2010 AFTI Media Boy Poll

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There were 59 votes cast for any of the 471 submitted nominees during the 15 days the poll was open. From these:

From these:

From these:



Here are the Top 15 (20 due to ties at #15) actors in terms of mentions on ballots - regardless of rank on the ballot:

17Greyson Chance
12Nathan Gamble
11Zachary Gordon
11Kodi Smit-McPhee
11Jaden Smith
9Justin Bieber
8Jimmy Bennett
6Colin Ford
6Keir Gilchrist
6Cole Sprouse
5Chase Ellison
5Alexander Gould
5Josh Madine
5Noah Ringer
4Max Burkholder
4Asa Butterfield
4Davis Cleveland
4Nolan Gould
4Freddie Highmore
4Bradley Steven Perry


Average ballot score of the Top 20

Perhaps it might be interesting to see how the Top 20 (21 due to ties at #20) fared with each of their voters on average.

PerformerAverage Score
Frank Dolce4.33
Jake T. Austin4.00
Ollie Gardner4.00
Josh Madine3.80
Justin Bieber3.78
Dylan Minnette3.67
Troye Sivan3.67
Nathan Gamble3.58
Jaden Smith3.55
Max Burkholder3.50
Asa Butterfield3.50
Cole Sprouse3.50
Zachary Gordon3.45
Jimmy Bennett3.25
Kodi Smit-McPhee3.18
Keir Gilchrist3.17
Colin Ford3.00
Nolan Gould3.00
Greyson Chance2.94
Chase Ellison2.40
Alexander Gould2.40


Dropping 5th place

Dropping the 5th place vote leads to no change in the top 10, although Kodi and Justin swap places, and Zachary moves up to tie with Jaden:

Greyson Chance47
Nathan Gamble42
Zachary Gordon37
Jaden Smith37
Justin Bieber34
Kodi Smit-McPhee33
Jimmy Bennett25
Cole Sprouse20
Keir Gilchrist19
Josh Madine19


Dropping 4th place

Dropping 4th place results in very little change, with just Kodi and Justin swapping places:

Greyson Chance41
Nathan Gamble38
Jaden Smith35
Zachary Gordon33
Justin Bieber30
Kodi Smit-McPhee27
Jimmy Bennett23
Cole Sprouse20
Keir Gilchrist17
Josh Madine17


Most 1st place votes

If everyone just had to pick their favorite, here is how everyone would rank:

5Nathan Gamble
4Greyson Chance, Kodi Smit-McPhee
3Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith
2Jimmy Bennett, Frank Dolce, Devon Gearhart, Zachary Gordon, Josh Madine
1Nash Aguas, Jake T. Austin, Xiao-Hai Bi, Ryan Bradford, Max Burkholder, Asa Butterfield, Guillermo Campra, Liam Connery, Kavana Crossley, Chase Ellison, Keir Gilchrist, Alexander Gould, Freddie Highmore, Henry Horn, Leo Howard, Mark Indelicato, Tobias Kersloot, Alex Ko, Dylan Minnette, Ryan Ochoa, Aaron Refvem, Uriah Shelton, Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse, Dillon Stevens, Jan Uczkowski, Eros Vlahos, Matthew Werkmeister, Ryan Wynott, Bridger Zadina


Most 2nd place votes

5Zachary Gordon, Jaden Smith
4Greyson Chance
3Justin Bieber, Colin Ford, Ollie Gardner, Cole Sprouse


Most 3rd place votes

4Keir Gilchrist
3Jimmy Bennett, Asa Butterfield, Greyson Chance, Nathan Gamble


Most 4th place votes

3Greyson Chance, Colin Ford, Kodi Smit-McPhee


Most 5th place votes

3Greyson Chance, Davis Cleveland, Noah Ringer


Biggest jump from 2009

96051Keir Gilchrist
337946Ryan Wynott
206040Dylan Minnette
447935Guillermo Campra
276033Freddie Highmore
336027Samy Seghir
8810820Léo Legrand
607919Damian McGinty
203414Troye Sivan
304313Miles Heizer


Biggest slide from 2009

1083-105Max Records
10813-95Chandler Canterbury
10825-83Taylor Lautner
8816-72Yuri Chinen
8834-54Fabian Halbig
6014-46Bill Milner
8843-45Tommy Knight
446-38Nash Aguas
6030-30Liam James
7343-30Ryan Malgarini


Tightest stickers since 2009

The performers that moved the least since last year:

550Kodi Smit-McPhee
880Cole Sprouse
22220Uriah Shelton
60600Jake Cherry
1081080Slade Pearce


Highest finish with no 1st place votes:

Colin Ford (11th place, 18 points, 6 mentions)

Lowest finish with a first place vote:

Note that for this statistic, only ballots with five names have been included.

Nash Aguas (44th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Xiao-Hai Bi (44th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Guillermo Campra (44th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Liam Connery (44th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Mark Indelicato (44th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Tobias Kersloot (44th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Aaron Refvem (44th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Dillon Stevens (44th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Eros Vlahos (44th place, 5 points, 1 mention)
Matthew Werkmeister (44th place, 5 points, 1 mention)


Best New Artists

Here are the Top 10 first time entrants to the poll with overall rank:

1Greyson Chance
3Jaden Smith
4Zachary Gordon
9Josh Madine
12Max Burkholder
14Frank Dolce
15Ollie Gardner
15Nolan Gould
22Bradley Steven Perry
27Alex Ko

* Curiosity: Over half the poll results were new entries, indicating a diverse, emerging new palate of talent.


New entries67

Poll Skew:

Percentage of total points awarded that went to the Top 10:
37.20% = over 1/3

Percentage of actors that got just one vote:
54.47% = over 1/2


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