BennentFlug in die Nacht - Das Unglück von Überlingen (lead)
Jimmy BennettStar Trek (star), Orphan (lead), Shorts (lead), Trucker (lead), Alabama Moon (lead), Stolen Lives (lead)
Randall BentleyHeroes (recurring)
Jack O. BerglundThe Countess (cast)
Lukas T. BerglundDie Päpstin (cast), The Countess (cast)
Emile BerlingLe refuge (cast), Un conte de Noël (star)
Thilo BerndtBienenstich ist aus (lead)
Matthias Den BestenDe Indiaan (lead)
Hans-Laurin BeyerlingSOKO Leipzig (guest)
Justin Bieber(singer)
Luke BighamEastbound and Down (recurring)
Lucas Munk BillingMille (star)
David Birgé-CotteBoulevard du Palais (guest)
Drew BlackallBilly Elliot The Musical (cast, stage)
Tanner BlazeCSI: Miami (recurring), Chasing a Dream (star)
Gijs BlomCiske de Rat (stage; lead)
Jonas BloquetPrivate lessons (Élève libre) (lead)
Kwesi BoakyeI Can Do Bad All by Myself (star), Men of a Certain Age (recurring), 40 (star)
Kwame BoatengNot Easily Broken (star), ER (guest), The Office (guest)
Freddie BoathThe Bill (guest)
Jonah Bobo30 Rock (guest), Royal Pains (guest)
David BodeFamilie Dr. Kleist (recurring), Ki.Ka-Krimi.de (recurring)
Ian BodellPrivate Practice (guest)
Leonard BoesDas weisse Band (cast), Hexe Lilli: Der Drache und das magische Buch (lead)
Zak BogganER (guest)
Tyler BoissonnaultRatko: The Dictator's Son (star)
David BolognaBilly Elliot (stage; lead - New York)
Michael BoltenSaving Grace (guest), Trauma (guest)
Jackson BondInto Temptation (cast)
Keegan BoosLost (guest)
Devon BostickSaw VI (cast), Being Erica (recurring), Survival of the Dead (star), The Border (guest), Guns (cast)
Cayden BoydFireflies in the Garden (star)
Tiarnan BransonLibera (vocalist)
Paul-Andre BrasseurCe qu'il faut pour vivre (lead)
Nino Den BraveKikkerdril (lead)
Spencer BreslinBones (guest)
Spencir BridgesThe Three Gifts (star), iCarly (guest)
Cameron BrightAn American Affair (lead), Twilight: New Moon (cast), Walled In (lead)
Brandon Luke BringhurstDadnapped (cast)
Fabian BroeckerDer Typ, 13 Kinder & ich (lead)
Frederick BroeckerDer Typ, 13 Kinder & ich (lead)
Liam BroggyThe Pack (star)
Benjamin BryanWolverine and the X-Men (guest voice)
Mehmet BülbülMommo (lead)
Max BurkholderPrivate Practice (recurring), Family Guy (recurring voice), Brothers & Sisters (recurring), In Treatment (recurring), American Dad (guest voice), The Cleveland Show (guest voice), Tigger & Pooh and a Musical Too (star voice)
TJ BurnettLincoln Heights (guest), Dollhouse (guest)
Jordan BurtLaw & Order (guest)
Paul ButcherCriminal Minds (guest)
Austin Robert ButlerAliens in the Attic (lead), Ruby & the Rockits (lead), Zeke and Luther (guest)
Paul ButlerMy Sister's Keeper (cast), A Single Man (star), Sonny with a Chance (guest), Children of the Corn (star)
Asa ButterfieldMerlin (recurring), Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard (star)
Andrew ByrneDoc Martin (guest), May Contain Nuts (star)
Adam CagleyState of the Union (guest)
Zach CallisonAre You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? (cast), Diary of a Single Mom (star), Land of the Lost (cast)
Jesse CamachoLess Than Kind (lead), The Velveteen Rabbit (star), The Trotsky (cast)
Kasey CampbellStolen Lives (cast)
Guillermo CampraCarlitos y el campo de los sueños (lead), Águila roja (star), El internado (recurring)
Ridge CanipeLife Is Hot in Cracktown (cast), A Single Man (cast)
Chandler CanterburyKnowing (lead), Powder Blue (star), After Life (star), Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach (cast)
Colby CanterburyBalls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach (cast)
Victor CarlesLe petit Nicolas (cast)
Samuel CarmanHouse M.D. (guest)
João Pedro CarvalhoO Menino da Porteira (lead)
Eduardo CasanovaAida (star)
Dylan CashOpposite Day (cast)
Vincent CasoThe Guild (star)
Emilio CastEverybody Hates Chris (guest), The Perfect Game (star)
David CastilloAida (star)
David CastroThe Ministers (star)
Field CateSpace Buddies (star voice), Santa Buddies (star voice)
Dean-Charles ChapmanBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage)
Zacharie ChasseriaudVive les vacances! (star), Les corbeaux (star), Les petits meurtres d'Agatha Christie (guest)
Arthur ChazalLe missionnaire (star)
Clement ChebliFrères de sang (lead), Avocats & associés (guest)
Jordan ChemamaR.I.S. Police scientifique (guest)
Michael ChenChildren of Invention (lead), The Flight of the Conchords (guest)
Jake CherryNight At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian (star), The Rebound (cast), House M.D. (guest), Criminal Minds (guest)
Yuri Chinensinger
