2010 AFTI Media Boy Poll


2010 continues the trend of new talent, with 4 of the top 10 being new entries. This pattern continues throughout the poll, with nearly two-thirds of the names being new entries. The winner is still a popular choice though, with more mentions than any other nominee. And now...the top 10!


Josh Madine

Josh Madine

Josh has been a soloist with Libera since 2006. He is a fan favorite, due to his voice and charming smile! In 2010 he toured in South Korea, Japan, Philippines, England and the US.


Keir Gilchrist

Keir Gilchrist

Kier, in his last year before graduating from the poll, played strong character roles on both big and small screens in 2010. He starred in the feature "It's Kind of a Funny Story" and in the third season of Showtime's United States of Tara.


Cole Sprouse

Cole Sprouse

Cole graduates from the AFTI poll this year with one more trip to the top 10 honor roll. In this decade Cole won #1 once, #2 twice, and this is his 5th top 10 finish. Congratulations on a spectacular career as a young actor.


Jimmy Bennett

Jimmy Bennett

Jimmy makes his 5th top 10 appearance in the poll this year, on the strength of his weekly TV appearances as a young superhero in No Ordinary Family. He'll be back on the big screen with 3 new movies in production this year.


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

2010 was Justin's year in the teen idol spotlight around the world. He was everywhere on the radio and on TV, and for the second year in a row our voters joined the "Beliebers" to give him another top 10 finish.


Kodi Smit-McPhee

Kodi Smit-McPhee

Kodi is proving to be one of the finest young dramatic actors of the decade, following up his remarkable starring role in "The Road" with an equally memorable performance in "Let Me In." This is his second straight #5 finish.


Zachary Gordon

Zachary Gordon

Zachary has a long list of accomplishments, but 2010 was his year to break through with a starring role in "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". He's one of three stars to debut in this year's poll, as we all look forward to "Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules."



Jaden Smith

Jaden topped the young actor box office with $359 million in ticket sales around the world for "The Karate Kid." He came close to topping the AFTI poll too in his first appearance, with a close race for the #1 spot.


Nathan Gamble

Nathan Gamble

This is Nathan's 5th consecutive appearance in the AFTI poll and each year he does better than the year before. With a couple of 2010 TV guest appearances and some movies on the way, Nathan clearly continues to be a fan favorite.


Greyson Chance

Greyson Chance

Before April 2010, he was unknown outside his Oklahoma middle school. Then Greyson became a self-made superstar, growing from millions of YouTube views to a recording contract, a national tour, and he debuts with the number 1 spot in the AFTI poll. Congratulations to this year's winner!

Greyson Chance First Place Award


2010 AFTI Media Boy Poll Top 10


Here's the vote count. †First you'll see this year's rank, then last year's rank, the point total, and the star. †"New" means the performer was not on last year's or 2008's ballot (although he may have been listed in previous years), and "Re-entry" either means the performer was on the ballot but received no votes last year, or was not on last year's ballot but was on 2008's ballot.

Complete Results

This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
1New50Greyson Chance
2443Nathan Gamble
3New39Jaden Smith
4New38Zachary Gordon
5535Kodi Smit-McPhee
6934Justin Bieber
7126Jimmy Bennett
8821Cole Sprouse
96019Keir Gilchrist
9New19Josh Madine
112218Colin Ford
12New14Max Burkholder
12Re-entry14Asa Butterfield
14New13Frank Dolce
151412Jake T. Austin
151012Chase Ellison
15New12Ollie Gardner
151012Alexander Gould
15New12Nolan Gould
206011Dylan Minnette
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
203411Troye Sivan
222510Devon Gearhart
223410Josh Hutcherson
22New10Bradley Steven Perry
222210Uriah Shelton
221810Dylan Sprouse
27609Freddie Highmore
27New9Alex Ko
2729Braeden Lemasters
30438Miles Heizer
30348Henry Horn
30New8Noah Ringer
33257Leo Howard
33187Logan Lerman
33New7Ben Philipp
33607Samy Seghir
33New7Jan Uczkowski
33797Ryan Wynott
39New6Ryan Bradford
39New6Davis Cleveland
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
39New6Kavana Crossley
39New6Ryan Ochoa
39306Bridger Zadina
4465Nash Aguas
44New5Xiao-Hai Bi
44795Guillermo Campra
44New5Liam Connery
44285Mark Indelicato
44New5Tobias Kersloot
44New5Hugo Leverdez
44New5Aaron Refvem
44165Nick Romeo Reimann
44435Atticus Shaffer
44New5Dillon Stevens
44New5Boo Boo Stewart
44Re-entry5Charlie Tahan
44New5Eros Vlahos
44Re-entry5Matthew Werkmeister
44New5Charles Henry Wyson
60434Preston Bailey
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
60New4Dean-Charles Chapman
60604Jake Cherry
60New4Tom Cully
60New4Kenton Duty
60New4Nikolaj StÝvring Hansen
60304Liam James
60New4Callan McAuliffe
60794Damian McGinty
60144Bill Milner
60New4Garrett Ryan
60New4Joey Scarpellino
60New4Dariusz M. Uczkowski
73New3Henry Barrington
73603Bobby Coleman
73New3Charlie Green
73New3Charlie Jones
73New3Yuki Kadooka
73793Nathan Kress
73793Quinn Lord
73433Ryan Malgarini
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
73603Shintaro Morimoto
73Re-entry3Will Poulter
73New3Rico Rodriguez
73New3Sage Ryan
73New3Bruno Schubert
73New3Ralph Skan
73New3Timon Sohier
88New2Jonathan Barrington
88New2Jules-Angelo Bigarnet
88972Cameron Bright
88162Yuri Chinen
88New2Lucas Odin Clorius
88New2Alexander De Jordy
88342Fabian Halbig
88New2Justus Kammerer
88432Tommy Knight
88New2Sam Leggett
881082Léo Legrand
88792William Miller
88New2Ulrik Munther
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
88New2Rodrigo Noya
88New2Tristan Puehse
88New2Chandler Riggs
88New2Billy Unger
88New2Aaron Watson
88New2Cainan Wiebe
88Re-entry2Ryosuke Yamada
108New1Nicholas Art
108New1Karl Beattie
108New1Dylan Blue
108131Chandler Canterbury
108New1Sam Concepcion
108New1Samuel Davies
108791Mick Hazen
108New1Sean Keenan
108New1Julian Kennedy
108251Taylor Lautner
1081081Slade Pearce
10831Max Records
108New1Torstein Snekvik
This Year's RankLast Year's RankNumber of PointsPerformer
108New1Riley Thomas Stewart
108New1Renz Valerio
108New1Jakob DeMenezes Wood


Thanks to everyone who voted, and to those who participated in this year's AFTI Media Boy Poll Committee: Duncan, Chris, Mark, Mediajock, and Zabladowski.

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