Elliott ChoAll About Steve (cast)
Petrus A. ChristensenKnerten (lead)
Cody ChristianSurrogates (cast)
Juan CiancioBridges (lead)
Hunter ClarySuspension of Disbelief (star)
Vincent ClaudeLe petit Nicolas (cast)
Oliver ColeLibera (vocalist)
Bobby ColemanPost Grad (star), Knight Rider (guest)
Raphaël ColemanEdward's Turmoil (lead), The Fourth Kind (star)
Liam ConneryLibera (vocalist)
Alessandro ConstantiniSticks and Stones (cast), You Might as Well Live (cast)
Alexander ContiGooby (star), The Good Witch's Garden (star), Overruled! (guest), Case 39 (guest)
Austin CoobsChildren of the Corn (star)
Lewis CopeBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage)
Louis CorbettCarla Cametti PD (cast)
Maxwell Perry CottonLike Dandelion Dust (lead), Brothers & Sisters (recurring)
Brandon CraggsFamily Biz (recurring)
Jermaine CrawfordAn American Affair (cast), The Unusuals (guest)
Noah CrawfordMy Name is Earl (recurring), Land of the Lost (cast)
Santiago CrespoCuéntame (star)
Kavana CrossleyLibera (vocalist)
William CuddyThe Armoire (lead), Amelia (star)
Tom CullyLibera (vocalist)
Zach CumerFinding Bliss (star), The Hustler (recurring), Poor Paul (recurring), Necromentia (star)
Shane CurryKisses (lead)
Ethan CutkoskyThe Unborn (cast)
Michael DameskiBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage, Melbourne)
Germain Petit DamicoLe petit Nicolas (cast)
Jordan DangHeroes (recurring), Cold Case (guest)
Hoang Dang-VuDer Typ, 13 Kinder & ich (lead)
Lloyd DanielsThe X Factor (contestant - singer)
Spencer DanielsStar Trek (cast), Crash (recurring), NCIS (guest), Big Love (guest)
Hutch DanoZeke and Luther (lead), The Suite Life on Deck (guest)
Seamus Davey-FitzpatrickEverybody's Fine (star), Kings (guest)
Ed DayLibera (vocalist)
Milton De La CanalBridges (lead)
Julian De La CelleHeroes (recurring)
Alexander DeJordySticks and Stones (lead), George Ryga's Hungry Hills (star)
Brett Del BuonoThe Cleaner (recurring)
Antony Del RioHannah Montana (guest), Lincoln Heights (recurring), The Super Hero Squad Show (recurring voice)
Jérémy DenistyNeuilly sa mère! (lead)
Joshua DenyerBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage, Melbourne)
Eric Dibb-FullerOliver! (lead, stage)
Frank DillaneHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (cast)
Liam DoddsBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage, Melbourne)
Thomas DohertyBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage, Melbourne)
Jason DolleyHatching Pete (lead), Good Luck Charlie (lead)
James DonagheyOliver! (lead, stage)
Kurt DossRuby & the Rockits (star), Opposite Day (cast), Scrubs (guest)
Creagen DowNumb3rs (guest), Entourage (guest), Flash Forward (guest), Castle (guest)
Connor DoyleBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage)
Austin DreherChildren of the Corn (star)
Tyger Drew-HoneyOutnumbered (lead), Doctors (guest)
Aaron Michael DrozinNutcracker: The Untold Story (cast)
Michael DrummondMega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (cast)
Casey DuboisSupernatural (guest)
Jonathan DümckeBloch (star)
Steve-Marvin DwumahLippels Traum (star)
Samuel EarleDegrassi: The Next Generation (recurring), Sticks and Stones (star)
Cedric EichDeutschland 09 - 13 kurze Filme zur Lage der Nation (star), Ein Fall von Liebe (cast), n aller Freundschaft (guest), Siebenstein (guest)
Joel EisenblätterStorm (star), Polizeiruf 110 (guest), Das Duo (guest)
Finn-Lennard EisensteinRennschwein Rudi Rüssel (star)
Sebastian EklundMan tänker sitt (lead)
Víctor ElíasVolver a subir (lead)
Nicholas EliaThe Shortcut (star)
Chase EllisonTowelhead (cast), Fireflies in the Garden (lead)
Eduardo EspinillaCobardes (lead)
Alex EtelCranford (lead), From Time to Time (lead)
Jon Kent EthridgeiCarly (guest), Black Dynamite (star), Land of the Lost (cast)
Dustin Hunter EvansThe Wild Stallion (cast)
Dylan EverettFading Fast (lead), Booky's Crush (lead)
Daeg FaerchRun! Bitch Run! (cast)
Nikolaj Falkenberg-KlokIsa's stepz (guest)
Alejandro FelipeEl descubrimiento (lead), Secretos (guest), Cabeza de buda (cast)
Damien FerdelLe petit Nicolas (cast)
Alex FerrisThe Light of Family Burnam (lead), Smallville (guest), Living Out Loud (lead), Harper's Island (guest), The Time Traveler's Wife (star), Big Head (lead), Battlestar Galactica: The Plan (cast)
Hero Fiennes-TiffinHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (cast)
Jason Fiore-OrtizThe Ministers (cast)
Jaishon FisherGifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story (star), Christmas in Canaan (star)
Eric FletcherStreetballers (lead)
Dario FlickApollo 3 (band)
Josh FlitterAce Ventura: Pet Detective Jr. (lead), Space Buddies (star voice), Santa Buddies (star voice)
Igi Boy FloresParekoy (cast)
Giovanni FloridoSin nombre (star)
Travis FloryEverybody Hates Chris (recurring)
Daniel FontannazLibera (vocalist)
Colin FordSupernatural (recurring), Push (star), In My Pocket (star)
Spencer FoxCupid (guest)
Lucas FranchiL'histoire de Marie (lead)
James FraserDouble Take (recurring), All Saints (guest)
Adrian FrontzekSiebenstein (guest)
Ricardo GómezCuéntame (lead)
Paul GäblerSwinki (cast)
Trevor GagnonShorts (lead), The New Adventures of Old Christine (star)
Nathan GambleHank (lead), The Hole (lead)
Eduardo GaréCobardes (lead)
Filip GarbaczSwinki (lead)
Ollie GardnerBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage)
Zac GardnerEastbound & Down (guest)
Elan GarfiasNi Hao Kai-lan (recurring voice), Chowder (recurring voice)
Joshua Waiss GatesBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage, Melbourne)
Devon GearhartShorts (star), Lost (guest)
Troy GentileHotel for Dogs (star)
Robert GerdischChildren of the Corn (star), Chicago Overcoat (star), Never (cast)
Sven GielnikBis an die Grenze (star), Der Kommissar und das Meer (star)
Keir GilchristThe United States of Tara (star), The Listener (recurring), George Ryga's Hungry Hills (lead), Just Peck (lead)
Jared GilmoreMad Men (recurring), Talkshow with Spike Feresten (recurring), Roommates (guest), Opposite Day (cast)
Skyler GisondoThe Bill Engvall Show (star), Santa Buddies (star voice), Eastwick (guest), CSI: NY (guest), Space Buddies (star voice)
Janos GiurannaSommersonntag (lead)
Nathaniel GleedEmma (cast)
Jack GleesonA Shine of Rainbows (star)
Maxime GodartLe petit Nicolas (lead)
Thijs GoedknegtKikkerdril (star)
Jake Goldberg30 Rock (guest)
Hunter GomezGhost Whisperer (guest), Middle Men (star)
Zachary GordonNi Hao Kai-lan (recurring voice), 24 (guest), How I Met Your Mother (guest), Santa Buddies (star voice)
Parker GorisThe New Adventures of Old Christine (guest)
Alexander GouldWeeds (lead), Supernatural (guest)
Ryan GranthamHarper's Island (guest), The Troop (guest), The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (cast), Santa Buddies (cast)
Noah Gray-CabeyHeroes (recurring), Family Guy (guest voice)
Tom GreenHome and Away (recurring)
Khamani GriffinNi Hao Kai-lan (lead voice), NCIS (guest), Grey's Anatomy (guest)
Gattlin GriffithSupernatural (guest), Without a Trace (guest), The New Daughter (lead), Couples Retreat (star), Eleventh Hour (guest), Uncorked (star)
Quentin GrossetÉternelle (guest), Papi Noël (cast)
Logan GroveDiary of a Single Mom (star), Opposite Day (cast)
Matthew GumleyDora the Explorer (star voice)
Tristan HafermalzBei uns und um die Ecke (lead)
Keith HahtoFalling Up (cast)
Rafael HaiderDer Bergdoktor (guest)
Ali HajiPaathshaala (cast)
Fabian HalbigDie Vorstadtkrokodile (lead)
Landen Hale-BrownBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage, Melbourne)
Jonas HämmerleWickie und die starken Männer (lead)
Alban HansenRomy (cast), Tatort (guest), Doktor Martin (recurring)
Estoril HansenRomy (cast), Tatort (guest)
Daichi HarashimaXiong mao hui jia lu (lead)
Maximilian HarnischWer hat Angst vorm schwarzen Mann? (star), Schnell ermittelt (guest)
Maestro HarrellGifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story (star), Lowering the Bar (star)
Andy Scott HarrisHouse M.D. (guest), Little Monk (guest), Men of a Certain Age (guest), Love Takes Wing (cast), Zeke and Luther (guest), Angels & Demons (cast)
Aaron HartGhost Whisperer (guest), Criminal Minds (guest), The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle (cast)
Nate HartleyiCarly (recurring), Jonas (guest), Hannah Montana (guest), Rita Rocks (recurring), Zeke and Luther (recurring)
Thomas HartleyThat's Magic (star)
Oliver HavisBilly Elliot The Musical (cast, stage)
Jacob HaysDisney's Really Short Report (star), Sam Steele and the Junior Detective Agency (lead)
Mick HazenAs The World Turns (recurring)
Jae HeadThe Blind Side (star)
Noah HedgesDoctors (recurring), Waking the Dead (recurring)
Friedrich HeineKrauses Kur (lead), Bei uns und um die Ecke (lead)
Jonathan Morgan HeitBedtime Stories (lead), Monk (guest), How I Met Your Mother (guest)
Miles HeizerCold Case (guest)
Levin HenningLiebeslied (lead), Das Weisse Band (star)
Landon HenningerBandslam (cast)
James HenrieStar Trek (cast)
Cole HeppellThe Guard (guest), Mr. Troop Mom (cast)
Sami HerzogHexe Lilli: Der Drache und das magische Buch (lead)
Adam HicksZeke and Luther (lead)
Freddie HighmoreArthur et la vengeance de Maltazard (lead), Astro Boy (lead voice)
Johann HillmannLiebe verlernt man nicht (cast), Der Raketenmann Wernher von Braun (lead)
Nicholas HockadayBilly Elliot The Musical (cast, stage)
Gus HoffmanGifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story (star), Lincoln Heights (recurring)
Tom HollandBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage)
Henry HornApollo 3 (band)
Tom HortensiusPuppy Patrol (lead)
Leo HowardShorts (star), Aussie and Ted's Great Adventure (lead), G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (star), Leo Little's Big Show (lead), Zeke and Luther (guest)
Christian HuayguaEl regalo de la Pachamama (lead)
Zane HuettBig Love (guest), Dear Lemon Lima (star)
Patrick Hurd-WoodSolomon Kane (star)
Bryce HurlessMe, You, a Bag & Bamboo (star), Heroes (guest), Parks and Recreation (guest)
David HürtenDie Vorstadtkrokodile (star)
Sebastian HusakDie Pfefferkörner (guest)
Syed Faizal HussainRamchand Pakistani (star)
Josh HutchersonCirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (lead)
Ben HylandMichael & Michael Have Issues (guest)
Bogdan IancuHo Ho Ho (lead)
Sandro IannottaLauras Stern und der geheimnisvolle Drache Nian (star voice), Die Unbedingten (cast)
Javidan ImaniDie Vorstadtkrokodile (star)
Mark IndelicatoUgly Betty (star)
Freddie InglesLibera (vocalist)
Rowan IsaacsonThe Horse Boy (himself)
Fox Jackson-KeenBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage)
Justin JahnkeThe Red Ball (cast)
Kai JamesNight at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (cast); Given (cast); Pure Evil (cast)
Liam James2012 (lead); Psych (recurring); Horsemen (star)
Dominic JanesER (guest)
Cannon JayNot Easily Broken (star)
Laurence JeffcoateOliver! (lead, stage)
Carter JenkinsAliens in the Attic (lead); Lie to Me (guest)
Martin JobertLes enfants de Timpelbach (lead)
Michel JoelsasMaysa - Quando Fala o Coração (guest)
Avan JogiaSpectacular! (star); Caprica (guest)
Aman JohalJennifer's Body (star)
Jake JohnsonSaving Grace (guest); The Attic Door (lead)
Drake JohnstonWithin (star)
Frankie JonasJonas (recurring)
Nick JonasJonas (star); Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (voice)
Angus T. JonesTwo and a Half Men (lead)
Charlie JonesEastEnders (recurring)
Gwion JonesOliver! (lead, stage)
Nicky JonesChowder (voice)
Tyler Patrick JonesG-Force (star)
Nicolas JouxtelCoco (star)
Sungha Jung(musician)
Inowaki KaiTokyo Sonata (lead)
Luchezar KalchevMagna Aura (lead)
Ryunosuke KamikiAkahana no sensei (cast), Samâ wôzu (star voice)
Justus KammererInga Lindström (guest), The Countess (cast), Großstadtrevier (guest)
Roger KarwinskiNiania (lead)
Boris KashevMagna Aura (lead)
Raphaël KatzLes enfants de Timpelbach (lead)
Dominic Scott KayHouse, M.D. (guest)
Malcolm David KelleyLost (recurring), Mississippi Damned (lead), Saving Grace (recurring), The Kings of Appletown (star)
Brett KellyWhat Goes Up (cast)
Connor KellyBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage)
Jonas Lovis KemmlerDer Bergdoktor (recurring)
Drake KemperEntourage (guest), iCarly (guest), Eastwick (guest), Flash Forward (guest)
Jan-Hendrik KieferDie Päpstin (cast)
Brandon KillhamMad Men (guest), Ghost Whisperer (guest), Opposite Day (cast)
Peter KirkhamJoel the Superman (lead)
Malik KirkwoodBones (guest)
Kasey Mottet KleinHome (lead)
Cody KlopStar Trek (cast), Parks and Recreation (guest)
Aramis KnightHatching Pete (star), Crossing Over (cast), Ghost Whisperer (guest)
Matthew KnightGooby (lead), Flashpoint (guest), The Grudge 3 (star), The Good Witch's Garden (star)
Tommy KnightThe Sarah Jane Adventures (lead), Myths (guest)
Jakob KnoblauchDer Kriminalist (guest)
Jacob KoganStar Trek (star), Delocated (star)
Kevin KöppeKi.Ka-Krimi.de (guest)
Janos KörtgeFamilie Sonnenfeld (star)
Rhys KosakowskiBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage, Melbourne)
Matous KratinaKdopak by se vlka bál (star)
Nick KrauseExTerminators (cast)
Nathan KressiCarley (star)
Markus KrojerDie Perlmutterfarbe (lead), Schreibe mir - Postkarten nach Copacabana (cast)
Luka KumiLiebe, Babys und der Zauber Afrikas (star)
Martin KurzDie wilden Hühner und das Leben (star)
Antoine L'ÉcuyerPour toujours, les Canadiens! (star), C'est pas moi, je le jure! (lead)
Vincent LacosteLes beaux gosses (lead)
David LambertAaron Stone (lead)
Tobias LambertsMorrison krijgt een zusje (lead)
Zak LaughedSinger, guitarist
Taylor LautnerTwilight: New Moon (lead)
Lucien LaviscountCoronation Street (recurring)
Thomas LawEastEnders (star)
Stefan LeadbeaterLibera (vocalist)
Brody Nicholas LeeBlood and Bone (cast)
Cody Benjamin LeeBlood and Bone (cast)
Dan Curtis LeeZeke and Luther (recurring)
Christian LeesMinder (guest)
Jonah LeesMinder (guest)
Alex LeggettLibera (vocalist)
Sam LeggettLibera (vocalist)
Léo LegrandLes enfants de Timpelbach (lead)
Braeden LemastersNCIS (guest), The Stepfather (lead), Men of a Certain Age (lead), Chasing a Dream (star)
Michael LenVoid (star)
Orlando LenzenPlötzlich Onkel (lead)
Toni LeppeViikko ennen vappua (star)
Logan LermanGamer (lead), My One And Only (lead)
Sam LernerThe Secret Staurdays (lead voice)
David LeviThe Naked Brothers Band (star)
Josef LindsayThe Turn Of The Screw (lead), Midsomer Murders (guest)
Spencer ListOffspring (star), Fringe (guest), The Wonder Pets (guest voice)
Paulie LittThe League (guest)
Ashley LloydHalf Moon Investigations (star)
Zack LockettLibera (vocalist)
Bret LoehrTrue Adolescents (star)
Sandro LohmannRomy (lead), Die Päpstin (cast)
Sophus Emil LøkkegaardZoomerne (lead)
Hoang Long21 and a Wake-Up (cast)
Carmen LoPortoOne Life to Live (recurring), The Day the Bread Turned Green (star)
Quinn LordSpace Buddies (star), The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (cast), Santa Buddies (star), Virtuality (cast), The Hole (star)
Alexander LorenzKrauses Kur (lead), Bei uns und um die Ecke (star)
Alexander LudwigRace to Witch Mountain (lead)
Zak LudwigChristmas in Canaan (star)
Joey Wagner LuthmanPrivate Practice (guest), iCarly (recurring), Forget Me Not (star), Miss March (cast)
Timothy MabalotAng nerseri (lead)
Austin MacdonaldThe Ron James Show (guest), Little Mosque on the Prairie (recurring), Monday Report (guest)
George MacKayThe Boys are Back (lead)
Rick MackenbachMijn vader is een detective (star)
Robert MadgeOliver! (lead, stage)
Josh MadineLibera (vocalist)
Daniel MagderLife with Derek (star), Sticks and Stones (star), The Good Witch's Garden (cast)
Tanner MaguireLost (guest), House M.D. (guest), Eleventh Hour (guest), How I Met Your Mother (recurring), Without a Trace (guest)
Gabriel Maillé1981 (lead)
Austin MajorsHow I Met Your Mother (guest)
Ryan MalgariniGary Unmarried (star)
Jiro ManioManila (cast), Tayong dalawa (star)
Frederik Ludvig MansaZoomerne (lead)
Casey MargolisThe Mentalist (guest), The Hangover (cast), Opposite Day (cast)
Flynn MarksLibera (vocalist)
Tayler MarshallMy Family (recurring)
Vincent MartellaPhineas and Ferb (lead voice), Everybody Hates Chris (star), Under the Hood (star)
Graham Patrick MartinBill Engvall Show (star), Jonas (guest), iCarly (guest)
Justin MartinThe Soloist (star)
Dmitriy MartynovNa igre (cast)
Kyle MasseyThe Electric Company (recurring)
Chris Massoglia / KellyCirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (lead), The Hole (lead)
Drew MatthewsHouse Broken (cast)
Noah MatthewsThe Ugly Truth (star)
Michael MayThe Lost and Found Family (star), One Tree Hill (recurring)
George MaycockBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage)
Emilio MazurReunion (cast)
Kyle McCaffreyShannon's Rainbow (cast), Prison Break (guest)
Ross McCormackOliver! (lead, stage)
Jack McElhoneNowhere Boy (star)
Hayden McFarlandTiMER (star)
Damian McGintyCeltic Thunder (singer)
Thomas McKennaBilly Elliot The Musical (cast, stage)
Dylan McLaughliniCarly (recurring)
Fabian MeierDer Dicke (recurring), Da kommt Kalle (guest)
Tjeerd MelchersMijn vader is een detective (lead)
Pavel MelenchukKogda my byli schastlivy...(cast)
William MellingHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (cast), An Education (cast)
Jannis MichelEin Hausboot zum Verlieben (lead), Woche für Woche (lead)
Qaasim MiddletonThe Naked Brothers Band (star)
Chancellor MillerMeteor (recurring), The Three Investigators and the Secret of Terror Castle (lead), Everybody Hates Chris (guest)
William MillerRunaway (lead)
Connor MillsUnser Charly (recurring)
Zach MillsRita Rocks (recurring)
Perry MillwardCasualty (recurring), Ashes to Ashes (guest)
Bill MilnerSkellig (lead), Is Anybody There? (lead), Mixtape (lead)
Dylan MinnetteSaving Grace (recurring), Supernatural (guest)
Jeremy MockridgeDie wilden Hühner und das Leben (star), Lindenstraße (recurring)
Cameron MonaghanThe Three Investigators and the Secret of Terror Castle (lead), Monk (guest), Another Harvest Moon (star), Numb3rs (guest), The Mentalist (guest), Safe Harbor (star), Three Rivers (guest), PG Porn (guest), Fringe (guest)
Jack MontgomeryDoctors (guest)
Joshua Logan MooreDesperate Housewives (recurring)
Gabriel MoralesThe Perfect Game (lead), Wake (cast)
James MordauntLibera (vocalist)
Sammy MoriartyLibera (vocalist)
Ryutaro Morimotosinger
Shintaro Morimotosinger, Snow Prince (lead), Hataraku Gon! (cast)
Gig MortonMistresses (cast), Space Buddies (star), Santa Buddies (star), Angel and the Badman (star), Impact (guest)
Kai Michael MüllerGangs (star)
Noah MunckER (guest), Phineas and Ferb (guest voice), iCarly (recurring), All About Steve (cast)
Omar MuñozMarisol (cast)
Marc MussoThe Perfect Game (cast)
Mitchel MussoHannah Montana: The Movie (star), Hannah Montana (star), Hatching Pete (lead), Phineas and Ferb (recurring voice)
Gelmis NaujikasNereikalingi zmones (star)
Borja NavasLa chica de ayer (guest)
Eric NelsenBig Time Rush (cast)
Tommy NelsonOffspring (cast)
Nick NerviesCurb Your Enthusiasm (recurring), Monk (guest), The Soloist (cast)
Marcel NievelsteinWoche für Woche (cast)
Jannis NiewöhnerGangs (star)
Carson NitschkeTommy and the Cool Mule (cast)
Julius NitschkoffDer Typ, 13 Kinder & ich (lead)
Ivan Alexander NonovMagna Aura (lead)
Landon NorrisOrphan (cast), Degrassi: The Next Generation (guest), Life with Derek (guest), World of Quest (star voice)
Rodrigo NoyaHermanos & detectives (lead)
Scotty Noyd Jr.Dark House (cast), House M.D. (guest), Curb Your Enthusiasm (guest), CSI: Miami (guest)
Jakob Fals NygaardKarla og Katrine (star)
Wesley O'MaryBohemibot (cast)
Octavio OcañaHermanos y detectives (star)
Ryan OchoaiCarly (recurring); The Perfect Game (star); A Christmas Carol (voice)
Jimi OchsenknechtGangs (lead)
Keito OkamotoHey! Say! JUMP (musician)
Tomoki OkayamaAtashinchi no Danshi (lead), Uta no Onii-san (guest)
Tony OllerAs the Bell Rings (star)
Jordan OrrBones (guest)
Antonio OrtizMercy (guest)
Drew OsborneThe Mentalist (guest); Cold Case (guest), Castle (guest)
Jacob OttenstenLars og Peter (lead), Fri os fra det onde (lead), Lulu & Leon (star)
Jackson PaceAce in the Hole (star)
Carlos PadillaThe Perfect Game (star)
Bridger PalmerOpposite Day (cast)
Jansen PanettiereThe Perfect Game (star)
Ty PanitzStolen Lives (star), NCIS (guest), Santa Buddies (star voice), Bones (recurring)
Eliott ParillaudFemmes de loi (guest)
Park Jin-binKkotboda namja (star)
Tyler John ParkerBilly Elliot The Musical (cast, stage)
Alexander PashovMagna Aura (lead)
Dylan PattonDays of Our Lives (recurring)
Colby PaulStar Trek (cast), Fringe (guest), The Mentalist (guest)
Slade PearceCriminal Minds (guest), Miss March (star)
Nathan PearsonEastbound & Down (guest), Sharing God Kid Style (star)
Matthew PeartGooby (star)
Ross PerrelliHome & Away (recurring)
Kerem PetekMommo (star)
Meshach PetersFear Itself (guest)
Cole PetersenBoutonniere (star)
Tyler PetersonHow I Met Your Mother (guest)
Anthony PetrifkeIn aller Freundschaft (recurring)
Benjamin PetryDoc West (star)
Tanner PfluegerBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage)
Ben PhilippLibera (vocalist)
Graham Phillips13 The Musical (lead, stage), The Good Wife (recurring), Stolen Lives (star)
Francesco Piacentini-SmithOliver! (lead, stage)
Jimmy "Jax" PinchakMeteor (recurring)
Bogdan PlukovMagna Aura (lead)
Daniel PoloLove at First Hiccup (star), Without a Trace (guest), Imagine That (star)
Tyler Garcia PoseyLincoln Heights (recurring)
Will PoulterSchool of Comedy (cast)
Jake PrattBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage)
Connor PriceBooky's Crush (star), Guns (star), Back (lead)
Nick PriceThe Three Investigators and the Secret of Terror Castle (lead)
Serge PriceDe storm (star)
Shawn PrinceSaint John of Las Vegas (cast)
Roger PrincepPadre Modelo (star)
Jorik Prins13 in de oorlog (star)
Leonard ProxaufDas weisse band (lead)
Jérémie QuaegebeurLa fille du RER (star)
Anthony QuinonezMy Name is Earl (guest), The Perfect Game (star), Spout (cast)
Mario Quinonez Jr.Brothers & Sisters (guest), Law & Order (guest), The Perfect Game (star), Spout (cast)
Janus Dissing RathkeJulefrokosten (star)
Mishon RatliffLincoln Heights (star)
K'Sun RayCSI (guest), ER (guest), Three Rivers (guest)
Conner RayburnAccording to Jim (star), The Invention of Lying (cast), Old Dogs (lead)
Max RecordsWhere The Wild Things Are (lead)
Domenic RedlPrinzessin Lillifee (star voice)
Aaron RefvemGrey's Anatomy (recurring), Dexter (guest), General Hospital (star), Sons of Anarchy (recurring), Opposite Day (cast)
Javin ReidMixing Karma (star)
Nick Romeo ReimannDie Vorstadtkrokodile (lead)
Jordan ReynoldsTommy and the Cool Mule (cast)
Tequan RichmondEverybody Hates Chris (star), Weeds (guest)
Jack RigbyWaterloo Road (guest), Don't Worry About Me (cast)
Miles RobbinsThe Greatest (star)
Damani RobertsPrivate Practice (guest), The Cleveland Show (guest voice)
Bryce RobinsonFlash Forward (guest)
Daniel RocheOutnumbered (lead)
Carlos RodriguezLibera (vocalist)
Racer RodriguezShorts (cast)
Rebel RodriguezShorts (star)
Rocket RodriguezShorts (cast)
Austin RogersAce Ventura: Pet Detective Jr. (lead), Bones (guest)
Karl RogersHotel Babylon (guest)
Jacob RoloffLittle People Big World (himself)
Julius RömerDa kommt Kalle (lead)
Jack RovelloOne Life to Live (recurring), After.Life (cast)
Charlie RoweNutcracker: The Untold Story (cast), The Boat That Rocked (star), Robin Hood (guest)
Brandon Tyler RussellThe Beast (guest)
Daniel RussellBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage, Melbourne)
Tom RussellLast Ride (lead), Daniel (lead)
Clarence RyanBourke Boy (star)
Garrett RyanThe Middle (guest), Heroes (guest), Dark House (cast)
Daryl SabaraWorld's Greatest Dad (lead), April Showers (star), A Christmas Carol (star voice), Wizards of Waverly Place (guest), Easy to Assemble (recurring)
Janne SakselaLokakuun valoa (star)
George SampsonBritain's Got Talent (performer)
Kendall Ryan SandersNCIS (guest), The Mother of Invention (cast), Criminal Minds (guest)
Kyle SandersCelebrity Ghost Stories (guest), Basement Jack (star)
Morgan SarpauxLe coeur du sujet (cast)
A.J. SaudinDegrassi: The Next Generation (recurring), Da Kink in My Hair (recurring)
Zachary SauersMr. Blue Sky (star), Murder Inside of Me (star)
Jack ScanlonRunaway (star)
Jeffrey ScaperrottaLaw & Order: SVU (recurring)
Nicolas SchinseckDie Vorstadtkrokodile (star)
Marvin SchlatterApollo 3 (band)
Jordan SchmidtChildren of the Corn (cast)
Max SchmuckertEin Sommer mit Paul (lead)
Samuel SchneiderDer Typ, 13 Kinder & ich (lead), Schautag (lead)
Quinten SchramLover of Loser (cast)
Bruno SchubertEinsatz in Hamburg (guest), Wickie und die starken Männer (star), Siebenstein (guest)
Paul SchulzeTierärztin Dr. Mertens (recurring), Bei uns und um die Ecke (lead)
Lukas SchustDoctor's Diary - Männer sind die beste Medizin (recurring), Die Alpenklinik - Riskante Entscheidung (lead)
Wolf-Niklas SchykowskiTatort (guest)
Samy SeghirNeuilly sa mère! (lead), Les bleus: premiers pas dans la police (guest)
Karl Alexander SeidelLippels Traum (lead)
Thibault SeriéDas Weisse Band (star)
Jeremy ShadaChowder (guest voice), Batman: The Brave and the Bold (guest voice)
Zack ShadaGrey's Anatomy (recurring)
Atticus ShafferThe Middle (lead), The Unborn (star), My Name Is Earl (guest), Opposite Day (cast)
Master ShamsThanks Maa (lead)
Kunal Sharma7 Days in Slow Motion (star)
Thomas SharpsBilly Elliot The Musical (cast, stage)
Laramie Doc ShawTyler Perry's House of Payne (star), The Suite Life on Deck (recurring)
Uriah SheltonAlabama Moon (lead), The Suite Life on Deck (guest), Monk (guest), Trauma (recurring), Trust Me (recurring), Little Monk (guest), Opposite Day (cast)
Yuval ShevachEli and Ben (lead)
Myeong-Cheol ShinA Little Pond (star)
Colton ShiresLie to Me (guest)
Jake ShortShorts (star), Dexter (recurring), Zeke and Luther (guest)
Zach ShortTommy and the Cool Mule (star)
Johann Lukas SickertIn aller Freundschaft (recurring), Bei uns und um die Ecke (lead)
Mikkel Bratt SilsetAppelsinpiken (lead)
Kristian SimeonovMagna Aura (lead)
Rupert SimonianMurderland (guest), Holby City (guest), Life Bites (recurring)
Troye SivanX-Men Origins: Wolverine (cast)
Ralph SkanLibera (vocalist)
Joel SlaterBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage, Melbourne)
Lino SliskovicInga Lindström (guest), Zeit für Träume (lead), Das Traumhotel (guest)
Alfie SmartLibera (vocalist)
Kodi Smit-McPheeThe Road (lead)
Jake D. SmithNo Heroics (cast)
Wyatt SmithMeteor (recurring), Ghost Whisperer (guest), The Perfect Game (star)
Corey Snide13 The Musical (lead, stage), Cupid (guest)
Eli SnyderWatchmen (cast)
Brandon Soo HooGI Joe (star), 'Til Death (guest)
Alejandro SpeitzerAtrévete a soñar (star)
Carlos SpeitzerVerano de amor (star)
Jason SpevackOverruled! (guest)
Cole SprouseThe Suite Life on Deck (lead), The Kings of Appletown (lead), Hannah Montana (guest), Wizards of Waverly Place (guest)
Dylan SprouseThe Suite Life on Deck (lead), The Kings of Appletown (lead), Hannah Montana (guest), Wizards of Waverly Place (guest)
Dario StankewitzGonger - Das Böse vergisst nie (lead)
Manuel SteitzDie Vorstadtkrokodile (star)
Boo Boo StewartAmerican Cowslip (cast)
Charlie StewartThe Dog Who Saved Christmas (star), Bones (guest), How I Met Your Mother (guest), The Kings of Appletown (cast)
Patrick StognerThe Marc Pease Experience (star), Easy Rider: The Ride Back (cast)
Harry StottOliver! (lead, stage)
William StützDie Päpstin (cast)
Kenta SugaAkahana no Sensei (lead), Tsurikichi Sanpei (star)
Gregg SulkinThe Sarah Jane Adventures (recurring), The Heavy (cast), Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie (cast)
Charlie TahanLove and Other Impossible Pursuits (star)
Akashi TakeiBoku to mama no kiiroi jitensha (lead), Kamen raidâ Dikeido (guest), Ballad: Na mo naki koi no uta (star)
Dayton TavaresBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage, Melbourne)
Maurice TeichertMeine Tochter und der Millionär (lead)
Sascha TeichertGonger - Das Böse vergisst nie (cast)
Teja7 Days in Slow Motion (lead)
Bobb'e J. ThompsonCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (star voice), Land of the Lost (cast), 30 Rock (recurring), In the Motherhood (guest), Imagine That (star)
Remy ThorneMiss March (star), Mental (guest)
James ThreadgillLibera (vocalist)
Matthew TimmonsThe Suite Life on Deck (recurring), In Plain Sight (guest)
Virgile TirardLe petit Nicolas (cast)
Alejandro TocarGigante (cast)
Charlie TrairatHa phraeng (star)
Enno TrebsDas weisse Band (cast)
Theo TrebsDas weisse Band (cast), Hexe Lilli: Der Drache und das magische Buch (star), Krupp - Eine deutsche Familie (star)
Joseph TremainHalf Moon Investigations (guest)
Tim TroegerDie Pfefferkörner (star)
Thomas TurgooseThe Scouting Book for Boys (lead)
Dariusz M. UczkowskiAutopilot (star)
Jan UczkowskiKnife Point (star), Autopilot (star), Bohemibot (star)
Billy UngerCrank: High Voltage (star), Opposite Day (lead), Hawthorne (guest), Mental (guest)
Bisse UngerAllt flyter (star)
Charles VaillantLe petit Nicolas (cast)
Rafael ValdezEn nombre del amor (recurring)
Jim Van Der PanneFlow (recurring)
Eli VargasCSI: Crime Scene Investigation (guest)
Shiva Varma7 Days in Slow Motion (star)
Arthur Vaughan-WhiteheadServices sacrés (cast), La reine et le cardinal (cast)
Eric VentkerRennschwein Rudi Rüssel (recurring)
Michael VereyckenLibera (vocalist)
Thibault VerhaegheA tort ou à raison (recurring)
Sebastian VilladaEntre nos (lead)
Gustavs VilsonsMazie laupitaji (lead)
Eros VlahosSkellig (cast)
Paul Von KunhardtPlötzlich Onkel (lead)
Odin WaageSammen (lead)
Ben WalkerDemons (guest), Plus One (guest)
BJ WallaceLooking at Animals (star)
Robin WalterDie Vorstadtkrokodile (star), Polizeiruf 110 (guest)
Brandon WaltersAustralia (star)
Jonas WandschneiderVølvens forbandelse (lead)
Luke Ward-WilkinsonBeautiful People (lead), Wild at Heart (lead)
Darian WeissIn Gayle We Trust (guest), Road of No Return (cast)
Devon WerkheiserLove at First Hiccup (lead), American Dad (guest voice), Three Rivers (guest)
Matthew WerkmeisterNeighbours (star)
Maximilian WernerDie Wölfe (cast), Notruf Hafenkante (guest), Der Landarzt (star), Datteln mit Kraut (star)
Cambell WestmorelandShorts (star), The Boys of Ghost Town (star)
Austin WhitlockRed Velvet (cast)
Cainan WiebeBeyond Sherwood Forest (star), The Guard (guest), Supernatural (guest), Mr. Troop Mom (cast)
Philip WiegratzDie wilden Hühner und das Leben (star), Die Wölfe (star)
Christian Heldbo WienbergTræneren (lead)
Johannes WilhelmBei uns und um die Ecke (lead)
Austin WilliamsOne Life to Live (recurring), Rescue Me (guest)
Layton WilliamsBeautiful People (lead)
Tyler James WilliamsEverybody Hates Chris (lead), The Cleaner (guest)
Zachary WilliamsLincoln Heights (recurring), Dollhouse (guest)
Lorenz WillkommSieben Tage (star), Hangtime - Kein leichtes Spiel (star), SOKO Wismar (guest)
James WillsonThe Crime Wave (cast)
Brad WilsonBilly Elliot The Musical (lead, stage)
Richard WiskerLaw & Order: UK (guest)
Cameron WoffordShorts (cast)
Alex WolffThe Naked Brothers Band (lead), Mr. Troop Mom (star), Monk (guest)
Nat WolffThe Naked Brothers Band (lead), Mr. Troop Mom (star)
Jakob DeMenezes WoodLibera (vocalist)
Calum WorthySmallville (guest), Living Out Loud (cast), Flashpoint (guest), What Goes Up (cast)
Niall WrightJames (lead)
Meo WulfDa kommt Kalle (guest), Die Pfefferkörner (guest)
Ryan WynottFlash Forward (recurring), Regarding: Beauregard (cast), Cold Case (guest)
Dwij YadavPaathshaala (star), Vaada Raha (lead)
Ryosuke YamadaHidarime tantei EYE (star), Niini no koto o wasurenaide: Nôshuyô to tatakatta 8-nenkan (cast)
Henry YoungAliens In The Attic (lead)
Regan YoungAliens In The Attic (lead)
Bridger ZadinaLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit (guest)
Jesus ZavalaCabeza de buda (cast), Atrévete a soñar (star)
Paul ZerbstMeine wunderbare Familie (star), Tatort (guest)
Ludwig ZimmeckTierärztin Dr. Mertens (star)

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